This was taken on 23rd February 2018, immediately after the road “Deanway”, Chalfont St Giles, had been closed for a week for pothole repairs

Now a couple of months later it’s been half filled – at half price?

The darker, newer patch was a repair undertaken while the road was closed.  You can clearly see that the new patch has not been properly bonded to the old.  What does a pothole appearing right next to this new stretch tell you about the standard and durability of repairs, which contractually are supposed to last 7 years, when it hasn’t even lasted 7 weeks?!

Only the BCC wouldn’t repairs this cluster at the end of “The Lagger” (deep craters around the drain near the name plate at the PH edge of this photo, the surround to the manhole, 2 potholes at the double junction lines and one at what’s left of the single junction lines, near the centre of the road ) at a junction with the road which had been closed.

The Lagging behind Highways Authority: Bucks County Council.

Bucks CC has had over 100 years of Conservative rule.  The Conservatives have controlled Parliament since 2010, so which political party is to blame?

Bucks probably pays more tax than anywhere else in the country, apart from London, yet has among the worst roads and the blight of HS2 – a fraction of the £100 Billion cost of which would be enough to properly maintain the roads.

Bucks is hated by Labour and so taken for granted by the Conservatives that two of the MP’s, Cheryl Gillan & Dominic Grieve, treat us with such contempt as to not even bother to live here: we’re represented by tourists!

If you want change, you need to change your vote, or enjoy more of the same!

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