After the recent somewhat disastrous by-election results in Stoke Central and Copeland, are Brand UKIP and the assault on Labour’s hardworking heartlands failures?

For anyone deluded enough to believe – against the obvious evidence of eye and pocket – that ‘socialism’ (taking everything you have, nannying and bullying you, and throwing back drab crumbs) actually works, there is plenty of choice. The real thing is available from Labour or the Green Party, or in diluted (left-liberal globalism) form from the LibDems and increasingly from the TINOs (Tories In Name Only). On the Celtic fringe, the Scottish Nationalist Party and Plaid Cymru are also in on the act of fleecing the electorate and future generations, whilst depressing real wages through misguided meddling and policies. In this crowded and delusional space, there is little room for another socialism-lite party.

At the same time, the backbone of our country are visibly under assault in their communities as the left-liberal elites continue to destroy their social conservatism through uncontrolled immigration of alien, unassimilated cultures, rampant political correctness and fashionable relativeness where all lifestyles are of equal merit and traditional Judeo-Christian heritage is to be undermined if not eradicated. Consequently, ‘socialism’ (or left-liberalism) is losing its allure amongst the just managing and traditional working class because it means being governed by a high taxing, nannying PC State of Big Government which supports uncontrolled migration, which keeps wages low and which threatens ordinary people with an alien culture. Increasingly, ‘socialism’ (or left-liberal globalism) is only fashionable amongst the urban rich (or at least the well-off), the media and the young highly educated who are not directly threatened by social change.

Who is actually speaking up for the socially conservative, financially prudent, hardworking and increasingly scrap-heaped community of traditional British culture? The nearest voice that actually understands and is not afraid to speak up for forgotten once proud, hardworking communities is 3000 miles away: The Donald. In the USA, speaking up for the ‘forgotten people’ (in Trump-speak) not only produced President Trump but also a swing to the Republican Party generally by traditional ‘blue collar’ Democrats.

This our country could be just a few years behind this trend of increasing disillusionment with the left-liberal establishment, if that. And there are plenty of other lessons to be learnt from this remarkable presidential election and the Trump Revolution; in particular how practical, honest people are preferred to career politicians to bring change, being given a break to being pushed around by ruling elites using state and monopolistic power. And many ordinary people do not want social change thrust upon them by government policies, PC jobsworths or waves of uncontrolled immigration. They actually want to feel safe.

What must be annoying for many – traditionally Labour and Conservative alike – is that there is a glaring need for a patriotic, low tax, small government, anti-bureaucracy, socially conservative government that protects us, our property (in its various forms) and what is best about our existing country. None of the major parties want to do this. After the budget with an own goal by the Chancellor hitting the self-employed, entrepreneurs and prudent savers with tax increases in the name of ‘fairness’, it is glaringly obvious that the once Conservative Party (or at least its leaders) is just another version of NuLabour and the heir to Blair.

UKIP needs to position itself, as a viable anti-establishment party and alternative, to the ‘right’ of the increasingly left wing, high taxing, big spending, invasive, control freak TINOs – not as another version of discredited old or new Labour! As the TINOs march left they will become increasingly bizarre and vacuous. It is already happening with the notion that their failures of policy can be corrected by diverting attention and hammering someone else; for example, high energy prices to hit the energy companies but not to repeal the Climate Change Act, or wasteful government expenditure, e.g. to tax widows’ dividends instead of axing, say, spendthrift foreign ‘aid’.

UKIP needs to develop an honest, coherent, easily understood worldview for today and tomorrow, to explain what is happening, a worldview that resonates with the experience of many of the ignored, hard-working and just managing electorate; the forgotten people. UKIP can then go on to develop appropriate, patriotic, socially conservative, fiscally prudent, enterprise friendly policies and, perhaps most importantly of all, protect the safety, security and freedom of our country, people, heritage and property in its widest forms. This is about empowering ordinary, decent British citizens, not about making us little pawns of an overwhelming state machine!

UKIP can provide a viable set of alternative policies to the other parties, not ‘me too’ copies, and more importantly can be seen as the real and unique voice and defender of the people and all we hold dear. On BREXIT, UKIP can offer practical proposals for controlling immigration, trading within the European Economic Area and collaborating, for mutual benefit and minimum cost, with others and for dismantling the EU’s pernicious control of our lives and country through their alien control-freak laws, regulations, etc.

Plenty to do then especially on BREXIT, as the TINOs appear incapable of making a great trade or other deal with the EU for us. So far, their vacuous global vision and plan for BREXIT, and existing track record of underachievement and delay do not instil confidence. Of course they may actually be more knowledgeable and competent on the complexity involved than appears, or quick learners!

Mission… to defend our common heritage, liberty, and country until we reach our vision…: a prosperous, free, democratic and peaceful country for all people governed by the people and a beacon of hope to everyone.

Let’s make Britain Free and Great Again.

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