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After Scotland’s Ms Sturgeon threatened to go for another “IndyRef” if BREXIT wins the Referendum, it’s now the turn of Northern Ireland’s Martin McGuinness as reported in

The Guardian

Sinn Féin calls for vote on Irish reunification if UK backs Brexit

The former IRA chief-of-staff said that if Britain voted to leave the EU then there was a “democratic imperative” to allow people on the island of Ireland to vote on reunification.“If Britain votes to leave the European Union then that could have huge implications for the entire island of Ireland and, given all the predictions, would run counter to the democratic wishes of the Irish people,” the Sinn Féin leader said.McGuinness said the electorate should have the right to vote to “retain a role in the EU.

Meanwhile, the ‘Climate of Fear’ is given another boost, with an insidious plea to keep us in the EU because their Judicial System helps us against criminals and terrorists.

The Independent

EU referendum: Brexit campaigners accused of risking return to days of ‘Costa del Crime’

Brexit campaigners have been accused of putting international security co-operation at risk, after the Home Office disclosed that nearly 140 suspected criminals were brought back to Britain to face justice last year under a European Union system.In the past six years, 785 European Arrest Warrants have been served by police forces to repatriate UK nationals accused of crime and terrorism from other member nations. But this mechanism would come to an end if Britain left the EU.

Sir Hugh Orde, former president of the Association of Chief Police Officers, said: “These new figures demonstrate why being in Europe is so vital to the safety of Britain’s streets.  For our police forces, the ability to quickly deport foreign criminals, and bring villains back to face British justice, is invaluable.“If we vote to leave … we will no longer be able to use this crucial tool to fight crime.” Leave campaigners retort that the warrant system is open to abuse because it assumes common standards of justice across Europe and does not have enough safeguards against mistaken identity and people being pursued on flimsy evidence.

As if to underline the absence of proper safeguards – even if one assumes ‘common standards of justice across the EU’ – a top German cop wants ever closer instruments to control EU citizens, reports the


Police boss says EU needs to pull together as HALF member states don’t share evidence

The head of Germany’s police force said European nations aren’t doing enough to combat international terror, saying security forces across the continent need to be “quicker and better”.Holger Muench called on countries to set up a transnational data network to keep track of militants as the threat of Paris style attacks rises around the world. [..] Muench said: “We need to become quicker and better here. EU states should work together via a joint transnational data network”Muench said he was also concerned that a network of jihadists was being formed of fighters who have returned to various European countries.He added: “These people got to know one another in Iraq or Syria and are maintaining their contacts and relationships here in Europe”.

That brings us nicely to the question of immigration – something our papers aren’t quite certain how to deal with because talking about this might help the OUT vote, but not talking about it might well backfire. Thus we get a hint about Government fiddling figures in

The Telegraph

True scale of EU migration could emerge on eve of referendum

The Office for National Statistics has announced an official review of migration figures amid concerns that hundreds of thousands more migrants have come to Britain than figures suggest. According to official figures 1million EU migrants came to Britain over the past five years, but over that same period 2.25million registered for national insurance numbers.

Jonathan Portes, Principal Research Fellow at the National Institute of Economic and Social Research, said that the review is likely to be a “big moment” during the referendum campaign.He has tried to use Freedom of Information laws to try to obtain the figures from the Government but has been repeatedly rejected.

This is also picked up by the

Daily Mail

Tell us true number of EU migrants: Whitehall is covering up the shocking figure ahead of EU poll, say MPs

The true scale of immigration to Britain by EU citizens is being kept secret by Government officials, it emerged last night.Top civil servants, led by HMRC boss Lin Homer, are refusing to publish figures that could reveal up to 1.3million extra migrants living in the UK. If revealed, the data could have an explosive impact on the EU debate.MPs said the public were at risk of being ‘misled’ ahead of the ‘once-in-a-lifetime decision’ over whether Britain should re-take control of its borders. Requests to get to the truth have been thwarted for more than three months, with time now running out before the June 23 vote.

It will be difficult for the Government and the Remainians to maintain that all will be well once these figures are out. Meanwhile yet another government minister pulls the rug from under David Cameron:

The Telegraph

Justice minister: David Cameron can only deliver promise to cut migration by leaving the EU

David Cameron can only deliver his pledge to cut immigration to the “tens of thousands” by leaving the European Union, a justice minister warns today.Speaking to the Telegraph, Dominic Raab warned that the Government “can’t deliver on the promises” it has made to reduce migration while remaining in the EU.Mr Raab, who works in the justice department under Michael Gove, also said that there is “nothing” the UK can do to stop European courts having the “last word” on British laws unless we leave the EU.

Foreign News

While most papers lead with reports of a Trump rally in Chicago having been cancelled because of violent protests, Charles Moore comments on President Obama’s extraordinary attack on David Cameron in regard to the ‘adventure’ in Libya

The Telegraph

By choosing not to lead, Obama has left the West dangerously exposed

Although Anglo-American relations are quite often fraught, the conventions of the alliance are strong. Disagreements are private, or expressed publicly only in oblique language. This week, however, the President said that Mr Cameron had been “distracted by a range of other things” after bombing Libya. Britain and France, he suggested, had left Libya a “mess” – or something more unprintable, which was, nevertheless, printed.If the public wondered how serious this attack was, doubt was quickly dispelled when the administration rushed to correct their boss’ outburst. The BBC could not stop reporting that the follow-up email they had received from the White House expressing sudden presidential joy in the Special Relationship had been completely unsolicited.Great was the rage in 10 Downing Street that provoked this grovel from Washington. Here was Mr Cameron trying to show British voters in our forthcoming EU referendum that his leadership bestrides Europe and America and that his foot in one camp secures his foot in the other. And here was the President of the United States saying that the Europeans in general (“free riders”), and his closest European ally in particular (Mr Cameron), were useless.

Charles Moore analyses this quite expertly – do read the whole thing!




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