It’s still the ‘Silly Season’, most people are on holidays, even politicians, but the Olympic Games are on, filling the available space in the papers. Still, political life goes on, with Labour under the microscope and the government making promising noises about ‘Life after Brexit’.

Home News

Daily Mail : Court of Appeal overturns High Court ruling on how to apply party rules – Labour’s NEC wanted to bar all who joined since January from voting – but five members said this was unfair and claimed they signed up to vote – Court of Appeal today said the NEC has the right to set the contest rules.

Express : JEREMY Corbyn suffered a blow yesterday as the Court of Appeal ruled against letting newer party members vote in the Labour leadership contest.

Guardian : Corbyn’s team incensed as new members denied Labour vote again – Chair of NEC insists party had right to defend its processes after court of appeal backs ruling body

Independent : John McDonnell accuses Labour HQ of bringing shame on the party following Appeal Court ruling – Tensions within the Labour party have reached bitter heights following the Appeal Court ruling

Independent : If Tom Watson’s ‘infiltrating Trotskyites’ idea is taken seriously, MI5 could start tracking Momentum the way it did Militant

Telegraph: Blow for Jeremy Corbyn as court overturns earlier decision and blocks 130,000 new members voting for next Labour leader

On the economics front, the government is making reassuring noises after Brexit:

Daily Mail : Hammond vows to cover the cost of lost EU grants: Chancellor pledges to help farmers, scientists and small businesses who will suffer after Brexit

Express : THE UK Government will continue paying farm and other subsidies currently received from Brussels after Britain leaves the European Union, Chancellor Philip Hammond has announced.

Guardian : Treasury to guarantee post-Brexit funding for EU-backed projects – Philip Hammond expected to commit to billions of pounds of investment, including science grants and agricultural subsidies

Independent : Philip Hammond pledges billions of pounds funding to organisations to plug post-Brexit shortfall – The Treasury is hoping to improve growth prospects by allowing projects which might otherwise have been shelved, to go ahead

Telegraph : Britain will cover cost of billions in EU subsidies for farming, science and deprived areas after Brexit, Chancellor announces

EU and Foreign News

Daily Mail : The Democrats are hacked AGAIN: The private phone number of EVERY house Democrat is posted online by ‘Russian’ hacker after leak of DNC emails and cyber attack on Hillary campaign

Express : Italian economy so damaged that even SPAIN is considered a better bet – SPAIN’s economy is now though to be safer than Italy, as the fortunes of the two eurozone states from the financial crisis couldn’t be more different.

Express : Back off America this is OUR conflict – Putin’s man slaps down Obama over Ukraine – BELLIGERENT Russian diplomats have told US officials to mind their own business amid an escalating crisis in Crimea, with experts warning that a full-blown conflict looks increasingly likely.

Guardian : Vladimir Putin may believe time is ripe for another invasion – The Crimea crisis has come from nowhere but the Russian president has form for military adventures in Olympic years

Telegraph : Democrats hacked again with private contact details of party’s members of House of Representatives posted online

A news item we could have done without:

Daily Mail : Farage aide held in US over money laundering claims: Son of glamour model who once dated Prince Charles facing years in jail after ‘offering his services on the dark web’

Express : Nigel Farage’s aide arrested in FBI sting after ‘trying to extort drug barons on dark web’ – A TOP aide of UKIP flag bearer Nigel Farage could face years in an American prison after allegedly being caught in an FBI sting.

And finally – that promised ‘Heatwave’ is coming, but only for a few days:

Daily Mail : Hotter than Morocco! Britons set to bask in ‘Spanish plume’ with temperatures up to 88F as heatwave hits the UK – Balmy temperatures of 24C expected on Saturday and Sunday with mercury up further into Monday – We could enjoy 31C weather by Tuesday when Spanish plume arrives with warm air from continent – Forecasters warn ‘wall-to-wall sunshine’ will be short lived as thunderstorms arrive by Wednesday




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