H/T to Breitbart London for bringing to our attention this cracker of an interview, aired last night on Channel 4. 

Interviewer Jon Snow, commonly known to have left wing sympathies, clearly expected his guest Mariana Gordon, a Romanian refugee who came to Britain 35 years ago, to lambast Farage for his comments regarding her Romanian countrymen. Instead, she agreed with Farage, saying  “I would say he wasn’t far wrong about his… you know… I wouldn’t want to live next door to a bunch of unruly Romanians myself, whether in England or in Romania.”

Ms Gordon fled Romania aged 19 year as a political refugee when the Ceausescu regime charged her with High Treason and Conspiring Against the State. Presumably, therefore, she knows all too well what happens when the establishment tries to conceal facts from the people by attacking those who dare utter them. 

UPDATE: an article in the Irish Times has emerged showing that MPs themselves were blaming Romanians and Bulgarians for a crime wave in London as recently as December of last year. Speaking in a debate on lifting work restrictions for those nationalities, Philip Hollobone MP, who is also a part time policeman on the London Underground said “We are importing a wave of crime from Romania and Bulgaria”.

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