Two main stories dominate today’s papers. The first is a Brexit story in which our Prime Minister could be about to make further concessions to the EU at the party’s conference. The Express says:

THERESA MAY is expected to give the European Union a better Brexit deal following the Conservative Party’s annual conference.
The move is set to anger hard line Brexiteers from her party who have already accused the Prime Minister of backing down from a hard Brexit.
EU negotiators are expecting Britain to accept the divorce costs of around £40 billion and also agree on a way to ensure the legal rights of EU citizens living in the UK.
David Davis has already announced a u-turn which will allow EU citizens in the UK to appeal to British courts using European law.
The Brexit Secretary also hinted other concessions would be made when reaching a deal with the EU.

The Telegraph reports advice to the PM.

Theresa May must walk away from EU talks at Christmas if Brussels fails to start negotiating a trade deal by then, Tory MPs have told her on the eve of the Conservative Party Conference.
Party grandees including former Brexit minister David Jones today insist the Prime Minister should give formal notice that the UK will leave without a deal if “serious” talks on a free trade deal have not begun by the end of the year. They say Britain has “nothing to fear” from a no-deal scenario and must not be “held to ransom” by the EU.
It comes after Jean-Claude Juncker, the President of the European Commission, said “miracles” would be needed for talks on a trade deal to begin by the end of October.

The Sun has picked up the story.

HARDLINE Brexiteer Tories today demand Theresa May walk away from talks if the EU is still refusing to agree a trade deal by Christmas.
Grandees led by former Brexit Minister David Jones insist the PM should call Brussels’ bluff that Britain will crash out without any deal.
In an incendiary letter to No 10, the Right-wing heavyweights turn up the heat ahead of the Tory conference in Manchester next week.
It says: “If the EU is not seriously negotiating a free trade deal by Christmas 2017, the Government should give formal notice that we will move to WTO (World Trade Organisation) rules in March 2019.”
That would mean tariffs on EU exports to Britain.

But other papers claim the president of the European Commission has poured cold water on the negotiations. The Times says:

Theresa May has been told by Jean-Claude Juncker that it will be a “miracle” if sufficient progress has been made in Brexit negotiations to start trade talks next month.
The president of Lithuania has gone further and warned that Brexit talks might not be concluded by March 2019.
Mr Juncker, president of the European Commission, was one of a number of leaders to tell Britain that more progress was needed before Brexit talks could move on to trade. Leo Varadkar, the Irish prime minister, also said that it was not yet time to “make that call”.
The EU has maintained there needs to be “sufficient progress” on citizens’ rights, Ireland and the financial settlement before the talks can include a future trade deal.

The Mail claims the Europeans are being deliberately obstructive.

Michel Barnier threatened to delay Brexit trade talks for months today as the EU played hardball over the divorce bill in the latest round of negotiations.
The Eurocrat warned that the two sides were ‘not there yet’, and despite praising a ‘new climate’ demanded more compromise from the UK.
He warned it could take ‘weeks or even months’ before he was ready to say discussions about trade could begin.
Standing alongside the Mr Barnier in  Brussels, David Davis struck a considerably more optimistic tone – insisting the talks this week had made ‘considerable progress on the issues that matter’.
The Brexit Secretary said there had been advances on citizens’ rights and dispute resolution mechanisms.
He also repeated that Britain was ready to honour the financial ‘obligations’ entered into during its membership of the bloc – a key concession made by Theresa May in her Florence speech last week. 

The Guardian has a similar story.

Jean-Claude Juncker has in effect ruled out a widening of the Brexit negotiations next month to take in a future trading relationship between Britain and the bloc, despite an acknowledgement by senior EU officials that Theresa May’s speech in Florence last week was “full of concessions”.
“At the end of October, we will not have sufficient progress,” the president of the European commission said in Tallinn, Estonia, at a summit of EU leaders. “I’m saying that there will be no sufficient progress from now until October unless miracles would happen.”
The newly re-elected German chancellor, Angela Merkel, also made it clear that she was not willing to go around the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, to intervene in the negotiations on Britain’s behalf, as many Brexit supporters had prophesied, although she praised May’s speech in Italy for “reviving” the talks.

And the Sun claims Juncker has rejected Mrs May’s attempt at breaking the deadlock.

CHIEF Eurocrat Jean-Claude Juncker today ignored Theresa May’s hand of friendship, saying it would take “miracles” for Brexit trade talks to start on schedule.
The European Commission president’s hardline comments came as the PM met Angela Merkel, who hailed the “good progress” in negotiations.
Meanwhile, the fanatical Europhile who heads the European Parliament’s Brexit team last night insisted that Brits ALREADY regret the vote to quit the EU.
Mrs May and Mr Juncker are both in Estonia for a summit of European leaders.
Speaking as he arrived at the meeting in Tallinn, the former Luxembourg PM suggested that Mrs May’s Florence speech had made no difference to the progress of talks.
He said formal trade negotiations would not be able to start next month as scheduled because the two sides have not struck a deal on the rights of EU citizens living in Britain.

The Pro-EU Independent also runs the story.

Miracles” will be needed if Brexit talks are to make sufficient progress to allow Britain and the EU to begin discussing their future relations in October, Jean-Claude Juncker has said.
Reaching an agreement on the divorce settlement is necessary before consideration of a future trade deal is possible, the bloc’s senior figures have said.
At a press conference on Thursday chief negotiator Michel Barnier warned a transition to phase two of talks could take “months”.
Among the issues that must be settled are Britain’s final divorce bill and other financial payments, the future of EU citizens in the UK and how the Irish border will function.

And Sky News has it’s own take on the matter.

The EU’s top official has declared it will take “miracles” for Brexit talks to move on to their next phase by the end of October.
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker offered a gloomy verdict on the chances of Brexit negotiations progressing from divorce issues to future trading arrangements within the next month.
The EU has demanded “sufficient progress” be reached on three key withdrawal topics – the financial settlement, EU citizens’ rights and Northern Ireland’s border – before the UK is allowed to discuss the Prime Minister’s wish for a “comprehensive and ambitious” UK-EU trade deal.
Theresa May had hoped her major Brexit intervention in Florence last week would help push negotiations forward, perhaps in time for EU leaders to authorise the start of trade talks at a European Council summit on 19 October.


Meanwhile, over on the continent, the chief negotiator has said we’ll keep paying for years, says the Star.

BRITAIN should expect to pay billions of pounds to the European Union for years after leaving the bloc, its parliament’s lead Brexit chief has claimed.
Pro-federalist MEP Guy Verhofstadt said Britain should be prepared to hand over billions to the EU in a speech on the future of Brexit last night.
Speaking at the London School of Economics (LSE), europhile Mr Verhofstadt said it is likely that Britain will have to make payments beyond 2020.
Prime Minister Theresa May attempted to break the deadlock in talks by offering to pay into the EU budget during a transitional period of up to two years.

And the Express reports a similar claim.

EUROPEAN Parliament chief Antonio Tajani today threw down the gauntlet to Theresa May over the controversial issue of a Brexit bill, telling her: “We want our money back!”
Mr Tajani emphasised the importance of continued cooperation on defence and security after Brexit and also reiterated the EU’s position that any transition period must be on membership terms.
He told reporters: “We want to work on defence sector because a lot of EU member states are members of NATO as are the UK. But it is not the same to be a member of the EU as outside.”
“The transition period is a transition period, we need to have the same situation of today, not only the internal market, transition period is to have the same situation the next two years.” 

It seems some of the top people in the EU are planning further integration, says Breitbart.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel and French President Emmanuel Macron have agreed an “intense” partnership to drive the European Union (EU) towards deeper integration after Brexit.
Mrs. Merkel praised the young French premier’s ambitious vision for the bloc after he called for the EU to work more closely on defence and migration and for a eurozone budget.
“Last night’s discussions showed there’s a common realisation of a need for a leap forward in Europe,” Mr. Macron told reporters from 
Reuters on Friday after an EU summit dinner in the Estonian capital Tallinn.
“Today we’re all convinced Europe must move ahead faster and stronger, for more sovereignty, more unity, and more democracy,” he added.

But other bigwigs want a look in, says the Express.

JEAN-CLAUDE Juncker, Emmanuel Macron and Donald Tusk are embroiled in a cold war to become the saviour of the European Union (EU).
“Secondly, I will concentrate on finding real solutions to real problems of our citizens, who are concerned about security, migration or unemployment.”
The European Council President ended with a token third person gesture and said: “And finally, we will all make sure that Europe is making progress.”
Regardless of who wins the role of poster boy, the list of issues facing the EU is daunting.
Brexit continues to blot out most problems, with talks with Theresa May’s negotiating team grinding to a stalemate in recent weeks. 


The other story widely covered is the election of Henry Bolton as our leader. The Telegraph says:

An outspoken critic of Islam failed to become the new leader of the UK Independence Party heading off a  possible split in the party.
Anne-Marie Waters, who founded Sharia Watch UK, had been favourite to succeed Paul Nuttall who quit at the June general election.
However, she was beaten into second place by a former policeman and army officer Henry Bolton in the ballot at the party’s conference in Torquay, Devon.
Mr Bolton, 54, who has virtually no media profile, is the party’s fourth leader in just over a year with Ukip having struggled to fill the void left by veteran leader Nigel Farage.

The Mirror also claims the party has not made a left turn.

UKIP has saved itself from becoming the “UK Nazi Party”, its new leader declared tonight after he beat a candidate who branded Islam “evil” and a “killing machine”.
Barely-known ex-Army officer Henry Bolton, 54, won a shock victory over Anne Marie Waters to become the anti-EU party’s fourth leader in just a year with 3,874 votes to her 2,755.
UKIP politicians and staff had threatened a mass walkout if Ms Waters won – and roars of approval engulfed UKIP’s conference in Torquay, Devon, when she lost.
An ex-cop and security consultant from Folkestone, Kent, Mr Bolton was a Lib Dem but joined UKIP four years ago.
He has three children, one aged 32 from his Danish first wife and two aged four and one from his Russian-born wife Tatiana Smurova-Bolton, 42.

The Times points out that he has worked in Brussels.

A little-known former army officer has been elected leader of Ukip today in a surprise result, becoming the party’s fourth leader in less than 18 months.
Henry Bolton, 54, a former Lib Dem candidate and father of three, won 30 per cent of the vote, beating a controversial anti-Islam candidate and other higher-profile Ukip figures.
His position as head of the anti-EU party may raise eyebrows among his former colleagues in Brussels, where he worked for the EU as lead strategist on common defence policy.
He won the quiet endorsement of Nigel Farage, the former Ukip leader who still holds sway with the party faithful, this summer. Mr Farage today tweeted that he was “delighted”, adding that Mr Bolton is “a man of real substance”.

And the Independent concentrates on the fact that Anne Marie Waters did not win the vote.

Ukip has stepped back from picking a notorious anti-Islam activist as its new leader, saving the party from a threatened mass walkout.
Sharia Watch founder Anne Marie Waters lost out to unknown Henry Bolton in the seven-horse race to take over the stricken party.
Ms Waters – whose campaign video proclaimed “Islamic culture does not fit with ours” – had been the narrow favourite to succeed Paul Nuttall, who quit after Ukip’s general election disaster.
But the 40-year-old finished second, with 2,785 votes, some distance behind the 3,874 secured by Mr Bolton, under a first-past-the-post system.
A former soldier and police officer, he faces a herculean task to revive Ukip, which attracted fewer than 600,000 votes at this year’s general election.
Nigel Farage, who had hinted at launching a new party if Ms Waters won, said he was “delighted”, adding: “He’s a man of real substance.”

Sky News reports Henry’s victory speech.

Henry Bolton has been elected as the UK Independence Party’s new leader.
The little-known former Army officer beat off competition from six others, including Anne Marie Waters, an anti-Islam candidate whose prospect of election was the subject of huge internal division.
He becomes UKIP’s fifth leader in 11 months.
In his victory speech, Mr Bolton said he wanted the UK to become a “prosperous nation” and one that was “proud to be called British”.
He added: “While Brexit is our core task, that greater goal, which is ongoing beyond the time that we leave the EU, that is our core purpose.”

The Guardian claims the party avoided a shift to the right.

Ukip has narrowly avoided a shift towards the far right after its members elected the relatively unknown former soldier Henry Bolton as its new leader, just beating a populist anti-Islam candidate.
In a result announced at the party’s annual conference in Torquay on Friday, Bolton, whose main political experience was to stand as Kent’s crime commissioner, won 3,874 votes, just under 30% of the relatively low total.
Anne Marie Waters, who has called Islam “evil” and has links to the far right, finished second in the seven-candidate race with 2,755 votes. Numerous senior Ukip figures and most of its MEPs had threatened to walk away if she won.
Instead, Ukip’s fourth leader inside a year is a low-key technocrat who has worked for the UN, stood as a Liberal Democrat MP and ran on the pledge to professionalise and unite a party riven by splits and seeking a new purpose following the Brexit referendum.

UKIP logo

But it seems the party’s new logo could cause problems, says the Guardian.

Ukip’s attempt to rebrand itself for the post-Brexit era experienced an early hiccup on Friday after a new party logo bearing a lion’s head prompted reports the Premier League was investigating whether it was too similar to its emblem.
The logo replaces the longstanding yellow and purple pound symbol, and was chosen by party members at Ukip’s annual conference in Torquay.
Its unveiling brought immediate comparisons with the Premier League’s logo, which also depicts a lion’s head.
The league said it had no immediate comment, but it is understood its internal legal team was aware of the issue and was looking into any potential breach of copyright.
Gary Lineker re-tweeted the logo with an eye-rolling emoji and the message: “The Premier League will be thrilled.”

The Independent claims the party is not in breach of copyright.

Ukip have denied that their new lion-themed party logo is in risk of breaching the copyright of the Premier League, despite its obvious likeness.
The right-wing party launched the logo, ditching their longstanding yellow and purple pound one for a purple lion, at their annual party conference in Torquay, accompanied by the text “Ukip, for the nation”.
It was decided by Ukip members but it looks strikingly similar to the Premier League’s own purple lion logo, which was launched in February 2016 and used from the beginning of the 2016/17 season.
The Premier League used to have the full body of a purple lion with its paw on a football before changing to just the head, similar to Ukip’s.
The Independent reached out to the Premier League for comment but they refused to confirm whether they would consult lawyers but were aware of Ukip’s new logo.

And the Times has reported criticisism a former footballer for raising the matter.

A senior Ukip figure branded Gary Lineker a “sanctimonious little twerp” today in a row over the party’s new logo, which resembles the Premier League’s emblem.
Activists at the anti-EU party’s annual conference in Torquay voted for a purple lion design, accompanied by the slogan “For The Nation”, to replace its pound sign symbol.
Lineker, who hosts Match of The Day, caught sight of the Ukip design and noted its similarity to the football league’s logo.
He tweeted: “The @premierleague will be thrilled”, followed by an eye-rolling emoji.
Ukip responded frostily, with the party’s spokesman telling The Times: “Mr Lineker is a sanctimonious little twerp.”

Sky News put out a straight denial that the party has broken the law.

UKIP have denied their new lion-based party logo risks breaching the copyright of other prominent symbols, including the Premier League’s.
The party, who will elect a new leader later on Friday, revealed a fresh look at their annual conference in Torquay.
Members were given two options to vote on during the first day of the conference, with the party opting for a design featuring a lion together with the slogan “For The Nation”.

But the Mirror claims it has ‘ripped off’ the logo.

UKIP has instantly been accused of ripping off the Premier League after unveiling designs for its new logo.
The anti-EU party is banishing its traditional pound sign for “not resonating with today’s voters” in favour of a lion.
But the lion – which was well in the lead this morning in a vote of UKIP members at the party conference in Torquay – looks terribly, terribly familiar.
Hundreds of Twitter users have had exactly the same thought: It looks exactly like the new Premier League logo that was unveiled only 19 months ago.

Tube strike

In other news, the Mail reports that the London underground will come to a halt next week.

Tube drivers demanding a four-day week have been accused of ‘holding London hostage’ after announcing they will strike next Thursday.
The entire underground network will shut down for 24-hours as Aslef union members take industrial action over working conditions.
Commuters have been told they will be better off walking to work or staying at home because Tube services will be rare and buses overcrowded.
Members of the Aslef union are set to walk out for 24 hours from midnight Thursday October 5 in a dispute with bosses including demands to work a four-day week.
James McAlinden tweeted after the announcement today: ‘Tube drivers get around £50k a year for 36 hours of work a week and they plan to strike to work even less hours. Ridiculous’ while @perkyg tweeted: ‘So tube drivers are striking as they want a 4 day week?! Don’t we all!’

The Star also has the story.

THE entire London Underground network will come to a standstill next week.
Tube drivers are set to strike next Thursday and bring tube lines in the capital to a halt for a whole day.
Transport for London has warned the network will be “substantially disrupted” as a result.
The move is set to cause chaos for football fans travelling to Wembley for England’s World Cup qualifier against Slovenia.
The strike is being held by members of the Aslef union in a dispute over working conditions including their demands to work a four-day week.


And in an exclusive, the Telegraph has a story about the NHS.

The NHS is not fit for the 21st century, the new chief inspector of hospitals has said – warning all trusts to take urgent steps to make Accident & Emergency departments safe.
Prof Ted Baker said it was “not acceptable” to keep “piling patients into corridors” as he urged hospital leaders to act swiftly to guard the safety of those in their care.
In his first interview as chief inspector, he said too many hospitals had normalised “wholly unsatisfactory” arrangements which endangered patients, as well as denying basic privacy and dignity.

The Sun has picked up the story.

NHS trusts must take urgent steps to make A&E units safe and fit for the twenty-first century, it is claimed.
The new chief inspectors of hospitals, Prof Ted Baker, said it was “not acceptable” to keep “piling patients in to corridors”.
He added that too many hospitals had “wholly unsatisfactory” arrangements that endangered patients, as well as denying privacy and dignity.
Prof Baker has written to all hospital chief executives, calling for immediate action to improve safety in A&E, before winter – historically their busiest period.
They are being told ambulances should not be allowed to queue outside A&E wards and patients should not be left in corridors.


With the imminence of the Tory Party conference, the Telegraph reports on the huge security operation planned.

Manchester police are preparing to mount an unprecedented security operation ahead of the Conservative party’s annual conference amid  concerns over left-wing protests.
At least a thousand officers and extra armed police will be drafted in on Sunday as part of a £2m security operation to protect conference attendees.
Police in Manchester confirmed they are expecting thousands to turn up to protest against the four-day event. 

The Morning Star explains why the extra security is needed.

THE time is up for the Tories’ desperate attempt to cling to power, Labour and left activists have declared as they begin five days of action in Manchester.
People’s Assembly national secretary Sam Fairbairn told the Star yesterday that “the Tories are in turmoil” in the run-up to Sunday’s demonstration at the Conservative Party conference in the city.
He said the Take Back Manchester festival — five days of meetings, protests and cultural events starting today — would expose a “deeply divided government” and “demonstrate the huge opposition to the politics of austerity, racism and war.”
Tens of thousands of people are expected to travel on coaches from across the country, with the protest being supported by trade unions and progressive organisations.

The Times concentrates on the Conservative leadership.

Conservative Party members have put Boris Johnson in the lead to take over from Theresa May, according to a poll which suggests his Brexit gamble has paid off.
Most want the prime minister to quit after Britain has left the European Union in 2019 despite Mrs May’s pledge that she will fight the next election. In a YouGov/Times survey of Tory members, who choose the party leader, Mr Johnson moved ahead of his rivals with 23 per cent. Ruth Davidson, leader of the Scottish Conservatives, and Jacob Rees-Mogg, the right-wing backbencher, were second and third favourites with 19 and 17 per cent respectively.

As does the Independent.

Boris Johnson is the top choice for the next Tory leader among Conservative party members, according to a new poll.
The Foreign Secretary was named as favourite by almost a quarter of people surveyed for the poll by YouGov, followed in second position by Scottish leader Ruth Davidson.
It comes after Mr Johnson made a series of interventions to put pressure on Theresa May’s Brexit stance, which are said to have toughened the position albeit at the expense of Government stability.
The survey for 
The Timespoints to a turnaround in fortunes for Mr Johnson, who came fourth in a similar ConservativeHome poll at the start of September.

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