Daily Mail: Project Fear turns into Project Cheer: EU vote has had no impact on economic growth and household spending saw biggest rise since 2007 as Brexit bounce continues

Express: New move for instant EU exit: Tory MPs pile on pressure to ditch Brussels for good

Guardian:  Article 50 may be triggered in early 2017, says Iain Duncan Smith

Independent: Theresa May could start process of leaving the EU without vote by MPs, Government lawyers reportedly say

Telegraph: Theresa May will trigger Brexit negotiations without Commons vote

Other Home News

Guardian: Ukip leadership candidate calls for BBC to be privatised

Foreign News

Express: Plans for EU army back on as Brussels fat cats take advantage of Brexit

Independent: Politicians’ anti-immigrant rhetoric fuelled post-Brexit hate crime spike, United Nations says

Telegraph: Pound in longest rally since Brexit vote as Janet Yellen says case for US rate hike has ‘strengthened’


Telegraph: Stop obsessing over short term growth figures, it will take ages to gauge the impact of Brexit


[Apologies for the abbreviated edition of today’s Saturday’s Papers, caused by editorial problems.]


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