As if the political turmoil here in the UK hadn’t been sufficient to keep us all glued to the News, two events in the last two days are dominating the front pages. One is the horrific terrorist attack in Nice, on Bastille day, July 14th, and the other is the – attempted – military coup in Turkey, which has relegated the reporting on Nice to the bottom of the front pages.

Nice Terrorist Attack:

Daily Mail

Allahu Akbar, he cried, as bodies fell: Minute by minute, how the outrage by the beach in Nice unfolded


Nice – A JIHADI BREEDING GROUND: Terror expert says suburbs so radicalised they’re LAWLESS

French senator admits the country ‘cannot prevent’ Nice-style terror attacks

French MP warns Hollande: Ban the burka EVERYWHERE or face CIVIL WAR




Two opinion pieces on the Bastille Day Massacre are worth reading. Both are written by women, but couldn’t be more different:

Daily Mail:

Do you think ISIS gives two pins for your pathetic hashtags, prayers and candles? Stop waiting to be slaughtered and demand our leaders DO something!


Bryony Gordon: Now they have come for families

Less than 24 hours later, Turkish Military attempted a coup against Erdogan …


Daily Mail

‘They will pay a heavy price for their treason’: Turkish soldiers surrender after their military coup fails, ending with 60 dead, 750 security forces detained and President Erdogan vowing revengeThe moment a baying mob took on a tank: Shocking video shows Erdogan supporters violently pulling soldiers from inside and throwing them on the ground 


TURKISH MILITARY COUP LATEST: 60 dead and 150 injured as plot to overthrow Erdogan ‘FAILS’


Turkey coup attempt: Erdoğan calls military uprising ‘treason’ – live updates


Turkey coup: President Erdogan denounces ‘treason’ of attempt by military to take control of country


Turkey coup: President Erdogan says army elements guilty of ‘treason’ but it is unclear who controls country as violent clashes in Ankara and Istanbul leave ‘at least 60 dead’


The situation in Turkey is still unclear, apparently fighting is still ongoing, but the Labour MP Chris Bryant knows already what really caused the coup:

The Express:

Turkey military coup ’caused by BREXIT’, claims Labour MP

One really couldn’t make that up! Oh, and it’s raining again – that’s also the fault of Brexit, isn’t it!


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