EU Referendum

The Guardian inevitably focuses on the clunkily-named “Vote Leave” campaign with Stuart Rose will chair campaign to keep Britain in the EU

Stuart Rose, the former executive chairman of Marks & Spencer and a Conservative peer, is to chair the campaign for Britain to stay inside the EU in a sign that senior Conservatives plan to resist the euro-sceptic tide on the right.

Lord Rose, now chairman of Ocado, the online grocer that delivers goods for Waitrose and Morrisons, is one of Britain’s most famous businessmen and will attend the launch of the in campaign on Monday at which a mix of politicians, cultural figures and businessmen will set out the case for Britain to stay in Europe, ahead of the referendum that must be held before 2017.

There had been fears that the pro-Europe campaign would have a left of centre gloss, but Rose’s appointment suggests it will have a genuine cross-party tenor with which David Cameron could readily associate if he decides to recommend Britain remain inside the EU.

The Independent also prominently covers this: “Stuart Rose: Businessman who backed immigration for cutting wages to lead campaign to take Britain out the EU

A businessman who said that the public shouldn’t complain about migrants undercutting British workers and taking on jobs for less money is to lead the campaign to keep the country in the EU. It is to be revealed at an event on 12 October that Lord Stuart Rose, the former chief executive of Mark and Spencer, is to be the chairman of the In campaign. But the appointment is likely to be leapt upon by opponents because of his robust views on the free movement of labour.

Two years ago the Conservative peer said he had little sympathy with people who complained that jobs were being taken by workers from Bulgaria and Romania who were prepared to work for less money. “I’m a free-market economist; we operate in a free market,” he told Sky News.  “If these people want to come here, and work the hours they are prepared to work for the wages they are prepared to work for, then so be it.”


The Express reports “German county facing influx of migrants declares EMERGENCY for first time since WWII

A GERMAN county facing an influx of migrants has declared an emergency for the first time since the end of World War II. Officials in Main-Taunus, west of Frankfurt, said the unusual action would make it easier for authorities to cope with the arrival of more than 1,000 refugees on Monday.

In a statement, they said it was the first time since 1945 that a disaster has been declared in the country. Germany has seen almost 600,000 migrants arrive since the start of the year, including many refugees from conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Afghanistan.

The announcement came just hours after the Czech Republic announced that it was putting 650 soldiers on alert to be ready to help police deal with a possible influx of migrants. Defence Ministry spokesman Petr Medek said the soldiers are ready to join police forces on the border with Austria in two hours.

Earlier, police said they were sharply increasing patrols on the Austrian border, with the number of officers rising from 220 to 720. Czech territory so far has rarely been used by the tens of thousands of refugees heading to Germany and other countries in Western Europe.

The Express also reports from Calais with “Furious charity pulls Calais camp funding after ‘migrants BURN food and clothes’

The Human Relief Foundation (HRF) has been giving aid to the migrant camp with the belief that its occupants are fleeing war-torn countries like Syria. However, the charity decided to pull the plug after its deputy chief executive Kassim Tokan recently paid a visit to Calais.

The shocked deputy claimed he discovered unwanted clothing and food “being dumped and burnt” by migrants. Mr Tokan said: “I thought they have valid reason, but most of them they haven’t any valid reason… they want to go [to the UK] to get money, a better economic situation.”

He also said that 95 to 97 per cent of migrants in the camp were young, fit men – some of whom allegedly told him they were happy to stay in the camp. Mr Tokan added the HRF will now turn its attention to helping Syrians trapped in neighbouring Labanon and Jordan, claiming migrants at Calais no longer need the help.

Breitbart takes a different tack with “Students in schools with high numbers of migrants get lower test scores

Students in schools with high numbers of migrants tend to get lower test scores, a new report has claimed. Large numbers of migrants can lead to higher dropout rates, worse results and cause wealthier families to move to different neighbourhoods.

The report by Aarhus University in Denmark looked at several studies in Western nations, including England and the U.S., and found that while migrant children from high-income backgrounds do not cause problems, those from low-income backgrounds can have a negative effect on native children.

In one study in Denmark, researchers found that high concentrations of immigrant children in schools negatively affects test scores of 15-year-old native Danish children, especially in mathematics.

Another study in Israel found that increase numbers of migrant students in classrooms has a negative effect on native children passing the state’s high school matriculation programme, while a similar result was also found in a Norwegian study.


The Telegraph leads with “Government planning £7bn assault on ‘gold plated’ final salary pension schemes

The Government is gearing up for a major raid on some of Britain’s most generous pension schemes which could see doctors’, teachers’ and senior executives’ retirement funds cut by more than a quarter, the Telegraph understands. In private talks with industry, Ministers have floated plans to move savers with final salary pensions into a separate tax regime. They would then receive less generous tax perks than other savers.

The move, which last night received fierce opposition from public sector unions, would be the most radical attempt by any Government to water down so-called “gold plated” retirement benefits. Although some senior, private sector executives would be affected, the biggest losers would be well-off public sector workers. Altogether more than two million workers could be hit.


The Guardian reports on Syria air strikes: US and Russia expected to hold talks over risk of planes clashing

The Pentagon has said it expects to hold new talks with Russia’s military on pilot safety in Syria’s war as soon as this weekend as the US and the Kremlin seek to avoid accidental clashes as they carry out separate bombing campaigns.

Russia’s entry into Syria’s civil war has complicated America’s more than year-old campaign of air strikes against Islamic State. At least one US jet had to change course to avoid an incident.

The United States, which opposes Moscow’s support for Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, has ruled out co-operation with Russia but has agreed to work on air safety procedures.

The Mirror reports that “Government pushes for Syria bombing despite fears of clash with Russia

Michael Fallon said yesterday the Government will keep trying to win support for bombing Syria despite Russia’s shock intervention in the civil war. Speaking after a meeting with his US counterpart Ash Carter, the Defence Secretary said Russian air and missile strikes in support of president Bashar Assad risked making “a grave situation even worse”.

But he made clear the UK Government will continue to seek Labour’s support for extending RAF bombing raids against Islamic State into Syria.

“We will continue to build the case for military action in north-east Syria where ISIL is headquartered, where its command and control is,” Mr Fallon said. “Russian intervention doesn’t change that. We will continue to build the case for intervention in the new Parliament.”

Child Sex Abuse

The Telegraph claims an exclusive with “Tom Watson MP ‘forced out’ head of VIP sex abuse case

The detective in charge of the VIP sex abuse investigation stepped down after complaining that he was being deliberately undermined by Tom Watson, the Labour MP, The Telegraph understands. Scotland Yard knew two years ago that claims about a Westminster child abuse ring were largely unfounded, but investigations were strengthened under political pressure, it has also emerged.

The revelations will put further pressure on Mr Watson, Labour’s deputy leader, over his role in forcing police to question Lord Brittan over allegations of rape. The former home secretary went to his grave with the shadow of a rape allegation hanging over him, despite the fact that police had dismissed Det Chief Insp Paul Settle, who was head of the Metropolitan Police’s paedophile unit, quit the VIP child sex abuse scandal last year following a series of interventions by Mr Watson.

The Independent also focuses on Watson with “Leon Brittan rape inquiry: Tom Watson admits he went too far in describing the former MP as evil

Tom Watson has admitted going too far in describing Leon Brittan as evil when repeating child sex abuse allegations in the wake of the former Conservative home secretary’s death earlier this year. The deputy Labour leader was responding to demands that he apologise for what Liberal Dem peer Lord Lester described as a “cowardly attack” on Lord Brittan, in the wake of increasing doubt over the legitimacy of the claims.

Brittan’s brother, Sir Samuel Brittan, called on Watson to “apologise in public” for making “unforgiveable” slurs and “unfounded accusations against my brother.”  And Conservative MP Nigel Evans, who was found not guilty last year on rape and sexual assault charges, accused the Labour MP of having: “set himself up as judge and jury.”

The Mail goes to town on this one with “Devastating questions Labour’s smearmonger must answer… not least, why does he only brand TORIES as child sex abusers?

On April 21, Labour’s deputy leader Tom Watson was asked to join 11 other prominent MPs signing an open letter that called for a high-profile member of the Establishment accused of appalling child sex abuse to face justice. Due to be published in the next day’s newspapers, it claimed that a recent decision not to prosecute the man — on the grounds that he was suffering from dementia — bore all the hallmarks of a ‘whitewash’.

‘The public are horrified,’ the letter declared. ‘Powerful people, including MPs, have previously avoided facing justice for serious crimes committed against children. As long as justice is not seen to be done . . . the greater public interest is not served.’

On the face of things, Watson — then a mere backbencher — should have heartily agreed with this sentiment. For 18 months, the MP had been making near-identical pronouncements while trying to expose what he had famously described as ‘a powerful paedophile network linked to Parliament and No 10’.

Nigel Farage

Nigel makes it to the front page of the Telegraph with a quote from him ‘Do I look ill? Do I? I’m ready to lead’ but it doesn’t start in a very complimentary way:

For a political has-been, whose anti-immigration policy has just been annexed by Theresa May, Nigel Farage seems remarkably sanguine. For the leader of a party that publicly fell out with itself at its own conference – no mean feat given they only have the one MP – Nigel Farage appears terribly together.

And for a man whose recent low profile has sparked speculation about the state of his health, Nigel Farage looks to be in the rudest of rude health.  “I’m not on bloody medication!” he cries, at my suggestion he might be soldiering on despite illness or exhaustion or terminal ennui. “Do I look ill? Do I?”

Readers, he does not. Tanned, trim, impeccably dressed, as he raises his standard to take us out of Europe, the 51-year-old looks as bullish (and British) as Tony Archer’s pedigree Hereford.

In the course of our conversation, Farage smokes a mere two Rothmans, where once it would have been 12 or maybe 20, and radiates what could either be construed as chipper energy or insufferable smugness, depending where you are positioned on the Eurosceptic continuum.

“Love Europe, hate the EU project,” he reminds me, slightly unnecessarily, given he’s an MEP, thorn in the side of Strasbourg and spearheading Leave.EU, which until this week had been the highest-profile group pushing for a British EU exit, or “Brexit”.


The Guardian reports that “NHS hospitals’ £930m overspend prompts calls for urgent funding

Ministers are under growing pressure to give the NHS a multibillion-pound emergency cash injection after official figures showed hospitals overspent by £930m in three months and are on course to rack up an unprecedented £2bn deficit by the end of the year.

The losses, which the NHS regulator said reflected a “worst-in-a-generation financial position” for the service, prompted warnings that they could damage the quality of care for patients, possibly as soon as this winter.

Privately, NHS bosses say the attempt by the health secretary, Jeremy Hunt, to rein in the ballooning deficit by reducing spending on agency staff is doomed to fail and that the black hole in the service’s finances could be as big as £2.7bn or £2.8bn when its financial year ends next March.

(Ed: The Hospital funding mechanism does not take account of increasing population, fact, we were told this by a Hospital Chairman)

The Independent also covers this with “NHS hospitals in England in their ‘worst’ financial position for a generation, say new figures

NHS hospitals in England are in their “worst” financial position for a generation, official figures have revealed, racking up debts of nearly £1bn in just three months.

The figures are contained in a damning report by the NHS regulator, Monitor, which was allegedly delayed after ministers “leaned on” the organisation to stop publication during the Tory party conference.

It found that, between April and June, NHS trusts built up a deficit of £930m – more than the £820m overspend for the entire previous year. Experts warned that, on current trends, the deficit could top £2bn for this financial year, raising the prospect that the NHS could require an emergency bailout from the Treasury.


The Mail reports that there is a £10million bill for keeping the Ripper in comfort: “Box sets, cookery classes, visits by besotted fans… and now Peter Sutcliffe’s out for an eye check-up on the NHS!

Walking slowly across the car park of a suburban hospital is an unkempt man of advancing years. He is shabbily dressed – rubber Crocs and socks on his feet – then red trousers and a shapeless beige jacket buttoned over a straining stomach. A black cap is pulled low over white hair that merges into a straggly beard, all framing the flabby, jaundiced features of his face.

But, still, there is something about that face. Because while time and ill-health may have taken their toll, there is no mistaking that the man standing there, unshackled and in broad daylight, is none other than Peter Sutcliffe, the Yorkshire Ripper.

He was jailed for life in 1981 after a five-year reign of terror during which he murdered 13 women and attacked seven more. In the 34 years that have passed since then, he has never before been seen in public. Until, that is, the Saturday before last when the 69-year-old was photographed by the Sun on Sunday outside Frimley Park Hospital in Surrey.

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