Terror attacks

There is still a lot of coverage of the aftermath of Wednesday’s attack on Parliament. The Mail reports an award to the MP who tried to save the life of the stabbed police officer

Hero’ MP Tobias Ellwood, who battled to save the life of a police officer in the London terror attack, has been appointed to the Privy Council, Downing Street has announced.
Prime Minister Theresa May praised the ‘extraordinary’ bravery of Mr Ellwood in her House of Commons statement on Thursday.
The former soldier was pictured with blood on his face and clothes as he tried to give PC Palmer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and stem the blood amid the carnage in New Palace Yard on Wednesday, but the officer died from his injuries.
The Bournemouth East MP’s bravery was praised by many colleagues, who had gathered in the Commons chamber to listen and respond to Mrs May’s statement on the terror attack.

And the Star claims further attacks on the UK will follow.

ISIS have declared open war on Britain as fanatical terrorists share propaganda of the capital ablaze as they promise to march on London.
Death cult jihadis have been celebrating the attack on Westminster by monstrous ISIS terrorist Khalid Masood.
Now supporters of the so-called caliphate have declared all out war on Britain sharing pictures of the armies of ISIS marching on London.
Apocalyptic images show the capital wrapped in a nightmarish inferno as Parliament and Buckingham Palace are left to burn.
Legions of ISIS fighters are seen waving the black and white flags as their army marches towards Big Ben.
The picture is captioned “we will march to London by the permission of Allah”.
Fireballs rain from the burning skies in a vision of armageddon dreamed up by the most deranged jihadi minds.


It looks like Brexit negotiations could be difficult, says the Times.

Brussels negotiators are ready for a combative Brexit and are braced for the divorce talks to go so badly that Britain crashes out of the EU without a deal.
Margrethe Vestager, the EU competition commissioner, said that she was prepared for the worst when Brexit talks begin next week after Theresa May triggers the Article 50 exit clause.
In an interview with The Times, she said that the EU was ready to defend the “jewel” of the single market against unfair competition from Britain. “We are prepared for a conflictual situation,” Mrs Vestager said. “It will not be easy.” The European Commission, she revealed, has “very thorough” contingency plans drawn up if negotiations break down.

And the Mirror claims the EU boss insists the UK pays a huge payment for leaving.

EU president Jean-Claude Juncker fired a warning shot ahead of the Brexit talks by warning Britain would have pay its divorce bill.
In a hardline message ahead of Theresa May triggering Article 50 next week, he said the UK “must honour” its £50billion commitments if it wants a trade deal.
The row over the divorce bill is expected to be the first flashpoint of the Brexit talks and has led to fears negotiations could break down immediately.
Boris Johnson has said the £50billion demand is “unreasonable”.
Mrs May has already said she would rather walk away with no deal than accept a bad agreement for Britain.
Mr Juncker told the BBC he was not in a “hostile mood” towards Britain and there would be “no punishments”.
We have to calculate scientifically what the British commitments were and then the bill has to be paid.”

Mr Juncker has also called Brexit a ‘failure’, says the Independent.

Brexit is “a failure and a tragedy”, European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has said.
The EU’s most senior civil servant promised that Brussels will approach the negotiation of Britain’s withdrawal in a “friendly” and “fair” way, but warned that European institutions were not “naive” about the process.
He confirmed that the UK will be presented with a bill for leaving, but insisted that this did not represent a “punishment”, but merely the settling of commitments made by the UK.
He did not put a figure on the bill, which reports suggest could amount to as much as €60bn (£52bn), to cover liabilities for projects which the UK previously agreed to help fund, as well as pensions for EU officials who served during the period of its membership.
Speaking to the BBC, Mr Juncker said: “It will be a bill reflecting former commitments by the British Government and by the British Parliament.
There will be no sanctions, no punishment, nothing of that kind.”

And Juncker blames the UK for needing to leave the EU claims the Guardian.

British politicians sowed the seeds for Brexit by blaming the European Union for problems over which the bloc has little control and while building an economy dependent on foreign labour, the president of the European commission has said.
Writing exclusively for the Guardian as EU leaders meet to celebrate the bloc’s 60th anniversary in Rome, Jean-Claude Juncker warns that “for too long” politicians at a national level have allowed the EU to be a scapegoat, and that the consequences can now be seen.
As well as making an impassioned call for members of the “new Europe of 27” to reaffirm their commitment to the union, and take ownership of its future, Juncker turns his fire on those who laid down the foundations for Britain’s decision on 23 June to leave the EU.
In remarks that will be regarded by some as contentious, he points out that on the most salient issues of the referendum campaign, the EU is largely powerless to intervene, including on limiting immigration to the UK.

The Express reports that the Prime Minister is planning to ban EU fishing boats from our waters.

CAMPAIGNERS for Britain to regain control of its fishing waters after Brexit yesterday hailed signs that Theresa May is prepared to ban European Union boats from British seas.
Leaving the EU will see Britain automatically leave the bloc’s Common Fisheries Policy of quotas.
But fishing industry spokesmen have warned the UK will still be powerless to stop EU fleets accessing British marine stocks even after Brexit unless it also scraps the 1964 London Convention.
That treaty gives 12 other EU nations access to fishing waters between six and 12 nautical miles of the British coastline.
It was reported yesterday that Mrs May is poised to give notice that Britain will pull out of the Convention in two years’ time – coinciding with Britain’s departure from the EU.

And the Times claims Whitehall’s Brexit department will be staffed by UK personnel only.

EU citizens are being banned from applying for a significant number of new jobs in the Brexit department on grounds of national security.
The Department for Exiting the European Union is undertaking a recruitment drive to hire dozens of new civil servants for Article 50 talks.
However, ministers have been accused of being in the grip of paranoia after it emerged that a number of jobs will be reserved for British citizens only.
Among the posts deemed too sensitive for European Union citizens is a £35,000-a-year job for a knowledge and information manager, collating department records and ensuring that they comply with the Freedom of Information Act.


Across the Channel, there are further unsettling times for the EU, reports the Express.

THERE was an embarrassing moment at the start of the EU’s 60th birthday celebrations today when a crowd asked what they thought of the project responded with stony silence.
Ordinary voters who had gathered to listen to two top European figures speak in Rome gave a less than confidence-inspiring verdict when unexpectedly quizzed on their own opinions.
The toe-curling moment was captured on camera at a presentation by Malta prime minister Joseph Muscat and top eurocrat Federica Mogherini to kick-start this weekend’s crucial summit in the Italian capital.
It began with the pair speaking openly about the challenges facing Europe, including Brexit, but also strongly insisting that the bloc had the capability to emerged from a dark period stronger.
Moderator Antonio Di Bella, director of the Italian TV network Rai News, then decided to get the crowd involved by asking them what they thought the future of the EU holds. 

And Westmonster claims a piece penned by Guy Verhofstadt is ‘poison’.

Top Eurocrat Guy Verhofstadt has penned a poison piece in The Guardian filled with the usual Europhile platitudes of solidarity and calls for a “more united Europe”.
He takes aim at Eurosceptics and those on the political right who seek to destroy the EU.
There’s just one problem – he’s completely full of BS. Westmonster just had to break this down!
He opens by saying:
European countries have worked successfully to fight against the return of the rampant nationalism that led to two world wars and the slaughter of millions of Europeans”
What he really means to say is Europhiles, in collusion with the left, have worked to make ‘patriot’ a dirty word in order to try and foster a ‘European identity’ instead.

Another prominent European, Donald Tusk, has called for unity within the remaining EU countries in the Express.

BREXIT must be a one-off event and must not lead to the disintegration of the European Union, Donald Tusk has said.
The European Council president said it was not a coincidence that those working to break up the EU are people who “question liberal democracy”.
He said Brexit must not be the beginning of a process which leads to further splits in the EU’s “unique territory of freedom”.
Mr Tusk’s comments were made in a promotional 42-minute film produced to celebrate the history of the European Council.
The council president said: “The EU doesn’t have any divorce experience. We were good at broadening, not at shrinking.
“I’m convinced, however, that we will turn the corner. 

And another European has claimed that millions of refugees are hoping to get into Europe, says Westmonster.

The EU’s Commissioner for Migration, Dimitris Avramopoulos, has warned that there are some 3 million migrants and refugees waiting to cross from Turkey to Greece in order to get to Northern and Western Europe.
His revelation once again highlights the gigantic human tide encouraged to flow to Europe by Angela Merkel and the irresponsible EU elite who have effectively sent out the message that all who want to come can do so.
The EU themselves have identified the fact that the majority of those coming to Europe are economic migrants and not refugees.
Avramopoulos is keen to do a deal with Turkey in order to cope with the huge scale of the movement into Europe, with the EU effectively having backed itself into being held over a barrel with Turkey’s Islamist regime.


In other news, the Mail claims Scots will receive more services than the English soon.

Thousands of couples in England are being denied access to fertility treatment that will soon be available in Scotland.
The right to IVF on the NHS north of the border is being extended to allow women under 40 to have three rounds of the treatment, up from the previous limit of two.
The move, which comes into effect next week, creates a vast gulf in standards of fertility treatment available in different parts of Britain. In England very few couples get this level of care because of a programme of rationing that has led to significant cutbacks.
The NHS watchdog Nice sets out guidance that says all under-40s in England should get three cycles of IVF if they need it, but because it is not mandatory, standards differ across the country.

The story is also in the Guardian.

The Scottish government is to fund three cycles of NHS IVF treatment for eligible couples trying to start a family – more than the number available in some parts of England and Wales.
Announcing the move, the public health minister, Aileen Campbell, defended the spending at a time of pressure on accident and emergency departments and waiting times.
Campbell told the BBC Radio 4 Today programme: “We have always had a commitment towards ensuring there is as equitable access to IVF as there possibly can be and we had a number of recommendations presented to us that we accepted from the National Infertility Group.
One of these included ensuring that couples could get access to three cycles of IVF. That is today what we are taking forward.

Home Office database

The Independent reports that the Home Office has refused to delete the records of innocent people from its database.

Ministers have been accused of breaking promises to roll back the “database state” after a watchdog condemned the storing of police mugshots of millions of innocent people.
The independent Biometrics Commissioner has attacked the Government’s weak response to a High Court ruling – five years ago – that the mass retention of ‘custody images’ is unlawful.
The Home Office has proposed only that police forces be required to consider requests to delete images from people who have not been convicted of any offence.
But Paul Wiles, the Commissioner, has told ministers that the public deserves a “presumption of deletion”, forcing the police to prove why mugshots of the innocent need to be retained. There are more than 19m images in total.
In a sharp rebuke, Mr Wiles said the Government’s proposal “leaves the governance and decision making of this new process entirely in the hands of the police”.

Rail fares

And the Telegraph reports that rail chaos could ensue next week as ticket machines will be unable to take the new £1 coins.

Millions of rail passengers face chaos when buying tickets from train stations from Tuesday, as more than half of operators will not have modernized all their ticket machines to accept the new £1 coins.
Responding to a Telegraph survey, some 11 out of 18 rail providers questioned admitted some of their ticket machines will not have been updated in time, and will reject the 12-sided coin when it enters circulation.
Operators including Virgin East Coast, Transport for London, Southern Rail and Chiltern Rail admitted they were still working to update their machines and that some would not be ready on Tuesday.
Customers who find ticket machines reject the new coins face having to queue up at ticket offices to swap them for round pounds, which may result in increased disruption.

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