To paraphrase G.K. Chesterton, we, the people of England have spoken on June 23rd, and we are in a new world – or are we? While we’ve celebrated, the EU and the politicians in the EU member states and Brussels are now readying themselves to ‘make us pay’. The papers here have two main subjects today: Cameron’s resignation and the fallout, and how to go forward. Here are the headlines:

Daily Mail

Carney sacked, Lord Farage and bye-bye Scotland. Oh, and a brand new party! PETER OBORNE looks into his crystal ball to see what the coming months might hold 

DAILY MAIL COMMENT: Take a bow, Britain! The quiet people of our country rise up against an arrogant, out-of-touch political class and a contemptuous Brussels elite

ANDREW PIERCE: Complacency and premature celebrations in the Number 10 bunker turned to panic – then tears 

Mayor of Calais calls for migrant camps to be moved to Britain as Brexit vote scuppers border deal with France


EU VOTE: Boris hails ‘glorious’ Brexit as Juncker says get out of EU ‘as soon as possible’

END OF THE EU? Germany warns FIVE more countries could leave Europe after Brexit

Pro-EU campaigners claim they lost because David Cameron BANNED personal attacks

‘Why should I do the hard s***?’ What David Cameron ‘told inner circle’ after Brexit win


Brexit: Jeremy Corbyn faces leadership challenge as Labour MPs call for resignation and mull no-confidence vote

Brexit: Petition for second EU referendum so popular the government site’s crashing


We’re now living in a post-democratic age, where the International Left – here at home, in France, Spain, Germany and yes, Brussels – are not willing to accept a defeat handed them by a majority of voters in a democratic vote like the EU Referendum, as the headlines show. A demand for a second referendum which must give the ‘right’ result, the disregard of bilateral treaties going back to before the UK had joined the EU, ‘punishment’ and disregard for the decision of an elected PM – we’ve seen it all before! On an international level, we can stand up to these bullies. Here at home, we need all vigilance to stand up to the vested interests which aim to pit generation (the EU loving youth) against generation (the ‘stupid’ old voters who didn’t listen to the young). Democracy? For them, that’s soo last Tuesday …
Here are two warning voices, one from Germany, as reported in one of our papers, and one from Charles Moore. Both are worth reading:


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