There’s so much Brexit news about today – of course. The Mail reports:

A visibly furious Theresa May rounded on  EU   leaders for hanging her out to dry yesterday as she battled to keep her Chequers Brexit plan alive in the face of fierce Tory criticism.
At an extraordinary press conference in Salzburg, Mrs May said she still believed a deal was possible, and offered a fresh concession on Northern Ireland – but acknowledged there was ‘a lot of hard work to be done’.

The Sun claims she ‘raged’.

RAGING Theresa May froze Brexit talks until the EU makes her a fresh offer.
In a ­dramatic retaliation to her Salzburg humiliation, the Prime Minister blasted Brussels for a lack of “respect” and making the “fundamental mistake” of underestimating her resolve to keep her Chequers deal alive.
Mrs May made a rare live address from No10’s state dining room to vow she will not abandon her soft Brexit offer — despite it being shredded by EU leaders in Austria.

The Times says she was ‘stung’.

Theresa May took Britain towards the brink of a no-deal Brexit yesterday as she accused the European Union of offering only “unacceptable” options.
Stung by the humiliating rebuff she received at Salzburg on Thursday, the prime minister raised the stakes by dismissing the EU’s offer as a “bad deal” and advancing preparations to leave the bloc without an agreement.
Her statement came as it emerged that Mark Carney, the Bank of England governor, had briefed the cabinet that a no-deal Brexit could mean a fall in GDP in the rest of the EU of between 1 per cent and 1.25 per cent, even if some “mitigations” were put in place.

And the transport minister claims No Deal will happen, says the Mirror.

No Deal Brexit WILL happen, a Tory Cabinet minister threatened today, as he warned the EU’s demands are “impossible to accept”.
Chris Grayling said Britain is now “preparing hard” for crashing out of the bloc without agreement on March 29, 2019.
It comes after EU chief Donald Tusk declared Theresa May’s plan for Brexit “will not work” – and gave her just a month to come up with a new one.
The devastating blow at yesterday’s EU summit in Salzburg has left Mrs May vulnerable to Brexiteers in her own party ahead of the Tory conference next month.

The Morning Star has another take on the situation.

EITHER Jacob Rees-Mogg has a wicked sense of humour or he’s clutching at straws in believing Theresa May “has shown steely resolve at the 11th hour and is standing up to the EU bullies.”
Continually flogging the dead horse of her so-called Chequers plan, which is rejected by the EU 27, a large slab of Tory MPs and most parliamentary opposition does not add up to “steely resolve.”
It recalls her earlier snake oil pedlar’s “strong and stable” sales pitch when her government has been neither.


It’s the Irish border that’s the main problem, says the Mail.

Theresa May‘s cabinet ally Chris Grayling has said Britain is heading for a no deal Brexit unless Euroocrats change their minds on the Irish border.
The Transport Secretary says the Government will not drop its Chequers plan despite a disastrous summit in Salzburg leaders where EU leaders threw it back in Mrs May’s face.
She was ambushed in Austria yesterday when No 10 had hoped there was going to be breakthrough in negotiations.
Last night Chris Grayling said the EU knew Mrs May’s red line was the Irish border issue and warned them without a softening of position by Brussels there will be no deal.

The Sun reports on a row the PM is having with the DUP, on whose votes she relies.

A BITTER row with the DUP left Theresa May unable to deliver any progress to EU leaders on Brexit talks – prompting them to reject her Chequers plan.
Ministers are in secret negotiations with the Ulster unionist party over a new bid by the PM to break the negotiations deadlock, The Sun has learned.
Mrs May wants to establish a different system of rules for goods in Northern Ireland than Great Britain as the missing part of a backstop plan to ensure the Irish border remains open.
But DUP leaders are refusing to agree the move, which they argue would split up the United Kingdom.

Conservative Party

As well as trying to persuade the EU to support her plans, Mrs May is facing problems at home, says Westmonster.

Theresa May could see members of her Government resign on Monday unless she offers a plan B to Chequers after the EU rejected her proposals in Salzburg.
The Telegraph reports a source who says: “Monday is the crunch point. That’s when every Cabinet minister will have to look again and reassess like Boris [Johnson] and David Davis did.”
Several Cabinet members are being speculated to resign in protest over Chequers, following Boris Johnson and David Davis’ decision, including Esther McVey, Penny Mordaunt and Sajid Javid.

There’s a big meeting on Monday, says the Telegraph.

Theresa May is heading for a showdown with her Cabinet next week when ministers will call for a “Plan B” alternative to her Chequers Brexit deal.
The Cabinet meeting on Monday, which was due to discuss migration policy, will now be dominated by Mrs May’s Salzburg humiliation.
The Prime Minister will be urged to offer an alternative to the proposal, agreed at her country residence in July, to keep the UK tied to the EU after Brexit – or face resignations.

But will her troubles in Salzburg actually increase her standing at home? The Times suggests it might.

Theresa May’s defiant response to Brussels shored up her precarious position at home last night as Tory MPs turned their fire on European leaders instead.
Conservatives MPs suspended their plotting after she demanded “respect” from the EU and repeated her threat to walk away without a deal.
Privately Brexiteers were delighted with the hardline EU response. An influential senior Conservative said that the imperative to oust the prime minister to avoid her Chequers plan had receded after the EU unexpectedly slapped down the proposals on Thursday.

The Mail claims the EU ‘brutally’ ambushed her.

After being brutally ambushed by EU leaders, Theresa May will now have to fend off an assault from within her own Cabinet as ministers threaten to resign if she doesn’t come up with a Brexit ‘Plan B’.
The Prime Minister will be forced to devise an alternative to her Chequers plan, after EU leaders brutally rejected it, or possibly face a number of resignations.
The Cabinet meeting on Monday, which was due to centre around migration policy, will now be dominated by Mrs May’s Salzburg humiliation after she was forced to launch a ferocious fightback against Donald Tusk and Michel Barnier.


The chairman of the EU council has said a deal could happen – providing Mrs May obeys all it’s diktats, says the BBC News.

Donald Tusk has offered a conciliatory tone in response to Theresa May’s statement on Friday where she said the UK and the EU are “at an impasse” in Brexit negotiations.
After ripping up the Prime Minister’s Chequers plan on Thursday in Salzburg, the European Council president said today he “will treat the Chequers plan as a step in the right direction.”
His rejection of Mrs May’s plan yesterday was due to her “surprisingly tough and in fact uncompromising” stance.

Sky News claims the PM’s plan was ‘flatly rejected’.

EU leaders have insisted a Brexit deal remains possible despite flatly rejecting the Chequers proposal put forward by Theresa May during an acrimonious summit in Salzburg.
The prime minister endured a brutal reception from the national newspapers upon her return to London, with her treatment in the Austrian city widely seen as a “humiliation”.
Amid the fallout, 
Mrs May used a surprise statement in Downing Street on Friday to issue an ultimatum to the bloc to accept her strategy or come up with counter-proposals.

Mrs May has said there is no detail in the bloc’s rejection of her plan, says the Telegraph.

Donald Tusk hit back at Theresa May on Friday night after she accused the European Union of failing to explain “in any detail” why her Chequers plan posed a threat to the EU single market.
After Mrs May’s statement doubling down on her red lines on the Irish border question, the president of the European Council issued a statement of his own contradicting the Prime Minister.
“We studied the Chequers proposals in all seriousness. The results of our analysis have been known to the British side in every detail for many weeks,” he wrote, potentially further raising the temperature of the talks.

The Independent says it’s all about respect.

The president of the European Council has hit back at Theresa May after the Prime Minister hit out over the rejection of her Chequers Brexit plan and demanded more “respect” in talks.
In a statement released on Friday evening Donald Tusk blamed in part Ms May’s conduct for the rejection of her proposals, warning that EU leaders had responded to a “tough and in fact uncompromising” stance by the prime minister by hardening their own position in the run-up to a key summit in Salzburg.

Their attitude will cost the EU billions, says the Express.

THE refusal by stubborn EU bosses to budge on a Brexit deal will cost the bloc more than £500billion, it was claimed last night.
Experts said the stance being taken by Brussels was an example of how negotiations led by Michel Barnier were determined to cut their nose off to spite their face.
Economists and MPs lined up to lambast the childish approach to talks which have reached deadlock.

Labour Party

The official opposition party is having problems too, says the Telegraph.

Allies of Jeremy Corbyn have drawn up “emergency leadership plans” amid fears that the Labour leader could be suspended over a series of alleged undeclared trips he took overseas, The Telegraph understands.
Senior party sources have claimed that the proposals have been devised in the event that Mr Corbyn is found to have breached Parliamentary rules following an investigation by the standards watchdog.
The plans, which are due to be put before the party’s governing body on Saturday, include a clause that would hand Labour’s national executive committee unprecedented powers to constrain the authority of Tom Watson, who would automatically become “caretaker” leader in Mr Corbyn’s absence.

Westmonster reports that the party leader is under investigations by the Standards Commissioner.

The Labour Party are drawing up emergency plans in case Jeremy Corbyn is suspended from Parliament over undeclared foreign trips, according to reports in the Telegraph.
Reports show that the Labour leader is being investigated by Parliament’s Commissioner for Standards over 9 undeclared foreign trips, including the infamous trip to Tunisia where Corbyn visited terrorists’ graves.
Plans are to be put to Labour’s NEC to prevent Tom Watson, a moderate Labour MP and Deputy Leader, from being given any meaningful power in the event Corbyn is temporarily suspended from Parliament.


Order-Order reports the young LibDems are launching a campaign against pro-Brexit Wetherspoons.

With the grown-ups struggling to secure any national media attention for their party conference, young Liberal Democrat activists decided to step into the breach by launching into a vicious civil war… over whether it was acceptable to drink in Wetherspoons. Tackling the big political issues one mixed grill at a time…
Self-proclaimed “EU Supergirl” Madeleina Kay started the row by sending out an impassioned plea for other conference-goers to put down their reasonably priced pints and “Stop Funding Hate”.
One foolish young activist decided to make a point of going to Spoons with the hashtag #liberalsbelieveinfreechoice – only to be told that it was equivalent to supporting apartheid and… the Nazis, obviously.


Our party conference will be reported elsewhere on UKIP Daily but the Telegraph claims our leader is heading for a clash with our former leader.

Gerard Batten, the Ukip leader, said he would approve of membership for English Defence League founder Tommy Robinson as a row with Nigel Farage worsened over the direction of the party.
Mr Batten said Robinson would not be admitted to Ukip “in the near future” because it would require changes to the party’s rules but he insisted the controversial figure was not “far Right” and had his backing.
Mr Farage said he was “really upset” over the suggestion Robinson could be allowed to join Ukip as he accused Mr Batten of marginalising the party.

And Gerard has linked Islam to child grooming, says Sky News.

UKIP leader Gerard Batten has linked Islam to the “industrialised sexual exploitation” of girls across the country.
“The ideology of the religion does actually traditionally throughout its history make sex slaves legitimate. Their prophet had sex slaves,” he said.
Challenged by Sky News presenter Gillian Joseph, he replied: “It’s in the Hadith and the Koran. It’s a tradition that that’s okay to do that.

Are we all a load of old fogeys? The Mail reports that perhaps we’ve got a wild side!

Ukip has shocked members and party conferences goers with new merchandise for the perfect safe sex option.
The Nigel Farage condom could feature in bedrooms up and down the country, as members ask their partner to lie back and think of England.
While some may think that such Eurosceptics would prefer the withdrawal method, the party political prophylactics are one of many tongue-in-cheek merchandise offerings on sale at the  Birmingham conference.
The condoms are being sold by the Ukip youth wing, Young Independence (YI), with former leader Mr Farage’s face on the packet, along with the message: ‘For when you have a hard Brexit.’ 

Our former leader has a warning in the Independent.

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage has warned his old party it faces “total and utter marginalisation” if it embraces elements of far right politics.
The prominent Brexiteer said he was “really upset” over suggestions the party could debate allowing former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson to become a member.
On the eve of the party’s conference in Birmingham, Mr Farage said: “I’m completely opposed to it. I wrote very explicitly into the rules of the party when I first became leader: we did not want anybody in the party that had taints with organisations we deemed to be on the far right of British politics.

The new manifesto will be featured elsewhere on UKIP Daily, but the Mirror covered the launch.

At gone 7pm last night, UKIP sighed out a 20-page document to journalists that exposes its lurch to the right.
Even ex-leader Nigel Farage has said he is “really upset” with the current state of debate in the party, whose leader Gerard Batten has backed allowing EDL founder Tommy Robinson into the party.
We don’t expect all Mirror readers are gushing with sympathy with Nigel Farage, but they may be able to see his point.


Should EU migrants have preferential treatment after Brexit? The Sun reports:

THERESA May will argue for a post-Brexit immigration policy ending preferential treatment for EU migrants at a crunch Cabinet meeting on Monday.
In one of the most important decisions as PM, she is determined to adopt a new system that does not discriminate between EU and non-EU migrants.
It is one of the main findings from the Migration Advisory Committee (MAC) study last week, which urged the Government to put a halt to years of cheap EU labour from the bloc.


Orange t-shirts – innocuous or a big warning? The Times has a story about a new movement.

With its smiling activists and bright orange T-shirts, the organisation could be mistaken for a local campaign to keep errant youths in line. The name of the youth movement, “If you stand for nothing, you’ll fall for anything”, reads like the chorus in a pop song.
But this is not a small community initiative. Instead it is the latest organisation launched by the pro-caliphate Islamist group Hizb ut-Tahrir.
Unwelcome in many Muslim communities for sowing division, Hizb ut-Tahrir’s new campaign has ditched its traditional logo bearing an Islamic State flag.


There could be a flu problem this winter, says the Mail.

GP surgeries should ‘dust off’ their plans to stop a flu pandemic ahead of winter, a leading medic has warned.
Dr Andrew Green, clinical and prescribing lead for the General Practice Committee, urged doctors to step up their preparations.
He said the flu virus is constantly mutating to become stronger and that the ease of global travel makes the threat of a pandemic high.


The end could be nigh for single use carrier bags, says the Mail.

The Co-op has said it will scrap single-use carrier bags in hundreds of stores by 2020, in another boost for the Daily Mail’s war on plastic.
They will be replaced by biodegradable bags that can be composted in food waste caddies.
About 1,400 of Co-op’s 2,500 food stores in England, Scotland and Wales will be making the major change in areas with food waste collections.
It said the step was part of plans to stop using single-use plastic products in its own brands and lower the amount of plastic packaging it uses by 2023. 

Air travel

More problems at Heathrow are highlighted in the Mail.

British Airways passengers have been delayed after an apparent computer failure hit the airline’s Heathrow Terminal Five.
Customers complained of queues at the London airport and difficulties checking in after what the company called ‘a technical issue with some of our internal systems’.
The airline wouldn’t give an exact number of disruptions but said that ‘some of its flights were slightly delayed’.
Broadcaster Andrew Neil was among those caught up in the problems.


You thought the ‘beast from the east’ was bad last year? You ain’t seen nothing yet, says the Star.

SNOW could fall for four months this winter thanks to “supercharged” icy air, forecasters say.
Experts say the oncoming chill could outdo last year’s “Beast from the East” that wreaked havoc with the UK’s roads and railways.
The weather phenomenon saw an extended period of extreme cold weather which left parts of the country under feet of snow for several weeks.
According to the long-range weather forecast, El Nino – a band of warm ocean air – could bring a change in air behaviour leading to icy temperatures over the UK.

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