Once more that blighted town has hit the news, yet again for all the wrong reasons. It had become the focus of, and a breeding ground for, a wholly incompatible fusion of political, religious, cultural and ethical viewpoints and is the exemplar of so much that is wrong in this country. I daresay where Rotherham has led others will not be far behind – unless swift and decisive action is taken now. We have pockets, yes, no-go areas, within our society where democracy, free will and British law simply do not exist. Un-British ideologies and practices have been allowed to take root and continue unchallenged behind closed doors in a climate of ignorance, fear or misguided respect. Thirteen years of Labour, via its hugely irresponsible immigration policy, its obsession with political correctness and multi-culturism, and the cynical creation of a client voter base, must carry much of blame for creating the environment where these incidents can occur.

It is time to be honest but also accurate. The recurrence of the words ‘Pakistani’ and ‘Muslim’ in these particular events is not a co-incidence.  They betray a portion of a culture and religion in which men readily view women as mere objects to be used or abused as they see fit. As a man it disgusts me to know these vermin are members of my gender. To describe the perpetrators more broadly as Asian is to insult this country’s Hindus and Sikhs, who fall within that category but live their lives productively and peacefully.

In Rotherham, a Labour parliamentary fiefdom since 1933 and now a genuine rotten borough, it is, above all, the Labour-run authority, its acolytes and the South Yorkshire Police who bear by far the largest share of the blame and shame. Without their negligence (almost to the point of wilful complicity) and cowardice, most of what transpired simply would not have happened or been allowed to continue. As for the national Labour party, one might have expected self-described women’s champion, Harriet Harman, to be vociferous and active in pleading the girls’ cases and defending their rights – but have we heard one meaningful word from her about this? Not to my knowledge. To me, she only seems concerned about equality and fair treatment for white females because when it comes to those in a particular minority, where the men hold such dictatorial sway within the family and can be relied on to give Labour their support (fairly or otherwise), she draws the line at intervention when a possible loss of votes is concerned. What I see as her hypocrisy, whining, deceit and inaction make her high on my list of public figures I truly and vigorously despise. With their poll ratings showing little useful movement, it is small wonder Labour is keeping a low profile.

So tainted is The Establishment in this country that we have needed to turn to New Zealand, one of our dear sisters in the Commonwealth, to provide the detachment and expertise to conduct the enquiry. At this point it is appropriate to reflect on the fact that we actually have this facility and that, once again, our kith and kin beyond the seas come to our aid. As we move through the years of the WW1 centenary it is as well to remind ourselves of the true friends we have outside Europe, who gave so much, so willingly in two global conflicts and who, in my opinion, this country betrayed so ignominiously in 1972.

To hear of these appalling events has called into question so much that we hoped could be trusted but were beginning to doubt. Our illusions have finally been shattered. Whether it be the BBC, police, councillors, the CPS, MPs or some elements of the NHS, the public sector seems crippled by political correctness; consumed by self-interest in their secure tax-payer funded jobs; or behaves contemptuously toward their task, comfortable in the knowledge that a disciplinary system, such as might exist, will rarely be invoked. It is hard to believe this is happening in a once noble and venerable democracy.  PC is either the enabler or, by inaction, the silent partner of so much that blights our nation, democracy and culture. It is a cancer and needs cutting out with surgical precision. That will take skill, determination and focus.

I am sickened by the inversion and perversion of ideals and behaviour that have been allowed to creep into our society. It is now a nightmare where common sense, decency, duty, fairness, free speech, honour, justice, public service, tradition and so much else that was once good has been trivialised, mocked or corrupted. The craven mainstream parties caused this desperate state of affairs but I do not see any of them, whatever their public pronouncements, being able or willing to do much to correct it.

Lest we have become too despondent at this point, it will serve well to remember that this is still the country that produced medical professionals who volunteered to travel to Ebola-stricken areas of Africa, at great personal risk (as nurse Pauline Cafferky can testify) to help others in great need. That one lady puts to shame all those degenerate criminals in Rottenham who so despise womanhood but not one of whom is worthy to walk on the same ground as her.

Our country has many ailments but it can be cured. And if ever a Herculean effort (his 5th Labour) was needed to clean out the metaphorical dung-filled stables of The Establishment, it is now. On 7th May the British electorate have it within their power to change things. To them I say, take that opportunity to make a fresh start – vote UKIP, which I believe will be for the better.

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