Yesterday, Bill Etheridge told us about his campaigning week. Today it’s the turn of Gerard Batten. Gerard is a UKIP MEP for London, and is #1 on the London list. 


This week has been a busy one.  On Monday 17th February I was a panellist on Channel 5’s Big Immigration Row two-hour special programme. What can I say? It was an incredibly unprofessional stitch-up. The audience was packed with pro-immigration people who were encouraged to shout, heckle and jeer at the anyone who spoke against uncontrolled immigration. No one heard much of what I had to say because I was shouted down whenever I opened my mouth. The microphone was handed to certain oafs in the audience deliberately so that they could do that.  However that has backfired on the organisers.  Most people will have been disgusted by this example of televisual mob-rule. I kept my cool and tried my best to make serious points.  One person came up to me the day after and said, “If I wasn’t on your side before, I certainly am now”.


On Wednesday 19th I was a participant in the LBC Radio’s Clive Bull Show.  This was the week that LBC went national across Britain. Clive Bull asked me to comment on the announcement that union leader Bob Crow is going to stand as a candidate in London in the European elections for his No to EU Party.  I said that I was more than happy for him to do that. I actually agree with some of the things Bob says; and at least he actually believes in something, unlike most of the politicians of the Lib-Lab-Con. I said that Bob is unlikely to take votes from UKIP, but rather extreme lefties who might just possible vote Labour. If Bob can take Labour  votes and win a  seat I would be the first one to offer to buy him a drink in Brussels. That is unlikely to happen however as he only got 1% of the vote the last time he stood in 2009. I did also say that only UKIP genuinely represent the interests of working people.


On Thursday 20th I spoke to a public meeting in Hatch End in London where I shared the platform with the local UKIP Chairman, and council candidate, Jeremy Zeid, and sitting UKIP councillor Stanley Sheinwald.   Our local candidates explained how they will work for the local residents, while I explained how our UKIP MEPs work for Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.  The lively questions and answers session only halted when time ran out and  we had to leave the hall. During the day I had given a radio interview on the subject of immigration over the phone to a journalist from Swedish public radio; I course spoke of the unsustainability of continued uncontrolled and unlimited immigration.


On Friday 21st  I spoke at another public meeting in Balham Library in South London.  The meeting was chaired by UKIP stalwart Laurence Ritchins, and I shared the platform with two dynamic representatives of Young UKIP, Alexander Balkan and Jake Painter. Also on the platform was local council candidate Angela Tinkler, and the No 2 Candidate on the UKIP London MEP List, Paul Oakley.   Once again a lively Q&A session allowed our other candidates to demonstrate their commitment and skills.


On Saturday 22nd came the last public meeting of the week in Harlington Baptists Church Hall. The meeting was chaired by our dynamic local branch chairman and council candidate, Cliff Dixon. Also on the platform was John Stewart, who campaigns against the Heathrow third runway (in which he is backed by UKIP), and UKIP local council candidate, Bryan Tomlinson.  Bryan is a local taxi driver who is committed to representing local people. For my part, I explained again why we have to leave the EU. The very receptive audience included a French lady who has lived in the UK for sixty-five years. She told us about her 92 year old husband (sadly in hospital) who was also French, and who had served as an agent for Britain in the French resistance during World War II. Both were outraged at what the EU is doing to Britain and their native France, and are firmly behind us in our fight to save our country.

In all three public meetings I paid tribute to the greatest recruiting sergeant that UKIP currently has – Nick ‘Calamity’ Clegg!  By challenging Nigel to a debate on the EU Mr Clegg either knows something we don’t or he has made the biggest political mistake of his life.  Roll on 22ndMay!



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