Ed – This is the transcript of the speech given in Eastbourne On Monday, June 11th, 2018 by Rev Peter Mullen.

When Colin Horscroft invited me to speak this evening, it was suggested my talk might mention “Some of the key post-Brexit social, religious and political issues we must deal with.” That sounded like an interesting prospect at the time – three months ago. But we have been overtaken by events. “Post-Brexit” is a phrase which has meaning only if we actually achieve Brexit. But now it looks as if we might fail to do so. Jacob Rees-Mogg thinks we are heading for Brino – Brexit in name only. And in a chilling message, our leader Gerard Batten said last week: “Voters will then have a choice of staying in the EU under Mrs May or staying in the EU’s Customs Union under Jeremy Corbyn and his Marxist Labour Party.” I think Britain is unique among the nations in that we have a socialist government and a Marxist opposition.

D’you remember the joy you felt two years ago when we heard news of the glorious Referendum result? We felt we were on our way out, didn’t we? The people had spoken and the political class must obey the will of the people. But the last two years have seen no movement at all towards Brexit. The undemocratic political elite has dug in and they are doing everything possible – including some very dishonest tricks – to make sure that the will of the people is overruled and we remain in the EU. We don’t need a political dictatorship run by Jeremy Corbyn. We already have a political dictatorship presided over by the Remainer Theresa May. And she has powerful friends everywhere. In the so-called Tory party which is not a Tory party. May hates Tories. She called them “the nasty party” remember. Who else is pulling out all the stops to thwart Brexit? The House of Lords. The judges. Many prominently placed journalists in national newspapers. The BBC of course. The lumpen intelligentsia in the universities. Some multinational companies which benefit from EU rules and EU back-handers. And, led by the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Church of England. I shall have more to say about this later.

All the notable creeps and toadies have committed themselves to the Remainers’ cause. Chief creep Lord Heseltine hates this country so much that he says a Trotskyist government led by Jeremy Corbyn is a happier prospect than Brexit. This ignoble Lord is only the latest in a long procession of prominent people ganging up to smother Brexit and so demonstrate their contempt for the expressed views of the majority of British people who voted Leave. More people voted Leave in the Referendum than have ever voted for anything in our country. Still the elite establishment is doing everything in its power and connivance to keep us in the failed EU. The civil service to a man is against our getting out and they are in cahoots with the Brussels bureaucrats who are desperate to keep us in. The elite with its culture of entitlement has joined forces with the drones, luvvies and celebs in an aggressive putsch to deny the declared wishes of the people.

But let us first consider our deadliest enemy, the Remainer-in-Chief Theresa May. She is the worst, and certainly the most treacherous prime minister I’ve seen in sixty years’ involvement with politics. She is so devious, she makes Harold Wilson and Ted Heath look like honest men.

She was the longest-serving and most disastrously incompetent home secretary since 1945 – and probably ever. She complained that the Human Rights Act permitted suspected terrorists to continue living in this country under the clause that speaks of their right “to a family life.” She cited the case of one such suspect who was not deported “because he had a pet cat.” Then – trademark May – after so complaining, she did nothing to get the Act amended. As home secretary, she was in charge of the police. She cut their numbers and their budget during a long period in which the terrorist threat was at its highest. She sat back and did nothing for years while in Rotherham, Leicester, Bradford, Rochdale and a dozen other towns and cities the police failed to stop the wholesale rape and sexual abuse of under-age white girls by Muslim men. She was slow and indecisive in her pathetic attempt to intervene in the infiltration of schools in Birmingham by Islamic extremists. She described sharia courts as “beneficial” and allowed them to operate in parallel with British law – and this in spite of the fact that such courts are complicit in the mistreatment of Muslim women by their menfolk.

The list of her sins, negligences and ignorances, her half-baked and deranged actions and inactions, is almost endless. But the worst of her many failures was her record on immigration. As home secretary, it was her remit to put into practice Cameron’s declared aim of reducing the number of immigrants from over half a million every year to “the tens of thousands.” In fact, during her tenure net immigration increased from a million to three million. But here is the truly laughable bit – were it not so catastrophic for our country: May claimed she was powerless to reduce immigration “because of Schengen, the EU’s open borders rule.” And then she voted for Remain! How’s that for joined-up thinking?

After making her mark as the worst home secretary, May has now risen to the worst prime minister. Theresa the Remainer has sacrificed our fishing industry to the EU. No matter that Michael Gove earlier promised that when we leave the EU next year we shall at once reclaim and restore our fishing rights. And when we speak of our fishing industry, it’s not just a few boats we’re talking about but a multi-million pounds enterprise employing thousands. And beyond the fishermen themselves (and their families) there are a dozen related industries from boat-builders, carpenters, maritime engineers, welders and, of course, a vast wholesale and retail trade.

The intellectual case for Brexit is overwhelming. Who in his right mind would agree to pay hundreds of £billions every year to a gang of bureaucrats who don’t even keep proper accounts? Or who would give a foreign court supremacy over our own judges? Or welcome the self-inflicted wound that is the unsustainable mass immigration of aliens who despise our way of life and refuse to integrate into society and who thus threaten social breakdown leading to civil war?

Remainers castigate national chauvinism, scoff at patriots as Little Englanders and profess an enlightened internationalism and a more progressed humanity. But is it humane to reduce – through the imposition of the Euro, the Deutschmark by any other name – poverty, mass unemployment and deprivation on the less industrialised nations of Southern Europe such as Italy and Spain and especially Greece? The mass immigration inaugurated by the EU is not only stupid, it is wicked: for so to will the destruction of our continental civilisation is effectually a suicidal and murderous act and profoundly evil. Moreover, our civilisation was created and sustained by Christianity. But now Christian insignia and emblems are disallowed by the EU which has installed the secular, atheistic, values of the French Revolution and banned Christianity from public life.

Well I promised you I would come back to the Church of England’s part in this great betrayal.  So I must not neglect to mention those two supreme canonical clowns: Welby of Canterbury and Sentamu of York. At the time of the Referendum both of these purblind dummies wrote letters to the nation in which they declared, “There is nothing unchristian or un-Anglican about belonging to the EU.”

Well now, what about The Thirty-nine Articles appended to The Book of Common Prayer, that defining text of orthodoxy for members of the Church of England for 400 years. You would have thought that the clowns Welby and Sentamu might have taken a break from the flying circus they operate and read at least as far as Article XXXVII:

“The Queen’s Majesty hath the chief power in this Realm of England and other her Dominions, unto whom the chief Government of all Estates of this Realm, whether they be Ecclesiastical or Civil, in all cases doth appertain and is not, nor ought to be, subject to any foreign Jurisdiction.”

Besides, Welby and Sentamu, along with all beneficed clergy in the C. of E. have made the Oath of Allegiance to “Her Majesty the Queen, her heirs and successors.”  Welby has also assented to the Privy Council Oath which forbids loyalty or allegiance to any foreign power.

Were you only joking,  Mr Welby, when you spoke the words of that oath? You didn’t really mean it, did you? In your eyes the Monarchy is only cosmetic, the Crown a bauble and the Trooping of the Colour a leg-show of guardsmen. And how do you begin to square the sacred texts of your Anglican formation with your recommendation that we remain in the EU – a “foreign Jurisdiction”?  And then there is the little matter of the avowed atheism of the EU which has removed all Christian reference and all Christian insignia – including the Cross – from its constitution, its documentation and its practical political policies. The ERU has effectually banned Christianity -the faith which created Europe in the first place- from public life.

And now Welby has arisen from the bowels of Sheol, or from whatever godforsaken planet he lives on – perhaps the General Synod or the House of Lords – to announce that the EU is “the greatest dream realised for human beings since the fall of the Roman Empire 1500 years ago.” What this unaccountable bureaucratic clique, this dictatorship which no human franchise can dismiss, this gang of thieves and extortioners, these oppressors and persecutors of the Greek peasantry, these whose “let them all in” policy has turned glorious Italy into a transit camp and hospital for the hordes of aliens who wish only the death of Europe  – this, Mr Welby, is the greatest blessing the world has received since the days of the Roman Empire?

Mr Welby you lack competence alike in politics and theology. You have no understanding of the minds of the Englishmen you were appointed to serve. You have betrayed the Christian faith – and worse the people delivered into your pastoral care. You are a traitor and you are no good

Resign, resign, resign!

What we have in Britain today is a new trahison des clercs – that is, we have been betrayed by the very people who were appointed to protect us.

But I must reserve my last condemnation for Theresa May. The great Chesterton said: “Smile at us, pay us, pass us, but do not quite forget that we are the English people – and we have not spoken yet.” I venture to add a couplet to the verse of that great man:

“Depart, begone Theresa for you do not understand or how – that we are the English people, and we have surely spoken now.”

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