Labour leadership

Several of the media cover the result of the vote on Labour’s top man, which is due to be announced at around noon today.

ITV News says:

Jeremy Corbyn has urged his MPs to unite behind him if, as it is expected, he is voted party leader again with an even bigger mandate from members.
The veteran MP is the overwhelming favourite to see off Owen Smith’s challenge when the results of the leadership election are announced in Liverpool just before noon.
The left-winger received support from senior shadow cabinet member Andy Burnham, who remained neutral during the contest.
Mr Burnham said Mr Corbyn would have earned the right to lead the party “without interruptions, noises off and undermining”.

BBC News reports:

The outcome of the Labour leadership election between Jeremy Corbyn and Owen Smith will be announced later.
The winner will be unveiled in Liverpool where the party is preparing to hold its annual conference.
Mr Smith’s challenge to the current Labour leader, who was only elected a year ago, follows a period of bitter infighting since the EU referendum.
The Labour leader has vowed to “wipe the slate clean” and reach out to his opponents if he is re-elected.

And Sky News says:

Jeremy Corbyn has urged Labour MPs to “turn passion into action, ideas into reality” hours ahead of the leadership announcement.
The current party leader and odds-on favourite to win the contest issued a fresh call for unity among members in a video message to supporters.
He is expected to comfortably see off the challenge from rival Owen Smith when the results of the leadership election are announced in Liverpool shortly before noon, with bookmaker William Hill giving him a 99% chance of success.

In a twist to the contest, Breitbart claims the party is being deserted following the referendum.

More than half of people who voted Labour at the last election and then voted Leave in the Brexit referendum have now abandoned the party, a new poll has found.
The YouGov poll of 3,285 adults found just 48 per cent of Leave voters who had backed Labour in 2015 still intended to vote for the party, as concern grows that the party’s middle class leadership is out-of-touch with working class voters on issues such as immigration.
The poll found that of those who backed the party in 2015 and then voted for Brexit, only 48 per cent would still vote Labour.
However, those who have abandoned the party are unsure where to go. Nine per cent say they will vote Conservative, eight per cent are now backing UKIP, but a quarter say they do not know who they will back.



In other Brexit news, the Express quotes a senior EU official demanding a say in the deal secured by the UK.

BRUSSELS parliament chief Martin Schulz this afternoon threatened to veto any future Brexit deal if he does not get what he wants out of the negotiations.
The eurocrat made the outspoken remarks as he warned British politicians not to try and sideline meddling MEPs in a fiery speech to students in London.
Taking the podium at the London School of Economics (LSE), the Brussels bigwig reaffirmed his commitment to the principle of ‘no negotiation without notification’ having previously urged Theresa May to get on with triggering Article 50.
In a rambling, often incoherent speech Mr Schulz made almost no attempt to understand or explain Brexit, instead bizarrely arguing that democracy is a “threat” to the future of the EU.
And he made very pointed remarks about Britain’s Brexit negotiating strategy, telling the Government not to hope it can force through a favourable deal with the EU just by getting Germany on side.

The Independent also carries the story.

The president of the European Parliament has stepped up his criticism of Brexit uncertainty, saying the Government had been in “no way prepared” for the task.
Martin Schulz also described the impact of a key member leaving the European Union as “a disaster for us and for the United Kingdom”.
This week, Mr Schulz pressed Theresa May to trigger Article 50 and start the exit talks as soon as possible, on a visit to Downing Street.
However, speaking during a lecture at the London School of Economics today, he said: “It is absolutely clear, and it became for me every day clearer, the complexity of the whole exercise is enormous.
“And what we saw was a Government here in London expected a majority for staying in.

As does Sky News

The President of the European Parliament has warned the UK there will be “no a la carte menu” when it comes to reaching a Brexit deal with Brussels.
Martin Schulz stressed the best possible agreement with the European Union was membership of the bloc and that any other arrangement “necessarily entails trade-offs”.
In a slapdown to claims by Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson that the UK leaving the EU did not need to take two years, Mr Schulz said that “many tend to underestimate the complexity and delay” in forging new trading links.

And BBC News claims the negotiators will be forced to compromise.

Britain did not vote for ‘hard Brexit’ in the EU referendum and will have to compromise in exit talks, former Chancellor George Osborne has warned.
He said Leave campaigners were naive for thinking the UK could secure everything it wanted in negotiations.
In a speech in Chicago, he also warned against “the dangerous purity of splendid isolation” over co-operation.
He campaigned for the Remain side and was criticised for warning of a £30bn “black hole” if the UK voted to leave.
Mr Osborne’s speech to the Chicago Council on Global Affairs is one of few public interventions he has made, since being sacked as chancellor when Theresa May became prime minister.

The Express reports Scotland’s views on the talks.

SCOTTISH First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has DEMANDED answers on Brexit from Theresa May.
Ms Sturgeon, who has repeatedly warned another vote on independence from the rest of the UK is likely, criticised the Prime Minister over the “continued lack of clarity about what exactly is going to happen next”.
She told a charity lunch event the “twists and turns” since the Brexit vote three months ago “could scarcely have been conceived by any scriptwriter for any soap opera”.
She said: “Recent events might have felt like a soap opera but the one script line that should have been written months ago still hasn’t even been drafted – and that matters and it’s going to matter more with every day that passes.
“That script line, of course, is what does Brexit actually mean? What does it mean for our economy, for jobs, trade and investment, what does it mean for our universities, our scientists, our farmers?”



Will the Transatlantic trade deal go ahead? Breitbart examines the issue.

A last-gasp push to seal a landmark free trade deal between the European Union and the United States before the end of Barack Obama’s presidency has failed, EU ministers agreed on Friday.
It is not realistic to reach the final agreement by the end of the Obama administration,” said Peter Ziga, the trade minister of Slovakia which currently holds the EU’s six-month rotating presidency.
The decision puts the fate of the trade deal on the US side in the hands of Hilary Clinton or Donald Trump, who are both running their presidential campaigns on anti-trade deal platforms.
The highly ambitious Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (or TTIP) would create the world’s biggest market of 850 million consumers stretching from Hawaii to Lithuania.



In other news, the Mail reports the lack of checks on EU doctors.

Patients are at risk because thousands of EU doctors can work in the UK without basic safety checks, a watchdog warns today.
Niall Dickson, head of the General Medical Council, said the loophole should be closed after Brexit and labelled it a ‘real weakness’ when it comes to protecting the public.
And he claimed that repeated attempts to persuade EU officials to let Britain introduce the checks had always been flatly rejected.
Mr Dickson said: ‘I’m not happy with the European doctor situation, and haven’t been for many years.
‘Some European doctors – because we haven’t checked their competency – may struggle when they practise here and that could put patients at risk. Medicine is very culturally specific. Doctors who come from other cultures can find it a significant challenge practising in the UK.
‘We are able to assess their language skills but we cannot check their competency to practise. That’s just a reality.’

The Times also has the story.

A loophole that allows thousands of EU doctors to work in Britain without basic safety checks should be closed, the head of the General Medical Council has warned.
Niall Dickson said patients were at risk after repeated attempts to persuade EU officials to allow the UK to introduce vetting had been rejected. He called for the rules to be changed as Britain negotiates to exit the EU.

And the Telegraph reports on the massive salaries of some consultants.

Eight thousand hospital consultants earn more than the Prime Minister from the National Health Service, a health minister has admitted.
The figures are thought to be the first time that the Government has estimated how many consultants earn than the Prime Minister.
They are set to ignite a row about whether consultants should be allowed to continue lucrative private practices while taking home such large sums from the NHS.
The Liberal Democrats said the figures raised the question of whether “the Government have their priorities right on NHS pay”.


Alien life

Ever reporting the wackier news, the Star reports on extra-terrestrial life.

THE hunt to find aliens has stepped up a notch as Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg and renowned physicist Stephen Hawking have teamed up in a bid to discover extra terrestrial life.
The duo are joining forces with Russian technology tycoon Yuri Milner to launch the £76million project called Breakthrough Listen.
They will use the world’s most powerful radio telescopes to monitor a planet called Proxima b, which is believed to contain all the right conditions to support life.
The planet is 25 trillion miles from earth and orbits our nearest star, Proxima Centauri, which acts as its sun.
It is thought Proxima b could have the right temperature to have water on its surface, a key factor in supporting life.
Astronomers also discovered that the planet has a rocky surface and a temperature relatively similar to earth’s.
The Breakthrough Listen project will attempt to detect noise from the planet that differs from standard background sounds, which could indicate life exists on Proxima b.

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