Letter from Gerard Batten MEP


Dear Fellow UKIP Member,

One key location we hope to win council seats in the forthcoming local elections is Rochdale.

Rochdale was at the centre of activities for Cyril Smith, the deceased Liberal MP who figures prominently in a recent report on historic child abuse in the town.

I visited Rochdale last Thursday 12th April and accompanied the mother of one of the victims as she handed letters to the local council and police asking for some kind of justice; an acknowledgement of crimes long denied, and for the accountability of those in office who failed to take action.

However, Rochdale also continues to figure in the so-called ‘grooming gang’ scandal, a euphemism for what is the sexual slavery of very young, predominantly white girls.  The true extent of this scandal has yet to be uncovered and will in time prove to be the worst of his kind in our country’s history.  This despicable crime continues up and down the nation.

We have a very good chance of winning seats in Rochdale, and this would provide an historic victory for UKIP. Our councillors would then be able to speak out on this issue from a position of authority.

Therefore, I would like any of you not already actively campaigning for local election candidates somewhere else, to spare a day to help our candidates in Rochdale.

Alan Craig is coordinating the action day, and the details are given below.  If you can help, then please email Alan using the address below.

Rochdale, Heywood & Middleton Action Day
Saturday 21st April

Meeting point: Ring O’Bells Inn car park, St Leonard’s Street, Middleton, Manchester M24 6DJ

Time: 10.00am start, and then campaigning all day. Arrive as early as you can.

Dress: If available, bring your UKIP rosettes, scarves, flags and other UKIP regalia to make a high-profile splash!

Contact: Email ukiprhm@gmail.com if you are coming, and provide:

(i) your likely time of arrival; 
(ii) the number in your group; and 
(iii) your mobile number. You will be given an Action Day mobile number to contact as necessary.


Yours sincerely,
Gerard Batten MEP
UKIP Leader

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