Migrant benefits

Several of the papers report on an offer from the EU as a counter to Prime Minister David Cameron’s demand to refuse benefits to EU migrants for four years.  Depending on the political leaning of the reporting paper, this is hailed as a ‘failure’ or a ‘breakthrough’.

The Telegraph claims the deal is a success for Cameron.

David Cameron’s EU renegotiation has been given a boost after it emerged that Angela Merkel and Francois Hollande have offered to allow him to stop migrants claiming benefits in the UK for three years.

The two EU leaders have suggested the compromise deal in a bid to save Mr Cameron’s flagging renegotiation and ensure Britain does not leave the EU.

Mr Cameron had initially demanded that Britain is able to stop EU migrants claiming in-work benefits for four years.

However, this was overwhelmingly rejected by EU leaders, who said that it threatened the principle of “freedom of movement”.

The news that Mrs Merkel and Mr Hollande have offered the deal will be welcomed by Downing Street and will allow Mr Cameron to claim that his renegotiation has been largely successful.

The Mirror claims the deal is being co-ordinated by the German and French leaders.

Europe’s two most powerful leaders will water down David Cameron’s bid to stop EU migrants claiming benefits for four years.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Francois Hollande offered to allow him a three-year restriction instead, it has been claimed.

The PM has made the UK benefits ban a key plank of his renegotiation plan before the in-out referendum, due before the end of 2017.

The deal is a bid to save Mr Cameron’s flagging renegotiation and ensure Britain does not leave the union .

EU leaders had overwhelming rejected his four-year plan, warning it threatened the principle of freedom of movement.

According to the website Politico, Mrs Merkel and Mr Hollande are now “co-ordinating” to offer Mr Cameron the compromise deal.

The deal would be a blow to the Prime Minister, who has made banning benefits for four years a key plank of his renegotiation plan before the In/Out referendum, due before the end of 2017.

According to the Politico website, Mrs Merkel and Mr Hollande are now “co-ordinating” to offer Mr Cameron the compromise deal.

The Independent reports the negotiations without comment.

The German and French governments have offered David Cameron a deal that partially meets his demands to renegotiate European Union migrant welfare rules, it has been reported.

The Politico Europe website cites French officials close to the talks who say Francois Hollande and Angelea Merkel have told Mr Cameron they would support EU migrants being banned from claiming in-work benefits for three years.

Banning EU migrants from claiming in-work benefits, like tax credits, for four years when they first arrived is Mr Cameron’s main goal in the talks.

“British officials are open to compromises and alternatives, and David Cameron got the impression last week that several heads of state and government were ready for compromise as well,” a French official close to the talks reportedly told the website.

Foreign criminals

Breitbart claims the Government has admitted it is powerless to deport foreign criminals

The British government has admitted it cannot deport thousands of foreign criminals who refuse to fill in the paperwork necessary for their extradition.

The situation has become so desperate that the Home Office is considering offering offenders early release from their prison terms if they agree to head straight for the airport and return to their country of origin.

New figures released by the Home Office show that since 2010, 47,161 ‘Foreign National Offenders’ (FNOs) have been referred to Immigration Enforcement. Of those, just 27,876 have been sent home while the rest have the freedom to remain in the UK until they agree to comply with bureaucratic demands.

According to the Daily Mail, the Home Office was forced to reveal the farce after Conservative MP Adam Afriyie asked for the numbers of foreign nationals convicted of a crime in the UK who had been sent back to their country of origin.

Security and Immigration minister James Brokenshire produced a table with the figures.  He told the Commons:

“Whilst we aim to deport foreign national offenders at the earliest opportunity not all of those referred to the home office will meet the deportation threshold, some may later be confirmed as British or exempt from Immigration Control and sum will be successful at appeal.

“Removal may also be delayed as some offenders will repeatedly refuse to comply with the deportation and documentation process, deliberately seek to flout the system to disrupt our efforts to deport them or attempt to lodge multiple appeals.

“Factors such as these can lead to deportation being delayed.”

This story is also in the Mail.

Terror suspects and foreign criminals will no longer be able to halt their deportation by lodging spurious claims with European judges, under long-overdue changes to human rights law.

The Government’s new Bill of Rights will seek to avoid a repeat of the Abu Qatada farce by introducing a system to ensure terror suspects can be kicked out on a ruling from the British courts.

Once an appeal has been heard here, suspected preachers of hate, terror suspects and foreign criminals will be immediately removed from the country.

They will still be free to lodge their case with judges at the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg – but it will not prevent them being put on a plane.

Only if the appeal is successful will they be returned to the UK, senior Government insiders have told the Mail.

Christianity used to attack Conservatism

Breitbart reports on a trending hashtag.

Liberals have taken to Twitter to tell the Prime Minister, David Cameron, #youaintnoChristianbruv, setting the hashtag trending in the UK. Mr Cameron used his Christmas message to affirm that Britain is a Christian country, but liberals, many of whom are not themselves Christian, have accused him of failing to show sufficient Christian charity to the poor.

Yesterday the Prime Minister used his annual Christmas address to highlight the suffering of Syrian refugees and to praise the British armed forces fighting Islamic State in Syria and Iraq.

Britain is a “Christian country”, he said, adding that Christmas was a time to “celebrate the birth of God’s only son, Jesus Christ — the Prince of Peace.

“It is because of these important religious roots and Christian values that Britain has been such a successful home to people of all faiths and none,” he added.

But socialists and liberals jumped on his words as an excuse to attack conservatism.

The hashtag parodies the #youaintnomuslimbruv, which went viral after a man shouted the phrase at a Muslim terrorist midway through a knife attack in an east London underground station. Mr Cameron later hailed the man, known only as John as he fears reprisals from Islamic State over his remark.

“Some of us have dedicated speeches and media appearances and soundbites and everything to this subject, but ‘you ain’t no Muslim, bruv’ said it all much better than I could have done.

“Thank you, because that will be applauded around the country,” Mr Cameron said.

Foreign drivers

The Mail reports that police are failing to prosecute some foreign drivers.

Foreign drivers are routinely being let off speeding fines because police say it is too difficult to trace them.

Nearly 1,700 offenders broke the limit on just one road when travelling through traffic restrictions imposed in Kent when disruption caused by migrants at Calais sparked cross-Channel chaos.

The measures imposed during the summer resulted in almost 5,500 drivers being caught speeding. But although almost a third of the offences were by foreign drivers, only the British motorists were pursued for payment, documents released under the Freedom of Information Act reveal.

The 40mph speed limit, monitored by enforcement cameras, was imposed on the approaches to Dover in a bid to ease the pressure on the town.

The figures were released after Dover MP Charlie Elphicke issued a request under the Freedom of Information Act. But this law, which has exposed numerous public sector scandals as well as wasteful spending, is under threat from the Government because ministers claim it is ‘too costly’ to administer.

Figures show that almost 1,700 foreign drivers escaped fines for speeding on the A20 approach to Dover, while 3,740 British drivers were issued with a Notice of Intended Prosecution, which can result in a £100 fine and three penalty points.

Although Kent Police does have a policy of issuing spot fines to speeding foreign drivers who are stopped by officers, only ten tickets were handed out. Tory MP Mr Elphicke said this was unacceptable and urged police to pursue foreign motorists who break the limit.

EU officials’ pay

The Express reports that hundreds of Eurocrats are paid more than the Prime Minister.

THE top 200 most highly-paid EU officials all earn more than David Cameron, an investigation by Ukip has discovered.

Scores of Brussels bureaucrats and EU Court of Justice judges receive more than the Prime Minister’s annual salary of £142,500. And on average, they pay £50,000 less tax than they would if they lived in the UK.

In total, the investigation estimated that their cossetted lifestyles cost European taxpayers more than £50million last year.

The lavish salaries, pension pots and perks of the Brussels elite were laid bare in a dossier entitled “The EU Rich List” compiled by the UK Independence Party’s Parliamentary Resource Unit and released last night.

It is expected to intensify calls for Britain to quit the EU ahead of the in-or-out referendum expected next year.


The Times reports that Muslims are refusing to take part in anti-radicalistion programmes.

Muslims are boycotting the country’s key anti-radicalisation programme, The Times can disclose, after it emerged that less than a tenth of extremism tip-offs were coming directly from the community or faith leaders.

The revelation that there were fewer than 300 community tip-offs in six months to the government’s Prevent programme will raise concern that the police are being denied information that might prevent terrorist attacks.

The vast majority of referrals to the scheme are instead being made by the police or public bodies such as schools or the NHS.

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