The Prime Minister’s offer of citizens’ rights for EU citizens in the UK has shown up the political bias of our national newspapers. The left-wing media have criticised the plans. The Independent reports:

The European Union has torpedoed Theresa May’s proposals on the rights of three million EU citizens in the UK after Brexit, warning it would make their situation worse.
“The UK’s offer is below our expectations and risks worsening the situation for our citizens,” said Donald Tusk, the European Council’s President.
The critical verdict suggests the Prime Minister will have to go back to the drawing board in order to get talks going on future trade after Brexit.
Earlier this week, Britain caved in to the EU’s insistence that the fate of citizens in other EU countries must be settled before negotiations on its “future relationship” can begin.
But, speaking a few moments later, Ms May insisted her offer was “fair and serious” and would give EU citizens the certainty they needed.
Pointedly, Mr Tusk said the EU would be analysing Britain’s proposals “line by line”, when they are published in detail on Monday.

The Guardian has also criticised the PM.

Representatives of EU citizens in Britain have branded Theresa May’s offer to guarantee their rights to remain in the country after Brexit pathetic and anything but “fair and serious”.
A group representing Britons in Europe as well as EU citizens in the UK will meet officials in the Department for Exiting the European Union on Friday morning to tell them of their anger with the prime minister’s “spin” on the issue when she spoke at a dinner in Brussels.
May made what she described as a “fair and generous” offer after a meal at the European council summit on Thursday.
But it was met with fury by EU citizens who say it increases rather than eases anxiety, particularly because, they claim, it is cast in the “language of immigration law” rather than existing EU law.

The Mirror claims Mrs May was ‘flailing’.

Flailing Theresa May has been forced to defend her offer to EU citizens after it was slapped down by Brussels chiefs.
The glowering Prime Minister was grilled repeatedly by journalists today over her pledge to guarantee the 3.2million Europeans who live in Britain can stay.
Mrs May made the offer at a dinner with 27 other leaders last night – but it only promised to give EU citizens full rights after they’ve lived in Britain for five years.
European Council President Donald Tusk declared bluntly: “My first impression is that the UK’s offer is below our expectations and it risks worsening the situation of citizens.”

Some of the media are neutral. The Times reports the facts:

Leaders in Brussels rounded on Theresa May yesterday, dismissing her offer of post-Brexit rights for citizens of EU countries as “below expectations”.
The prime minister had hoped that her gambit would allow her to seize the moral high ground and provide momentum for Britain in Brexit negotiations but her plan backfired.
Donald Tusk, the European Council president who hosted the Thursday night summit dinner where Mrs May made her pitch, was unimpressed. “We want to ensure the full rights for EU and UK citizens after Brexit. My first impression is that the UK’s offer is below our expectations, and that it risks worsening the situation of citizens,” he said.

BBC News reports the German Chancellor’s words.

European leaders have criticised the UK’s offer to EU nationals after Brexit – with one senior figure claiming it could “worsen the situation” for them.
European Council President Donald Tusk said the plan was “below expectations” while German Chancellor Angela Merkel said there had been “no breakthrough”.
Theresa May conceded there were differences between the two sides.
But the prime minister said those who had “made their lives and homes” in the UK would have their rights guaranteed.

ITV News also reports the EU’s rejection of the plans.

Theresa May’s UK migrant offer to EU citizens following Brexit is “below expectations”, European officials have said.
Speaking at the end of the EU summit in Brussels, the President of the European Council, Donald Tusk, said Mrs May’s offer could make things worse for European citizens.
During a press conference at the conclusion of the two-day summit, Mr Tusk said: “My first impression is that the UK offer is below our expectations and risks worsening the situation of citizens.
“It will be for our negotiating team to analyse the offer line-by-line once we receive it on paper.”

Whereas right-leaning media are more sympathetic to Mrs May. The Mail claims her offer was ‘fair’.

Theresa May insisted her offer to let 3.2million EU nationals stay after Brexit was ‘fair’ today – despite it being bluntly dismissed by top Eurocrats today.
The PM defended her bid to break the deadlock on reciprocal rights for citizens, making clear she was determined to take back control of the UK’s borders and laws.
But European Council president Donald Tusk complained that the proposals were ‘below our expectations’.
And EU commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker waded in to brand the plan ‘not sufficient’.

The Express claims an EU boss was ‘furious’ at the offer.

FURIOUS Jean-Claude Juncker this morning ripped into Theresa May’s plan for Brexit as EU leaders expressed exasperation with her “insufficient” offer on citizens’ rights.
The fuming Brussels boss was asked once more at today’s European summit whether he really understood what Britain wanted out of its departure from the EU, irritably barking back: “No!”
His irritable one-word response gives an indication of the growing frustration amongst eurocrats who feel that the UK’s position on Brexit is still unclear a whole year after the referendum result. 

Sky News claims the PM was ‘upbeat’.

Theresa May opened up the negotiations on an upbeat note by promising to protect the rights of 3.5 million EU citizens living in the UK. It seemed like an olive branch held out for the EU to take hold of.
Instead they took one look at the branch and rejected it.
It was “below expectations” said president of the council Donald Tusk. It was “not sufficient”, added Jean-Claude Junker.
The President of the Commission was asked by a reporter if he was any clearer on what the UK wants.
“No,” he said before skulking off.

In other Brexit news, the Mail reports a possible multi-billion-pound lawsuit.

Britain could face paying billions of pounds in damages to investors for leaving the EU single market, it has been claimed.
In a fresh challenge to Brexit, lawyers have warned that compensation could be due if company profits fall as we cut ties with the Brussels club.
The claims would be based on bilateral treaties between the UK and other countries that guarantee investors ‘fair and equitable treatment’.
The government insists there would be any grounds for damages.
But Holger Hestermeyer, an international dispute resolution academic at King’s College London and former staff member at the European Court of Justice, said the scale potentially far exceeded the £50billion ‘divorce’ bill being mooted by Brussels.

Breitbart is one of the media celebrating the fantastic result in the referendum a year ago today.

One year ago today, the people of Britain went to the polls to vote on whether to take back control of its future from European institutions after 44 years of subjugation.
“Dare to dream that the dawn is breaking on an independent United Kingdom… a victory for real people, a victory for ordinary people, a victory for decent people”, ‘Mr. Brexit’ former UKIP leader Nigel Farge told an exhausted yet jubilant crowd the next morning as the results came in.
“We have fought against the multinationals, we have fought against the big merchant banks, we have fought against big politics, we have fought against lies, corruption, and deceit. And today honesty, decency, and belief in nation, I think now is going to win,” he continued.

Westmonster joins in the celebrations, wishing everyone a Happy Independence Day.

It was a year ago today that Nigel Farage dared to dream and the British people voted for an independent United Kingdom.
Defying the odds and defeating the establishment, June 23rd 2016 saw the country rise up and vote for Britain to take back control of borders, money and laws.
It was a truly astonishing, truly historic day that will go down in the history books as a turning point in the history of our country, Europe and even the world.
Never let us forget what what this democratic uprising was about: a self-governing United Kingdom out of the single market, out of the customs union, free to negotiate global trade deals and able to control migration, bringing it down to sensible, sustainable levels.


Elsewhere on the Continent, the future of the whole of the European Union could be in doubt, reports the Express.

GERMAN Chancellor Angela Merkel has publicly admitted that divisions among the EU 27 is threatening to undermine the hard line position on Brexit.
At a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron, the German Chancellor said the two countries did not want a “wedge to be driven between us” over Brexit.
Her comment came as the two responded to Theresa May‘s “fair and serious offer” on EU citizen rights in the UK.
But is also followed a troubled summit where cracks have appeared in the unified facade of the EU 27.

And Westmonster has a story about France’s migrant problems.

France is having to convert low-cost hotels into migrant accommodation  as its current immigration system buckles under the pressure.
The plan has been called “Prahda” set up by the housing ministry which issued a call to authorities for an extra 5,351 emergency residencies back in September.
Some of the accommodation converted for asylum seekers will be inside budget Formule1 hotels.
According to L’Express newspaper it will cost authorities €5,000 to covert each hotel room into suitable accommodation.
France currently has less than half of the places it needs to accommodate migrants, requiring more than 40,000 more rooms in order to house those currently in the country.

The Express claims the bloc is on the verge of civil war.

THE EU was on the verge of a civil war over Brexit today as splits emerged between the other 27 states over the negotiations.
A row broke out over whether attempts should be made to persuade Britain to Remain in the EU as the heads of government met for European Council meeting in Brussels.
More seriously for the Brussels eurocrat attempts to bully Britain with a “unified” front from the other 27, furious infighting erupted over who should host the two EU agencies currently based in Britain.
An alleged attempt by France and Italy to stitch up the issue was met with anger from other member states.

And the pro-EU new president of France has criticised other members says Breitbart.

French president Emmanuel Macron has accused Central European countries resisting mass immigration of betraying EU principles and taking advantage of the bloc.
The former banker and Socialist Party economy minister declared that “European countries that do not respect the rules should pay the full political consequences” – a reference to the bloc’s ongoing struggle primarily with Hungary, Poland, and the Czech Republic over its attempts to impose compulsory migrant quotas on member-states.
The 39-year-old accused the countries of “a double betrayal”, alleging they had decided “to abandon EU principles, turn their back on Europe and have a cynical approach to the [European] Union which gives them money, without respecting its values”.

Grenfell fire

In other news, several of the media report the decision to evacuate residents of blocks that have the same cladding as Grenfell Tower. The Telegraph reports:

Residents in five tower blocks in Camden, north London, have been told to immediately evacuate their homes to allow “urgent fires safety works” to take place.
Camden Council said 800 households were to be moved into temporary accommodation because the blocks were covered in similar cladding to the material used in the Grenfell Tower fire.

The Times says:

More than 800 households were evacuated from a north London housing estate last night after their blocks were discovered to have cladding similar to that used on Grenfell Tower.
Camden council said that residents in five blocks on the Chalcots Estate would be moved, having initially announced that only 161 households in the Taplow block would be evacuated.
The local authority said the decision that the blocks should be “temporarily decanted” was made after safety checks on Wednesday found the external cladding “was not fire retardant”.

The Mail also reports the evacuations.

A London council is immediately evacuating more than 800 households from tower blocks clad in a similar combustible material to Grenfell after firefighters said they ‘could not guarantee resident safety’.
Some 4,000 people were evacuated from the Chalcots Estate in Camden tonight and placed in temporary accommodation, hotels or with family.
Shocked residents claimed they were only told at 8.30pm that they would have to leave their homes for up to three weeks while ‘urgent fire safety works’ were carried out.
Five blocks on the estate have similar exterior plastic panels to those fitted to the 24-storey Grenfell Tower. 

The Star warns of ‘another Grenfell’.

CAMDEN Council has evacuated more than 800 households from tower blocks amid fears of “another Grenfell”.
The move comes in response to safety fears following the Grenfell Tower disaster, which is expected to have killed at least 79 people.
The council said it is looking into booking hotels for residents, who could be evacuated for up to four weeks.
But many angry residents have branded the operation a “shambles”, after they heard of the news through the media rather than direct communication with authorities. 

ITV News talks of safety works.

As many as 800 households on the Chalcots estate in north London are being evacuated to allow “urgent fire safety works” to take place.
Residents from all five towers on the estate were initially said to be being rehoused in temporary accommodation but in the early hours of Saturday morning one of the towers was declared safe and those living there were allowed to stay.
The evacuation came following a joint inspection that found the blocks used cladding similar to that on Grenfell Tower in Kensington, where a fire killed at least 79 people.

Calais ‘jungle’

Will a new migrant camp for those wishing to get to the UK be set up in Calais? The Mail reports:

France has rejected pleas from charities for a new welcome centre for up to 600 UK-bound migrants in Calais.
During an emergency visit to the French port, interior minister Gerard Collomb said the only solution to the growing build-up of asylum seekers was better security.
Eleven charity and human rights groups appeared before the Administrative Court of Appeal in Lille on Wednesday, and called for the construction of a new centre.
Aid agencies say about 400 to 600 migrants are gathered and sleeping rough on the streets.
But the minister said he is suspicious of centres that take people ‘for a few days’, then become permanent.

Nuclear power

It seems our future power concerns are growing, reports the Morning Star.

PLANS for more nuclear power stations should be dumped after a damning report shows energy from the new Hinkley station will cost almost double the current rate, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) urged yesterday.
Hinkley owners, France’s EDF and China General Nuclear Power Group, will receive a guaranteed £92.50 per megawatt/hour for the energy it produces, nearly twice the current energy price of £48.50, the National Audit Office (NAO) report shows.
CND general secretary Kate Hudson said the government’s “obsession” with nuclear power “poses a threat to the economy.”

But Sky News claims there’s no alternative.

Consumers are locked into a “risky and expensive project” over the Government deal for a new nuclear power plant at Hinkley Point, the National Audit Office (NAO) has warned.
The Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) finalised the £18bn deal for the Hinkley Point C reactor last September, with energy consumers paying subsidies on their bills for the scheme for 35 years.
But payments set to be added to consumer bills have soared from an estimated £6bn to £30bn, a NAO report said.

Living wage

The Independent claims the Labour leader will be offering teenagers a pay rise.

Jeremy Corbyn has suggested that Labour’s £10 an hour living wage pledge would also apply to 16-year-old workers, signalling a major rise on the current rates.
The Labour leader said the policy “should apply to all workers” when challenged on Labour’s General Election manifesto policy to raise the hourly rate for all adult workers.
Currently under-18s only have to be paid £4.05 an hour, while other younger age groups are not required to be paid the national £7.50 rate.

But the Telegraph reports this could price them out of the market.

A plan by Jeremy Corbyn to pay 16-year-olds a “living wage” of £10 an hour could prevent young people from getting onto the jobs ladder and lead to companies employing fewer workers, business groups have warned.
The British Chambers of Commerce said that hiking the wage paid to teenagers could “price them out of the workplace”. The Adam Smith Institute, a free market think-tank, warned that the move could lead to businesses opting for older workers rather than “younger, riskier hires”, adding that it could also drive up the costs of groceries as supermarkets face higher wage bills.

BBC News also covers the story.

Jeremy Corbyn has said that 16-year-old workers should be paid at least £10 an hour, as he addressed the Unison conference in Brighton.
The Labour manifesto included a pledge to raise the minimum wage to the level of the Living Wage – now paid to those aged 25 or over – for 18-24 year olds.
But questioned about whether 16-year-olds should get it, Mr Corbyn said it “should apply to all workers”.
“I don’t think young people eat less than old people,” he added.

Cosmic event

And, as usual, we can rely on the Star to give us an apocalyptic story.

THE world is braced for a once-in-a-lifetime cosmic event to plunge Earth into darkness this summer.
A total solar eclipse that will span the US from coast to coast is expected to hit August 21.
Parts of the UK, Ireland, France and Spain will subsequently face a partial eclipse.
It’s such a weird event that some hardcore Christians are predicting the end.

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