It’s still the ‘Silly Season’, people are still on holidays, and there’s still a certain event going on in Rio de Janeiro which dominates the headlines, but Brexit is not going away and the papers are still doing their best to fight the EU Referendum, reporting selectively. There are also news stories on political figures – at home and in the EU.


Daily Mail

Another day, another Brexit boost: Government borrowing fell during and after EU referendum campaign – Borrowing £3billion lower from April to July than in same period last year – Figures also reveal the Treasury recorded a £1billion surplus in July – George Osborne claimed Brexit would punch £30bn hole in public cash

So what happened to Project Fear? From emergency budget to shares crashing, the dire warnings that have failed to appear EIGHT WEEKS after the historic Brexit vote – Eight weeks have now passed since the historic vote to leave the EU – Campaign dominated by slew of blood-curdling warnings about Brexit – Economic data limited, but signs that many of them have failed to appear


EU exit plan FINALLY under way: City steps up work on Brexit blueprint – Experts in the City of London have intensified work on blueprints to secure the best possible agreement when Britain leaves the European Union. The Remain-supporting City is said to have resigned itself to no longer being in the EU Single Market.

Theresa May ‘could trigger Article 50 by APRIL’ as Brexit moves a step closer: Officials suggested the Prime Minister is keen to leave Brussels before the French and German elections next year.


Brexit Armageddon was a terrifying vision – but it simply hasn’t happened: Project Fear predicted economic meltdown if Britain voted leave, so where are the devastated high streets, job losses and crashing markets?


Brexit legal challenge: High Court bid could derail Theresa May’s EU exit timetable: Theresa May’s timetable for negotiating Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union could be derailed by a High Court challenge in October. Pro-EU campaigners who claim the Prime Minister needs Parliament’s backing before starting formal talks have raised £32,000 towards their £50,000 initial legal costs from 840 people through crowd-funding. They are confident their “People’s Challenge” will go ahead.

Home News

Daily Mail

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Remember what you promised, Mrs MayThis has been a truly dismal week for the Tories’ progress towards keeping their election promises.


At least 100 Tory MPs desperately want to STOP Brexit, Ken Clarke claims: Former Conservative Chancellor Ken Clarke has admitted more than 100 Tory MPs want to defy the British vote to leave the European Union.


Momentum drops pledge to nonviolence from code of ethics:The leftwing grassroots organisation Momentum has dropped a commitment to nonviolence from its ethical code following interventions by some of its committee members. An interim code of ethics for the group, which supports the re-election of Jeremy Corbyn, had included a pledge to support peaceful political change.But the word “nonviolent” was dropped from the code after several members argued that Momentum members should have the right to defend themselves if attacked by police or fascists.

More than 1,000 Labour councillors sign letter backing Owen Smith: Letter says councillors do not have faith in Jeremy Corbyn’s ‘weak leadership’ and warns UK is facing existential threat

EU News


Hungarian PM expects a ‘Referendum Tsunami’ across Europe on mandatory EU migrant quotas: Hungary’s hardline leader Viktor Orbán expects at least another three European countries, the Czech Republic, Poland and Slovakia to follow him in his attempt to reject Brussel’s mandatory migrant quotas.

And finally, since it’s the ‘Silly Season’ and because stories about animals are a must-have for any self-respecting paper these days, here’s one to give us a giggle:


Police leap into action as 30 sheep invade busy roundabout: Police leapt into action after the group of around 30 sheep escaped and wandered onto the grassy knoll on the A449 in Powick, Worcestershire, yesterday.The pictures show one PC frantically waving his hands in the air in a bid to round up the flock before they were returned to their field unharmed.

What I want to know is – where was the collie?

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