Ed: UKIP Daily correspondents have been writing letters to the MSM and their MPs all year long. We’ve published a number of them during 2017. Now we’re gearing up to fight for Brexit – real, clean Brexit – and letter writing plays a vital role.

Anybody can write to any and all MPs. Should you be puzzled about what to write exactly (we all know how one’s mind goes blank when sat in front of a blank piece of paper or a blank screen!) – help is at hand. Our associate editor Debbie has drafted sample letters on specific issues which you are all free to use. Debbie says that these are just basic letters which can be altered or amended by you as you wish. They are little more than ideas but are complete if you want to send them as they are.

First of all – where to send them:

All members of Parliament can be contacted by post at:

[Name of MP]

House of Commons



E-mail addresses:

All MP’s email addresses can be found at: http://www.parliament.uk/mps-lords-and-offices/mps/ where you can also look up your own or any other MP.

If you want to contact an MP, there is nothing to stop you sending the same communication, whether by post or e-mail, to every MP – just make sure you change the MP’s name in the salutation!

Ed: next, in no particular order, are sample letters on specific issues – starting with our Fisheries:

Dear [name of MP here] MP

I am very concerned about the eventual agreement between the EU and the UK in how it affects the fishing rights around our coasts.

As an island nation, the UK has relied on the fish off its coastline to feed its population for thousands of years.  Since we joined the European Union, the bloc has given the fishing fleets of all its countries the rights to fish in our waters.

But that is not the real problem. The more serious threat is the way they fish. They hoover up all the fish wherever they trawl – even the youngsters who then have no opportunity to grow and breed.  Because of this there are areas in the sea which are bereft of fish. If this is to continue for another two years after Brexit, with the UK having no say on quotas, the sea will be unfishable.

The practice is unsustainable and quite in contrast to our own fishermen whose larger nets ensure they catch only the biggest fish, allowing the smaller ones to repopulate the fishing grounds.  These men, who put their lives at risk every time they take to sea, recognise the necessity of preserving stocks so that their industry, which is at present close to decimation, can also be preserved.

I implore you to impress upon the UK’s negotiating team to recognise the need to save our fish stocks so that we can preserve our fishing grounds.  If the EU is unable or unwilling to agree to this we should walk away from the negotiating table and revert to World Trade Organisation rules.

Yours sincerely

[Put your name here]

On Immigration:

Dear [name of MP here] MP

Why won’t the Government even consider the problems continued mass immigration is having on the country and its services?

There are complaints that patients have to wait several weeks for an appointment – could this be because too many immigrants are demanding to see a doctor?  After all, many of them came here for the free health care they don’t get in their own countries.

There are complaints that hospital operations are being postponed – could this be for the same reason?  That immigrants need hospital treatment and the NHS has a duty to treat them from wherever they come.

There are complaints that there is not enough housing available for our young people – could this be because homeless immigrants are claiming the cheaper and social houses, especially if they bring their children?  After all, they have nowhere else to live.

There are complaints that classes in our schools are too big – could this be because so many immigrant children are flocking into the schools?  After all, councils have a duty to ensure that all children, even those of immigrants, must have an education.

There are complaints that the police are overstretched and understaffed – could this be because those immigrants from other cultures don’t understand our rules and laws and therefore need more legal attention?  After all, nobody could expect the foreign population to follow rules they don’t know about.

All these matters could be put down to immigration and, more importantly, uncontrolled immigration.  If there were some comprehensive checks and balances, those coming into this country could be quizzed to ensure they understand our laws and speak our language.

But no, the EU has laid down the law.  I sincerely hope that once we leave the bloc we will be able to make our on rules on immigration – not stopping it completely, but being a bit more choosy who we allow into our already overcrowded country.

I believe we should walk away from the negotiating table and make our own rules on immigration.

Yours sincerely

[Put your name here]

On Ireland:

Dear [name of MP here] MP

What business is it of the European Union as to what happens on the border between Northern and southern Ireland?  This is a matter for negotiation between Dublin and Belfast, with the views of parliamentarians in Westminster taken into account.

The question of a ‘hard’ or ‘soft’ border is surely down to the Irish on both sides of the divide and although politicians in Eire will have to obey the edicts of their European masters, we don’t – or at least we won’t have to after March 2019.

Let them talk about it and come up with a solution without interference.

I feel that any further negotiations between the UK and the EU are simply a waste of time.  I ask you to urge the UK’s negotiating team to walk away from the negotiating table and revert to World Trade Organisation rules.

Yours sincerely

[Put your name here]

Ed: There are more sample letters to come, on various trade issues and on the payment of the divorce bill. We’ll publish them in the next instalment before the end of this year.

You might also like to send a copy of your letter to your local newspaper, where it may get published by the local editor. If you’re on social media, post or tweet that you have written to your MP, attach the text of your letter, and ask your followers to do the same.

Tell us at UKIP Daily how you get on, and should you get a reply, please let us know – we’d be happy to publish such replies.

And now: let’s get cracking!


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