Two days ago, Mike Munford wrote “Will the New UKIP Leader Listen to the Membership?” (see here). The article also focussed on whether writing for UKIP Daily was a way of influencing policy in UKIP, and what was the purpose if only a small number of dedicated people followed the articles anyway.

Unfortunately I too was not inclined to write for UKIP Daily for many months as I felt disillusioned with UKIP having been treated appallingly by two Dorset Constituency groups, and had communications to UKIP Head Office ignored.  

It seems to me that UKIP, in respects of policy and function, is little different from the other parties. The rule-book is rubbish and is interpreted by Head Office in ways that result in poor democracy. Subscriptions by new members of UKIP Branches only goes to the branch in the first year so unless new members can constantly be found at branch level the branches have financial difficulties.

The funding of parties is always a difficult task but UKIP has already become an inverted pyramid with Head Office making policy and trying to control the branches. Political parties work well if the branches represent the grassroots and are the foundation on which party structure and policy is supported, not the other way round.

Nigel Farage as leader was superb and it was only because of him making remarks and standing before posters that the loony left jumped upon to embarrass him that UKIP got any mention at all by the MSM. Whoever follows him has to be a powerful person with a new vision, just like Theresa May has been for the Conservatives: a new broom sweeping away the previous inner circle and replacing it with new blood and with a bold vision.

UKIP was essentially a single-issue party, but that issue is still work in progress.  

Theresa May has said Brexit means Brexit. What a load of rubbish that statement is because it doesn’t define what Brexit really means. It is a politicians’ trick to create a sound bite that appears to have meaning but is not well defined.  

The people of Britain did not vote for Brexit. The people of Britain chose between Remain in the European Union and Leave the European Union. The vote was to Leave the European Union, and it is important to use that expression constantly instead of the term Brexit, which might not be interpreted as the same thing a year or so from now.

There is a political vacuum in the UK at present for a party that actually represents an Independent Britain and the majority of people who support the concept. This is not a right wing party but a party with a much wider appeal from a bit left of centre right through to fairly right wing.

The Conservative grassroots are apparently 60% leavers so will be unhappy and possibly alienated if Theresa May & Co enact a fudge that is still partial membership with little control over EU migration. There is the distinct possibility of that happening in an attempt to get any measure through a cabinet and parliament, both of which are two thirds or more Remoaners.

The Labour Party will likely re-elect Jeremy Corbyn, and only then will the MP’s – those who have any spirit – form a new centre left New Blair party. They will then have to do yet another leadership competition for who will be the new Opposition Leader.  

I bet there will be a whole host on the ballot paper in that contest including several who were in the previous one when Jeremy first was elected, such as the likes of Yvette Cooper, Angela Eagle, Owen Smith, David Miliband, Andy Burnham, Chukka Umunna (again), Douglas Alexander, Tristram Hunt, Hilary Benn, and Caroline Flint, to name just a few of the more capable candidates.

The present challenger, Owen Smith, is hoping to pick up votes from a platform of Jeremy Corbyn in a suit. He supposedly has the same politics but believes he is more electable in the country. Already though he has stated that if elected he will campaign for a second referendum on out membership of the EU.  

Owen Smith fails to understand that if by definition the first referendum result is not a binding and democratically decisive vote, the second one couldn’t be either. Then what? The best of three?

He and Angela Eagle both fail to realise that a majority of traditional Labour supporters also voted out. So if the break away party has a firm Remoaner policy they will be alienating more than half the grassroots supporters.

Jeremy Corbyn’s Old Labour/Socialist Workers/Millennium/Militant Tendency Party will have insufficient support in the UK and will become much like the Liberals are now. Maybe even the two should merge as the Liberals are not liberal at all but hard left.  

According to popular usage and my Compact Oxford English Dictionary, liberal means: 

  1. willing to respect and accept behaviour or opinions different from one’s own.
  2. favourable to individual rights and freedoms.
  3. favouring individual liberty, free trade, and moderate reform.

I have said it before and will say it again. UKIP needs to rebrand itself into a true party of government whose core message must be self government, self sufficiency, British ownership, protection of our territorial waters, and a boldness to trade with the World again as we did when we ruled the waves.  

If we are to be a group of devolved governing nations we could be the United Islands of Britain & Ireland. Southern Ireland could be a welcome addition to this group as the UK is its biggest trading partner and, like us, it is surrounded by water and separate from the continent of Europe. They used to have the Pound then IR£ (or Punt) and could take the bold step of swapping the Euro for the pound again.

Because we have the Pound Sterling as legal tender, because all the nations in the present Union pay homage to our monarch or sovereign and because it is our intention to be a self governing group of sovereign nations, the concept must be obvious, so UKIP needs to become the Sovereign Party.  The very name should inspire belief in self dependency.

As for UKIP Daily, I realise that UKIP Head Office don’t read this and still think top down, but I actually enjoy writing for an interested following. In addition to the publication of my work on UKIP Daily I also distribute each article in original PDF format to quite a wide group on Tony’s List. They also post the articles on to others as well.  

So in addition to UKIP Daily my words are getting out there and helping to educate and amuse and alter opinion. Often I write articles to let off steam about something happening in the World of politics on which I have strong views.  

I also like reading the articles on UKIP Daily by other authors, many of whom write more informative articles than are found in popular newspapers. I just wish that UKIP Daily had a wider readership as it is not unusual for the hits counter of articles to reveal less than a 100 views.
[Ed: so do we wish for a wider readership! One way of achieving this is for all authors and comment posters to link to their own and other articles on UKIP Daily on any websites and blogs they visit …]

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