Ed: Members have suggested that it would be a very good idea to send emails to the NEC members before their meeting on Thursday Jan 18th, making our feelings known. In support of that suggestion, below are the names of the NEC members, with a few sample letters to get you going. The format is: first name.lastname@ukip.org , as detailed on the last page of the ‘Independence Magazine . We will not publish personal email addresses on UKIP Daily, but if you happen to have them, do use them instead. Ray Finch MEP and Jonathan Arnott MEP can be contacted via their MEP websites @ europarl.europa.eu. We have no official address for David Sprason.

Debbie Le May did the research and wrote the sample letters.

List of NEC members (updated):

Henry Bolton Party Leader

Paul Oakden Party Chairman

John Bickley Treasurer (2014-2017)

Paul Oakley General Secretary (2016-2017)

Mick McGough (2016-2019)

Ray Finch MEP

Jonathan Arnott MEP

David Sprason UKIP Councillors’ Association

Piers Wauchope (2016-2018)

Elizabeth Jones (2015-2018)

Marion Mason (2014-2017)

Alan Bown (2015-2018)

Katie Fanning (2016-2019)

Fiona Mills (2016-2019)

Steve Crowther (2016-2019)

Andrew Moncreiff

Paula Walters

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Sample Letters:

Dear [name of NEC member here]

Following the Interim Party Chairman’s message to all members, there is speculation that the delay is because a vote of no confidence has been called in respect of our leader Henry Bolton.

I believe Bolton has brought the party into disrepute by his affair and urge you to support this vote of no confidence.

Under the circumstance that Bolton is no longer leader of UKIP, I suggest an interim leader be appointed until that person has proved him/herself worthy of the title.

Yours sincerely

[Put your name here]


Dear [name of NEC member here]

There has been considerable speculation that the hiatus before the next NEC meeting is so that members can consider a vote of no confidence in our leader Henry Bolton.

It is my opinion that, by his actions, Bolton has brought the party into disrepute and I urge you to support this vote of no confidence.

If Bolton ceases to be leader, it might be an idea to appoint an interim leader so that due diligence can be completed before that candidate is confirmed in his/her role.

Yours sincerely

[Put your name here]


Dear [name of NEC member here]

Following the press reports concerning our leader Henry Bolton, I am of the opinion that he is not worthy of being the leader of our party.  His behaviour is disgraceful and unfathomable and if rumours of a pending vote of no confidence in him are true, I would hope you will vote for such a motion.

I am aware that Bolton is just the latest in a long line of leaders of UKIP but the prospect of another leadership election should not deter the NEC from doing what is right and dismissing him.  If the committee doesn’t want to hold another election, perhaps they could consider appointing an interim leader until such times as that person has proved he/she is the right person for the job.

Yours sincerely

[Put your name here]

Take your pick! And do get writing!

Our contributor Rhys Burriss has already written to Fiona Mills. It is more personal, he does not mince his words, but he has permitted us to publish his letter here in full:



Dear Fiona

The above is a quick link to activists’ comments on this issue. Of over 120  plus comments at this writing not one is in support or suggests HB should continue as Leader ~  not one !  All other topics posted on Ukip Daily attract at least a modicum of dissent. On this one the opinions appear almost unanimous.

I was really hopeful for Henry’s Leadership after his speech at Conference in September. I was ready to support him as strongly as I supported Paul.

For your information I was proud to spend six months campaigning as UKIP’s candidate in Bishop Auckland in 2015; I have also donated several thousands of pounds to (local) Party funds, at the time of that election and more recently.

However I feel that Henry Bolton has squandered the four months since his election: basically he seems to have filled his time with management stuff (which I would have thought frankly was more the remit of others in administration, as to the nitty gritty, once they have been given overall  directions by the Leader?) to the detriment of getting out there on broadcast and print media  banging the drum for Real Brexit (and Proportional Representation for the Commons which in my view we ought to be majoring on equally with WTO terms Brexit ).  

He does not even advocate a policy on immigration which differs markedly from that of Mrs May.

Now this nightmare which is truly truly dire.

HB cannot come back from his grotesquely self~destructive behaviour of this last week: my own view is that abandoning his home, his wife, (the only breadwinner in the marriage )and his pre-school age children (and for an airhead idiot whose tweets clearly bring UKIP into disrepute ~the Non-Madonna with the Big Boobies) is behaviour which is so self destructive (does he really really believe that the new lady in his life is going to stay with him longer than she stayed with the other men in the papers she was all over?) that any first year psychology student would say means he actually does not want the job of UKIP Leader, and is behaving in such a way as to make resignation inevitable.

Appalling as this all is to have another election he just cannot stay and the sooner he goes the better. As at this writing the article on UKIP Daily  ~ the only place I am aware of where UKIP activists can discuss  ~  has attracted not a single expression of support  ~  not even a  modicum of support from anyone,  whereas most topics attract  disagreement.

Hopefully Steve will come back as Interim Leader (maybe even consider going for the full on position). Or perhaps Gerard Batten?

And also  please please  study further the arguments as to the mechanism for the election of the Leader : as a lawyer I simply do not accept that the Constitution mandates a FPTP system : I believe it could be done under  a Transferable Vote or Alternative Vote system.

I realize you are unable to provide a substantive reply to the points made above: however I do hope you will copy this email to others concerned (of course neither would I expect any substantive response from them at this stage).

Best Regards

Rhys [Proud UKIP Candidate in 2015 at Bishop Auckland (17%), Contributor of approx £3,000 in leafleting expenses at the time.]

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Make your voice heard!

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