Thank you again for your comments; I am pleased to have stirred up a valuable debate with my article “Boiling Point” and hope that it continues. I will try to respond to your comments – “in no particular order”, as they say on the BBC:

@ Bernard from Bucks:

I agree that banning such activities would be a start but it might just be driven underground with slaughter being carried out in unlicensed premises or even backyards. After all that is what the more recent immigrants would have been used to at home.

@ Panmelia:

I wasn’t aware of the funding of the Muslim Council; I agree that it needs to stop and now. I also fully agree with the removal of the various Islamic institutions including Sharia Courts, dress and schools etc. but wary of driving them underground where they will continue their activities unseen. Halal; see my response to Bernard.

I tried to intervene in the removal from school of a friend of my daughter to Pakistan during term time for the obvious reason. I talked to the school (neutral response) and the social services (completely useless and another candidate for de-funding) but as you might guess she was allowed to go.

I’m not sure about allowing any to stay but maybe that is a practical consideration that we must accept, albeit with monitoring. Internment will probably be necessary as an immediate response but deportation should be swift with no recourse to the courts. I want the death penalty restored for convicted terrorists; better that they are gone forever.

I often think of my grandfather who fought on the Somme and suffered ill health for the rest of his life. Of course the insidious enemy (like Cicero’s enemy within) is far more dangerous.

I agree that, in the case of Islam, religion is a direct threat to us. Bearing in mind that they are continuing to wage an ancient war against the West it must be eradicated.

@ Donald Duck:

Like it or not our country is historically Christian and the main enemy is Islam. I don’t think it is necessary to be fair about this; however I do agree with your comments on kosher meat and forced circumcision.

Maybe some will break free from their religion; we will see. As for other incomers: we do face a threat from such as Eastern Europeans who, from casual observation and in complete contrast to the Poles who came here after WW2, are many in number and do not seem to work. Let’s focus on the main issue, including the enemy amongst the PTB (Powers That Be).

@ flyer:

I completely agree that the invasion was planned and we have much to do if we are to root out and neuter those planners. Many of the invaders will not leave easily but maybe we can reduce their numbers by supporting repatriation as a first step. Of course such action is like urinating in the wind unless more are prevented from entering. There is a sense of priorities here, but I do concur with your views on preparation, risky though it will be. We need to keep in mind the globalist agenda which they will not give up easily, and be prepared to exercise all necessary means to defeat them.

@ Dee:

From what I have seen the Koran supports and controls their every activity. I once had a UK born Pakistani trainee in my team and was even invited to his wedding in the mosque. We used to chat about his religion sometimes; he told me that he was required to attend regular religious tuition which included learning the various texts so he could recite them from memory. Indoctrination indeed it is.

Live in Britain – live by our rules. Syria etc. I agree. The unspoken problem with the mass migration is the reduction in a population necessary to oppose the invasion and rebuild the country. At least the migrants show motivation; a necessary attribute for self improvement. There can be no doubt that any motivation to return is negated by a lazy, cushy life here with free everything on demand.

@ Ajax:

I agree there are other threats but from my own observations Islam is the main one and the one that we must focus on for now. We cannot afford to dilute our efforts to rid ourselves of it for now but I would support preventing immigration by others too. Any alien population is potentially a threat when it grows to a sufficient size to challenge our ways and beliefs.  Good example in Rhodesia and we do need to be aware of the radicals in other groups.

@ Citizenkain:

I hope that we don’t have to await further developments in Sweden, and am unwilling to give up any territory to the invader. There is no clear physical boundary between Oldham and Manchester, Rochdale etc. so how could that work? It is perhaps fortunate that some of the ghettos are still well defined but they are expanding apace. I also believe that the boiling point might be nearer than you think and your trigger, the loss of Sweden if required, is probably only a few years away.

@ Mike Newland:

Sadly I agree with you about UKIP. A much braver and outspoken policy on immigration / repatriation is required. First UKIP needs to resolve its internal issues which I wrote about recently. Until that is done it risks further adverse publicity and loss of support. Unlike the established parties it needs to be “squeaky clean” i.e. proper governance, professionalism and transparency for a start. If UKIP supports “integration” then I cannot support it. Money from foreign aid is a good start but probably insufficient by a long way. At least it could still be classified as “foreign aid”. As you say it could well be a much needed signal.

@ Howard Keating:

I agree that Islam is a problem in whatever non-Muslim country it tries to infest. They belong on their own.


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