First, a report from Llew Williams on the “Leave means Leave” event in Torquay on Saturday 13th October 2018:


I’ve just returned from the Torquay ‘Leave means Leave’ event, where people were waiting at the doors, hoping for returned tickets, and my wife had already managed to juggle three from folk who were ill or whatever.  

Inundated with remarks from those attending, including masses of our Ukip lot, who said that the speakers were tremendous and that they wouldn’t have missed it for worlds as they needed this uplift.

Masses of applause and standing ovations; video to be seen on votemeansleave site later.

Also NO sabotage attempts, apart from one chap standing outside with an EU flag who, when I gently asked him what arguments he could find to defend the ‘Fourth Reich’ could only sneer ‘paranoia’ – to which my response was, ‘That’s what they said about those who condemned Hitler in the 1930’s.  But invariably these people can never seem to discuss or defend their stance, because of course theY ‘have the WORD – so who needs proof!’

Anyway, thus far these particular events have ‘gone a bomb’, as they say – so let’s hope that the others are also sold out.

Llew Williams


David Gunn, chairman of UKIP Newton Abbot, sent in this note on the same event:



I was at the Leave means Leave event in Torquay on Saturday – it was just fantastic. Here’s the link to the video:

David Gunn


On Brixham, Ceri Jayes sent us this report:

UKIP support for the fishing industry: Brixham 10 October 2018

Pictures paint a thousand words









Ceri continues:

BBC Politics SW film crew came out to see us in action as part of this Sunday’s (Oct 14th) programme which will include a feature on the strength of feeling in Totnes constituency about our MP’s call for a People’s Vote.

Westmonster also interviewed us before spending the rest of the afternoon and following morning in Brixham videoing people about their thoughts on our Brexit wrecking MP, Sarah Wollaston, Cons, Totnes.


You can watch the Westmonster video here


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