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Naturally, the Telegraph will use the Rochester By Election to have a go at Labour with Ed Miliband’s leadership in turmoil after Rochester and Strood by-election disaster

Ed Miliband is facing further turmoil in the wake of the Rochester and Strood by-election as Ukip claimed it was now poised to replace Labour as the party of the working class.

Labour was in crisis after Mr Miliband was forced to sack Emily Thornberry from his shadow cabinet over a “contemptuous” tweet she posted of a house draped in England flags with a white van in the driveway while campaigning in Kent.

Mr Miliband had been hoping that the Rochester by-election would mark a change in his fortunes and turn the focus on to David Cameron and the threat faced to the Tories by Nigel Farage and Ukip.

The Independent runs this story: “Rochester by-election: Forget Emily Thornberry, Labour long since betrayed the working class

What is striking about the Emily Thornberry affair is not that a Labour minister has “shown contempt for the working class”, as has been suggested, but that this should be a surprise.

This contempt wasn’t a clause in the party’s constitution, but increasingly it came close to being a policy within the past fifty years – finally becoming official in the 1990s when the Labour government embraced an open-door approach to immigration, fully aware that it would be opposed by the masses. And so – it didn’t tell them. It kept the news within its ranks in the hallowed halls of Westminster, and at north London dinner parties far from the postcodes where white vans are parked and the flag of St George flies. Well, it certainly smelt like contempt.

Meanwhile, The Guardian is true to its name and remains defending the bastions of the party with “Labour ‘founded for working people’, Miliband tells white van man

Ed Miliband was forced to issue a statement on Friday affirming that the Labour party was “founded for working people” as he moved to limit the political damage of a tweet by the former shadow attorney general Emily Thornberry of a picture of a house decked out in St George’s flags.

As the Tories expressed delight in private that the row over the tweet of an English flag and a white van had distracted attention from a major byelection setback in Rochester and Strood, the Labour leader censured Thornberry for a “disrespectful” tweet.

Miliband, who is said to have been incandescent after learning of the tweet, moved to repair the damage with a crucial part of the electorate by saying that he felt “respect” for voters who displayed English flags and drove white vans.


The Telegraph reckons it knows who’s next: Philip Hollobone tipped as next Conservative MP to defect to Ukip

Philip Hollobone, who attended Dulwich College at the same time as Nigel Farage, was the subject of mounting speculation after he introduced Mr Reckless to the House of Commons as he was sworn in as a Ukip MP following his defection from the Tories and by-election victory in Rochester and Strood.

Mr Hollobone only added to that speculation by voting against the Government in favour of Labour’s private member’s Bill on the NHS.

Mr Farage, the Ukip leader, revealed the names of five Conservative MPs whom he believes should join him if they want to save their political careers.

The list  was published last month by Matthew Goodwin

The Independent reports that: “Jubilant Ukip sets its sights on power after Rochester and Strood victory

Ukip will target at least 20 seats it believes it can win at next May’s general election in an attempt to hold the balance of power in another hung parliament.

Nigel Farage raised his  party’s sights after Mark Reckless, the second Tory MP to defect to Ukip, held his Rochester and Strood seat in Thursday’s by-election with a majority of 2,920 over his old party.

Yesterday, both David Cameron and Ed Miliband came under pressure from their own parties to change their strategy to combat the growing threat from Ukip.

The Daily Mail says that Nigel Farage predicts more Tory defections after seeing Mark Reckless take his seat in the Commons as Ukip’s second MP, sweeping away a Tory majority of almost 10,000 in Rochester

Nigel Farage today predicted more Tory MPs will defect after Mark Reckless was sworn in as Britain’s second Ukip MP, hours after delivering a devastating blow to the Conservatives by winning the Rochester and Strood by-election. The Ukip leader said he would ‘love a defection this afternoon’ but predicted Conservatives nervous about losing their seats next year will study the polls to see if they should jump ship.

Mr Reckless, who joined Ukip on the eve of the Tory conference in September, won his old seat for his new party by 2,920 votes, erasing the Tory majority of almost 10,000 that he secured in 2010.

The result is embarrassing for David Cameron who just six weeks ago tore into Mr Reckless and vowed to kick his ‘fat a***’ out of the Commons. Today the Prime Minister insisted he is ‘absolutely determined’ to win the seat back at the general election.

The Mirror reports on a Nigel Farage message to Tories: Defect to UKIP or you’ll face destruction

Nigel Farage put the boot into David Cameron by pledging to lure more Tories to UKIP after he snatched another seat from the rattled PM. And he warned Conservative MPs they faced being wiped out in some parts of the country unless they defect to his anti-Europe party. Mr Farage told how he already had several disgruntled Tories in his sights and urged them to switch to UKIP or risk losing their seats to Labour at the next general election.

Still gloating over Conservative turncoat Mark Reckless’ UKIP victory at the Rochester and Strood by-election in Kent he told how he would now turn his attention to four of Mr Cameron’s MPs in the North and Midlands. And he even suggested UKIP could hold the balance of power at next year’s general election.

The poll in the title picture is at the bottom of this article.


The Daily Mail addresses some remarks to David Cameron: It’s no good Dave. To keep out Red Ed, you MUST change

The Mail implacably believes that Mr Cameron is best placed to secure the economic recovery. But, if he is to stay in office, he must urgently change strategy.

Rather than just talking about the EU and immigration, he must take decisive action to regain control of Britain’s borders. The Prime Minister must scrap his preposterous commitment to spending £12 billion a year on foreign aid — a policy that proved hugely unpopular in Rochester — at a time when our economy is in such a parlous state and many families living in Britain still suffer the most terrible poverty.

He must appeal to the Ukip defectors by advancing the date of the promised EU referendum to six months after the election— and show the rest of the continent that the prospect of a British exit is real unless meaningful reforms are effected.

Most crucially of all, he must stop sneering at Ukip supporters and try to form an electoral pact with Nigel Farage’s party, before it is too late.

The Express has a similar message for him: You must get to grips with immigration

Backbenchers want the Prime Minister to use a major speech about immigration – expected as early as next week – to unveil plans for introducing immediate restrictions on migrants from the European Union. Speaking in the wake of Ukip’s victory in Rochester and Strood, former Tory Cabinet Minister Peter Lilley said: “It would be absolutely right to have emergency measures.”

And fellow backbencher Andrew Bridgen called for Mr Cameron to make clear that Britain will quit the EU unless significant powers can be won back from Brussels including more control over immigration policy. “We need the Prime Minister to say that and I think that will take the legs from under Ukip,” he told BBC Radio 4’s World At One.


The Telegraph reports on NATO War Games going on in Poland now: Britain will send more tanks to Poland, says Army chief

Britain is planning more large Cold War-style tank exercises in Poland next year in the wake of Russian aggression in Ukraine, the head of the Army has said.

Gen Sir Nick Carter, Chief of the General Staff, said that the Army wanted to send more armoured battle groups for war games as he visited Britain’s most easterly tank manoeuvres in Europe for nearly a decade.

Exercise Black Eagle is the largest in a number of recent exercises which the Government says should reassure Poland and the Baltic states which fear more Russian aggression after the annexation of Crimea.


The Independent reports that Six Muslim schools threatened with closure

Pupils at six Muslim independent schools could be “vulnerable to extremist influences and radicalisation”, Chief Schools Inspector Sir Michael Wilshaw has warned.

In a letter to Education Secretary Nicky Morgan, the head of Ofsted said he believed “pupils’ physical and educational welfare is at serious risk”. Ms Morgan contacted the schools in Tower Hamlets, London, and warned them they would be closed if they failed to draw up action plans to deal with inspectors’ complaints “within weeks”.

All six schools failed their inspections along with the state Sir John Cass Red Coat Church of England School, in Stepney, which The Independent revealed earlier this week would be criticised for failing to safeguard pupils from Islamic extremism.

The Guardian also reports on this with ‘Radicalisation risk’ at six Muslim schools in London

Six independent Muslim faith schools in London’s East End must make urgent changes or be forced to close, the education secretary, Nicky Morgan, said after Ofsted inspectors faulted them for failing to promote British values and safeguard their pupils.

According to analysis by Sir Michael Wilshaw, Ofsted’s chief inspector, six private schools in Tower Hamlets “focused intensively on developing Islamic knowledge and understanding at the expense of other important areas of the curriculum”, ignoring creative subjects such as music and art.

In one of a series of reports published by the watchdog, a primary school pupil at East London Islamic School told inspectors he believed he would “go to hell” if he participated in music or dance.


The Guardian says Value of private UK housing passes £5tn

The total value of the UK’s private housing stock has passed the £5tn mark this year as the property market recovery has taken off, a report has found. The collective worth of privately owned homes across the country has increased by £1.83tn over the past decade – and around a third of this extra value has been added in the past year, Halifax found.

Almost half of the value of the country’s £5.06tn worth of homes comes from London and the south-east. In London the value of owner-occupied and privately rented homes has more than doubled over the past 10 years, from £545bn in 2004 to £1.14tn in 2014.

Illegal Immigrants

The Mail reports that lorry drivers are being told: Don’t stop within 130 miles of Calais: Hauliers warning to lorry drivers in bid to dodge migrant rush to get into Britain

Lorry drivers have been ordered not to stop within 130miles of Calais to try to prevent migrants clambering aboard in a desperate bid to reach Britain. Haulage firms have told truckers that taking a break for a rest, to eat or refuel close to the port risks stowaways sneaking on to their vehicles before they cross the Channel.

More than 2,500 illegal migrants, many fleeing humanitarian disasters in Africa and the Middle East, are massing in shanty towns around the French city’s freight terminal in the hope they can smuggle on board UK-bound wagons.

By law, lorry drivers must take a 45-minute break every four-and-a-half hours.


In the Express, Sir James Dyson is reported as arguing Why we must quit the EU

The inventor said he did not want to stay in a Europe “dominated and bullied” by Germany and which did not champion new technologies. Speaking before a visit yesterday by Prime Minister David Cameron to his Wiltshire HQ, Sir James told an interviewer he did “not particularly” want to stay in the EU. “I think it’s an EU dominated by Germany,” he said. “In our particular field we have these large German companies who dominate standard setting and energy reduction committees, and so we get old technology supported and not new technology.”

Confirming he would vote to leave, he added: “I want to keep European free trade and free movement of peoples but I don’t see that we need to be dominated and bullied by the Germans.”


The Mirror reports on Ebola relief: Team of 30 NHS staff sent to Sierra Leone

The first NHS staff will depart for Sierra Leone today to join the fight against Ebola. A group of around 30 including GPs, nurses, psychiatrists and emergency medicine consultants, will arrive in the the west African country’s capital Freetown early tomorrow morning. They are the first wave of NHS volunteers to be deployed by the Government.

Following their arrival they will complete a week of training before moving to British-built Ebola treatment centres across the country. They will then start work diagnosing and treating those who have contracted the virus, which has killed more than 5,000 people.

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