The Telegraph leads with “Security services monitoring ‘thousands’ of terrorism suspects in London, says Boris Johnson

The security services are monitoring “thousands” of terrorist suspects in London, Boris Johnson has disclosed, suggesting the threat from Islamist extremists may be far greater than has previously been admitted.

Until now, it was thought that the main danger came from around 500 jihadis who have travelled to Syria and Iraq from the UK to join Isil or al-Qaeda fighters, around half of whom have returned to Britain.

But the Mayor of London suggested the threat from home-grown terrorist plots was far more widespread than the relatively small numbers of extremists who have gone abroad to fight.

The Mail covers the same story. The Independent continues this theme with “UK terror threat: Police put on special terror alert for their own safety

Britain’s 130,000 police officers were urged to be “vigilant for their personal safety” after counter-terror chiefs warned the threat level against them had increased in the past 24 hours. Mark Rowley, the national lead for counter-terrorism at the Association of Chief Police Officers, refused to discuss specific intelligence but confirmed the threat level against detectives and support staff up and down the country had been “heightened”.

Police and the intelligence agencies are working around the clock to track hundreds of suspected British jihadists as they return from fighting with Islamic State (Isis) militants in Syria and Iraq. Assistant Commissioner Rowley said: “The threat level to police officers and staff has been heightened, but we are used to confronting risk and danger; this is what we do on a daily basis, and we are well trained.

One has to observe that shouldn’t the main threat be seen as being to the people the police are paid to protect?  The Mail covers the same story. The Guardian reports on a specific incident with “Police search another London property following arrests of terror suspects


The Telegraph’s tame socialist, Dan Hodges, has a leader saying that “After the catastrophe of Heywood, Labour is staring down the barrels of Ukip’s tanks

Nigel Farage gambled, and Nigel Farage won. On the day of his speech to Ukip conference I explained how the leader of the People’ Revolution had rolled the dice by pledging to park his tanks on Labour’s lawn in Heywood and Middleton. “9 October was supposed to be Ukip’s purple letter day,” I wrote. “the moment they secured their first elected MP. Now a win in Clacton will not be enough. They have to run Labour close in Heywood as well, or else run the risk of undermining their own conference narrative”.

They didn’t run Ed Miliband close. They ran Ed Miliband over.

Yes, the turnout was a pitiful 36 per cent. A lot of Ukip’s tanks broke down before they made it as far as Labour’s northern heartland. But those that did get that far ran amok. Labour had been expecting to win the seat by 15-20 points. They clung on by just 2.

This is the man who a few months ago was saying that UKIP was a flash in the pan, that the party would win no seats in Westminster…


The Telegraph also attempts to shore up the PM’s half-hearted attempts at addressing the immigration issue with “David Cameron to unveil EU immigration crackdown following Ukip victory

David Cameron will unveil tough plans to restrict immigration from the European Union within weeks to stop another Ukip MP being elected following Thursday night’s by-election…

…Grant Shapps, the Conservative Party chairman, said that the Clacton result revealed the “simple truth” that Mr Miliband could become the prime minister in just seven months.

He said: “This is not spin. This is the truth, this is the reality. This is the moment that people will look at these results and say, ‘Hold on a moment, this isn’t just a free hit. If repeated in 209 days time it would put Miliband in Downing Street’. That’s the reality of this result.”

He appeared to concede that the Tories must do more to appeal to Ukip voters concerned about immigration and the EU and promised a series of manifesto pledges designed to appeal to disaffected Conservatives.

When one reads the article, there are no actual measures being proposed, and we have all heard Post-Blair politicians use the word ‘crackdown’ too many times to know that it means nothing. Meanwhile, at the Guardian, they are focusing on defences that Miliband needs to shore up in the immigration battle: “Ed Miliband urged to harden stance on immigration after slim byelection win

Ed Miliband was under renewed pressure on Friday night to harden Labour’s policy on immigration after the party’s perilously narrow win in the Heywood and Middleton by-election. The slender 617-vote margin in a safe Labour seat revealed deep unease across the party that a Ukip surge could deprive it of a swath of northern marginal seats at next year’s general election.

Labour officials, urging calm in the face of the result as well as Ukip’s dramatic capture of its first seat from the Tories in Clacton, acknowledged Miliband would do more to highlight the party’s policies on immigration in the future.

Miliband admitted that disillusionment with Westminster politics, building for a long time, had led some traditional Labour communities to choose Ukip, adding in a direct message to Ukip supporters: “It is not prejudiced to worry about immigration.” But he said he would not make any false promises and resisted any immediate changes to a policy that he said had already been changed in 2010.

The Daily Mail covers both sides of the argument with “You can’t ignore migration now! After historic Ukip surge, MPs tell Cameron and Miliband to wake up to public anger

David Cameron and Ed Miliband are being told to ‘wake up’ to public anger over uncontrolled migration following Ukip’s stunning by-election advances. Nigel Farage’s party caused a political earthquake by seizing one Tory safe seat and coming within a few hundred votes of taking another from Labour. Conservative MPs warned the Prime Minister that he must now harden his stance on free movement within the European Union.

The shock results raised further questions about Mr Miliband’s leadership of the Labour Party. Jack Straw said he should do a ‘lot more’ and take a stronger stance on immigration to win back traditional voters. Frank Field, another Labour ex-minister, warned the party’s core vote had been so neglected that even supposedly safe seats could be lost next May.


The Independent reports from Paris with “French say au revoir to France: Over two million French people now live abroad, and most are crossing the channel and heading to London

The land of 400 cheeses, the birthplace of Molière and Coco Chanel, is facing an unprecedented exodus. Up to 2.5 million French people now live abroad, and more are bidding “au revoir” each year.

A French parliamentary commission of inquiry is due to publish its report on emigration on Tuesday, but Le Figaro reported yesterday that because of a political dispute among its members over the reasons for the exodus, a “counter-report” by the opposition right-wing is to be released as an annex.

Centre-right deputies are convinced that the people who are the “lifeblood” of France are leaving because of “the impression that it’s impossible to succeed”, said Luc Chatel, secretary general of the UMP, who chaired the commission.


The Independent recognizes UKIP’s successes with “Today Clacton, tomorrow the UK: jubilant Ukip predicts political avalanche

A jubilant Nigel Farage predicted that Ukip could hold the balance of power after next May’s general election as he celebrated his party gaining its first elected MP in the Clacton by-election. The Ukip leader hailed a double triumph after his party sent shockwaves through the Conservatives, who lost Clacton, and Labour, who came close to losing its Heywood and Middleton seat to Ukip.

The anti-EU party hopes that having its first MP will attract more high-value donors and debunk the argument that it would be a “wasted” or “protest vote” next May.

Mr Farage predicted more defections to his party, claiming they could include Labour as well as Tory MPs. “I have had these conversations with backbench Conservatives. I have had these conversations with some backbench Labour MPs as well,” he told LBC radio. “I would be surprised if there weren’t, over the course of the next few months, more defections. Do not forget what happened yesterday in Heywood and Middleton was extremely significant.”

Meanwhile, the Express looks forward to the next By Election saying Tories face tough test at by-election

Party insiders admitted they were facing a “massive” fight to hold Rochester and Strood in the poll triggered by former Conservative MP Mark Reckless after his defection to Ukip. Tory whips are expected to move the Parliamentary writ that will set a date for the by-election in Kent when the Commons returns next week.

MPs expect the by-election to be held in late November and sources hinted that a later date may be chosen to allow the Tory campaign to gain momentum. One insider said: “It is going to be tough but we will give it all we’ve got. There is a lot of ill feeling towards Mark Reckless because of his treachery. Our local support is well organised and up for it.”

Kevin Maguire at the Mirror keeps up the Left Wing narrative with “Ukip first MP victory: ‘You can bank on this purple reign to ruin us’

The Purple Peril are the new Lib Dems with added poison. Nigel Farage’s Ukip are proud to pose as Turbo Tories in Southern England. The party’s first MP, banker Douglas Carswell, was a right-wing Conservative.

Their second MP, should banker Mark Reckless win in Rochester, is another defected Con. And so is banker Farage, who as recently last year boasted that he was “keeping the flame of Thatcher­ism alive”.

We can bank on Ukip pursuing a largely Tory agenda. Policies include widespread NHS privatisation and charging to see a doctor.

Um… Didn’t the Mirror bother to send a journalist to the UKIP Conference? Did they not hear Louise Bours’ speech? Under UKIP NHS will remain free at the point of use? Down the page there is an instant poll – go and vote UKIP and add to the 62% who have ignored Maguire’s lies about UKIP.

World Economy

The Guardian reports on a military-like approach to simulating a possible future financial crash with “Six years after Lehman’s crash, US and UK play out next financial crisis

The top financial brass from the Treasuries and central banks of Britain and the US are to take part in a war game, behind closed doors in Washington on Monday, to test how they would handle another Lehman Brothers-style banking crisis .

Six years after the financial earthquake that led to the multibillion-pound taxpayer bailouts of Royal Bank of Scotland and Lloyds Banking Group, the most senior policymakers from both sides of the Atlantic will try to find out whether they are now any better prepared for the collapse of a bank deemed too big to fail.

The chancellor, George Osborne, and Mark Carney, the governor of the Bank of England, will stay on at the end of the annual meetings of the International Monetary Fund and World Bank to head the UK team in the exercise, which is to be held at the offices of the Federal Deposit Insurance Commission – the organisation that guarantees US bank deposits.

And at the Daily Mail they report that “UK economy will overtake France to become second biggest economy in Europe next year, IMF predicts

Britain will overtake France to become the second-biggest economy in Europe behind Germany next year, the International Monetary Fund has said. It predicts growth of 3.2 per cent in the UK this year and 2.7 per cent in 2015, compared with just 0.4 per cent and 1 per cent in France. The estimates mean output in Britain will total £1.9trillion next year – outstripping the £1.8trillion France is expected to produce. However, the UK still lags behind Germany’s £2.4trillion economy.

However, one has got to ask, how much of that growth (and France’s decline) is down to population growth (UK) and reduction (France)?

Liberal Democrats

The Express trumpets that Lib Dems are now the party of no-hopers.

Fuelling fears that its MP numbers will be slashed at next May’s general election, Nick Clegg’s party saw its share of votes in Clacton, Essex, plunge from 12.9 per cent and third place in 2010 to just 1.37 per cent. It trailed fifth behind Tory defector Douglas Carswell of Ukip, the Conservatives, Labour and the Greens. Getting less than five per cent meant the Lib Dems forfeited their £500 deposit – designed to discourage no-hope candidates.

In Heywood and Middleton, Greater Manchester, the Lib Dems clung onto the deposit. But they saw their vote share plunge from 22.6 per cent at the last election to 5.12 per cent, from third in the seat to fourth, behind Labour, Ukip and the Tories.

Tom Mludzinski, of pollster Comres, said: “They are haemorrhaging votes in seats that aren’t theirs. We have never had a government party perform so badly.”

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