When will we ever grasp the nettle? Why are we still afraid to do so?

Yesterday, the report by Ms. Louise Casey into the Rotherham Council and the CSE (Child Sexual Exploitation) was published. This report was the result of an inquiry ordered by Mr. Eric Pickles in the wake of the report into that scandal, published last year by Professor Alexis Jay.

Mr. Pickles presented the report by Ms. Casey in the House of Commons yesterday.

It was shameful and outrageous to watch the benches empty as soon as he stood up.

It was even more shameful to hear Labour MP Hilary Benn talk about ‘healing’, in the wake of those findings.

There is already one result: the cabinet of the Rotherham Council has resigned.

Mr Pickles will send in Commissioners who will take over the running of Rotherham Council in the near future. He also said in the House of Commons that there will be new council elections – in 2016.

Yes, we do apparently have time to wait, because it doesn’t matter that in spite of the report by Professor Jay, in spite of it having been common knowledge in Rotherham that she was investigating, the number of CSE cases rose in Rotherham in 2014.

We must support the leader of UKIP in Rotherham local council, Caven Vines, who demanded that council elections must take place this year. After all, polling stations are open on May 7th…

And we must politely point out to those who will again howl about ‘making a scandal a political play ball’ that they have shown that they are unfit to govern, given the reports’ findings. Perhaps we might even ask them if their three MPs will still go ahead with their ludicrous case against Ms. Jane Collins MEP, who dared to mention Rotherham in her speech at Conference in September, pointing out the failings of the Labour run Rotherham Council, now that Ms. Casey’s findings support her.

But this is not all, it’s not the end.

There are some very disturbing facts mentioned in the report – if you can stomach it, read it here .

Let me refer only to what is already published in Ms Casey’s report, because there are ongoing investigations by the Independent Police Complaints Commission (IPCC) into the ‘historic conduct of some police officers’, and a review of historic cases by the National Crime Agency (p.128/9).

On page 48 of Ms. Casey’s report is a paragraph which made my blood boil. It states, briefly, that police did not follow through with investigations when they had information. We learn that the police knew about eighty – that is: 80 – criminals involved in CSE, but only five were convicted. Police officers were told, one presumes from those higher up, to ‘hand on’ their investigations.

I found the remark by an unnamed police officer absolutely horrifying, who says that, when he asked what to do about those other criminals not convicted, he was told “we’ve got to cut it off somewhere”.

Five convicted out of eighty cases – yes, that is a ‘reasonable cut-off point’, isn’t it?

But there’s one main point which is still being danced around coyly.

While both Professor Jay and Ms. Casey are writing about the criminals coming from the Pakistani Community, and while this is a welcome step upwards from the usual “Asian” label preferred by the establishment media, there is still the final link missing, the link which politicians are still too reluctant – or too scared? – to address.

We will be unable to do anything about the CSE victims, be it in Rotherham or elsewhere, if we keep quiet about it. PC bullying has, according to the reports, facilitated the scandal in Rotherham, and this seems to be the tip of an iceberg.

So we must mention the ‘unmentionable’, we must say that the criminals belonged to one religion, that of Islam. At a time when the news show a man burned alive by the epitome of Islam, ISIS; at a time when we read reports of a gay man being thrown off a high rise building and then stoned to death because he survived that fall, at a time when Pakistani Muslims are grooming and abusing our children apparently without hindrance, it surely is necessary to join the dots and say that what horrifies us is something that Islam condones.

We surely can no longer be silent, not just for the sake of our children, but also for the sake of the innocent members of Muslim communities up and down the country who need to be encouraged to stand up against those criminals in their midst. Above all, we must stop bowing to the PC metro-elite who are already busy brushing this under the carpet.

If we want to do right by the victims and their families, if we want to solve this problem, then we must name it. Standing up for our British traditions means that we name the cause for this and other CSE scandals.

Courage! We’ve got nothing to lose but the bonds that political correctness has imposed on us all!

Photo by freefotouk

Photo by Department for Communities and Local Government

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