The term “Robber Barons” is normally used to refer to a number of US business men prominent in the 19th and early 20th centuries. Many made their fortunes from the development of infrastructure such as railways and the industries required to support that development such as mining, steel manufacture and oil. A number were parasitic financiers who made their money on the back of others involved in industry. Some played on both fields. Wikipedia lists 32 of them.

They are all characterised by having great wealth and influence and being supported by lax regulation, but many did make a contribution to society through their provision of much of the infrastructure still in use today.

On a lesser scale the Engineers of the Victorian era such as the Brunels (railways, tunnels, bridges, docks, shipping), Bazalgette (sewerage, roads, river engineering), Crossley (railways), Nasmyth (steam), the Stephensons (railways and bridges), Telford (roads, canals, harbours and bridges) and Whitworth (machine tools, armaments and standardised screw threads) built the foundations of UK industry. I am not aware of these Engineers being credited with great personal wealth such as that of the US Robber Barons.

The New Robber Barons

The descendants of the many Robber Barons (including Morgan, Rockefeller and Schwab) are more likely to have turned their attention to growing their wealth by financial and political rather than industrial means. We now see that a more dangerous breed of Robber Baron (I’ll call them NRBs) has emerged to join them.

These NRBs may exhibit common traits with some differences from the original Robber Barons:

  • Unbridled greed which is never satisfied
  • The seeking / buying  of political influence
  • Creating false threats and information
  • Support for a World Government
  • Lacking in basic morality
  • Massive tax avoidance
  • An over-developed sense of entitlement
  • Reliance on the support of the gullible masses
  • Absence of any beneficial legacy to their country

NRB George Soros (net worth said to be $25.2 billion) is an outspoken supporter of a federal Europe and mass immigration. He is also anti-Trump and provided substantial financial support to Clinton in her bid for the US presidency. No wonder his alleged financial support of those who demonstrate against Trump and immigration controls. He is regarded by some as a philanthropist because of his many donations to various organisations. I would suggest it more likely that he is trying to subvert the rule of democratically elected governments for his own evil ends. He is, of course, anti “Brexit” and we can be sure that he will do his utmost to frustrate it. He already cost us dear with his speculation against the pound whilst in the ERM but only on the back of our own government’s failings.

NRB Albert ArnoldAlGore, Jr. (net worth estimated $200 million +) is probably the most successful scammer of our time following publication of his book “An Inconvenient Truth” and follow up lectures.  He was also associated with inappropriate fundraising methods for the US Democratic Party before becoming Vice-President to Bill Clinton. As we have seen to our cost his scam was swallowed whole by our government resulting in unnecessary taxation, the decommissioning of coal fired power stations when still needed and the closure of much of our steel industry in favour of heavily polluting plants in India and China which produce mainly poor quality steel (I’m not letting off our own government here).

NRB Anthony Charles LyntonTonyBlair (net worth said to be £60 million) is a small fry by global standards but also enjoys taxpayer funded security of around £16,000 per week; so a true parasite. He introduced the Minimum Wage Act (a questionable act), the Human Rights Act (we now know why) but, more importantly, the ill conceived mess of Scottish Devolution and the Welsh Assembly.

Most people will remember him for his participation in the second Gulf War based on fabricated evidence for which he has still not been held to account and the still unsolved mysterious death of Dr. David Kelly. What he should be most remembered for is his open immigration policy which, as he later confessed, was a blatant attempt to increase support for the Labour Party. As we might expect he is vehemently opposed to “Brexit”; we need to watch him carefully along with his unscrupulous wife.

NRB Sir Richard Charles Nicholas Branson (net worth estimated $5.6 billion) would not be viewed as a true NRB by most but he is listed here for one reason.  That is his conversion to an AGW disciple after meeting the high priest of AGW, Al Gore. He is another with sufficient wealth to give him influence.

I could surely find many more, but that’s enough for this short article. However we must not forget the many others in the House of Commons and, more so, the House of Lords who take the salary and expenses that we pay them but fail to act in our interests. They might just be the worst as they can have a direct and immediate effect upon us.

The Unknowing Masses

The above people generally get away with their activities not only because of their great wealth but because few will challenge them. Many are too absorbed in sports and suchlike to take note of what is going on, others allow their lives to be dominated by social media to the exclusion of all else. All below a certain age have been through an education system with a strong leftist bias and might have been brought up in a town already overrun with aliens.

We have to try and gain the interest of such people and encourage them to seek out the truth behind the daily spin. Hopefully they might then vote for UKIP.

Photo by The Library of Congress

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