The average person should be mindful.

The freedoms we currently enjoy are not as it has always been, nor guaranteed to be how it always will be. For the vast majority of human history the human race has existed in a state of servitude and oppression. From the Roman Empire, the feudal system, to the imperial system of the 19th century and the totalitarianism of 20th century Europe; oppression has been the norm, and freedom and liberty whenever it has taken hold, has often been short lived and precarious. Quickly extinguished by vested interests and prevailing power structures.

We are not special, we are not anointed to live a life of ease, freedom and wealth just because we are British. The freedoms we have enjoyed were hard won, and even harder defended by our grandfathers and fathers.

From the fields of Flanders, to the jungles of Burma, British and allied blood was spilt, and epic battles that stand shoulder to shoulder with the last stand of Thermopylae were fought.

But this battle was not won for all time. Force and power respect no limits, and will not stop. Every generation must stand sentinel over our freedoms.

These forces of servitude and oppressions often come in the guises of kindness and safety, seeking to lull the populace with soft words of benevolence. Then using the fear of the unknown, they terrify the people into giving up their hard won freedoms for the warm embrace of an all powerful state.

Our current political system is no different, and all those who rejoice in the manner the British press and political class are acting towards UKIP members should hang their heads in shame. Those who support the attempted destruction of freedom of speech are invariably the ones who will raise the spectre of Hitler to smear their opponents, yet would have been the first in line to join his ranks.

They’re the ones who are fit only to have manned the crowds of the Nuremberg rallies, the staged Soviet celebrations and the Khmer paddy fields, for such systematic evil can only be built upon the foundation of an unthinking, craven, cattle-like populace. A foundation which permits no dissent, no discussion, and brooks no independent thought but that sanctioned as acceptable by the state.

With this in mind, it’s worth taking stock and reminding ourselves of what is at stake if we submit to the pressure politics, insults and threats emanating from the enemies of Libertarianism. Libertarianism is the antithesis of oppression, and it is this fact which draws venom from all parts of the press and the political class.

The ease with which legitimate discussion is being savaged, and with which hatred and violence is being whipped up against Libertarians by journalists and politicians tells us we have dark days ahead. But when you threaten the leviathan, it will fight back with the confusion, ferocity and anger of a cornered animal.

Such is the fate of the Libertarian. But what a glorious fate.

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