There are two main issues for today’s papers. One is the death of Muhammad Ali at age 74. The other is yesterday’s interview on SKY with Michael Gove for the Leave Campaign. Michael Gove did not mince words:

Daily Mail

‘Follow your heart and not scaremonger Cameron’: Michael Gove twists the knife into his friend as he urges voters to defy ‘sneering elites’ and the ‘undeserving rich’ – and tell the EU ‘You’re fired’

‘It is wrong of you to say that people who want democracy to be restored are following in the footsteps of Donald Trump. – Sneering condescension toward people who believe in democracy – that discredits those on the Remain side of this campaign. It’s the invincible arrogance of Europe’s elites that gets me, these are people who have seen the euro collapse, these are the people presiding over a migration crisis on their borders and yet do they ever acknowledge that they need to change? No. They say they need more integration, more of our money, more control over this country.

The Express

WATCH: Gove clashes with Faisal Islam after Tory goads him with his OWN facts

Sky News’ Mr Islam was left stuttering as Leave campaigner Mr Gove brought up comments he had made while interviewing David Cameron last night as the Prime Minister argued his case to remain in the European Union. Brexiteer Mr Gove was asked about whether he thought the pound sterling would fall if Britain left the EU. He said: “There was one economics commentator I was listening to last night, you Faisal, who said that the pound rises, the pound falls, but Britain is a strong country and will see it’s way through.” The reaction to Mr Faisal’s interviewing technique was not very complimentary. Commentators took to Twitter to display their feelings, with @Paul saying: “This is an appalling interview. Faisal Islam constantly interrupts Gove. “It’s impossible to hear the answers.”


EU referendum: ‘scaremongering’ Cameron attacked by Michael Gove

Michael Gove has hit out at the “invincible arrogance of Europe’s elites” in a bruising interview on Sky News, in which he accused the prime minister of scaremongering.In an astonishing attack on his own party leader, the justice secretary told a studio audience that David Cameron and other remain supporters were treating British voters as if they were “too small, too poor and … too stupid” to go it alone outside the EU.Speaking about the Tory leader’s appearance on Thursday night, Gove said: “I believe that last night, I am afraid, what we heard was depressing and it was an exercise in trying to scare you into not following through what you know in your heart to be right.” He said his opponents were guilty of a “depressing litany of projections about world war three and global Brexit recession,” saying it was the leave campaign that was “project hope”.


Challenged over the lack of backing from top economists for Vote Leave, he said: “Many of those organisations that have been cited so regularly as being in favour of our being in the EU are organisations that have consistently made errors, that receive money in many cases from the EU. They are not genuinely independent, they are organisations with an agenda and an agenda that has often been wrong.”


Appearing in his first televised debate of the referendum campaign, the Justice Secretary spoke emotionally about how he watched his father’s fish merchant business “going to the wall” because of the EU, which he accused of “hollowing out” communities across Britain. Clashing repeatedly with Sky News presenter Faisal Islam, who Mr Gove said was “on the side of the elites”, he said: “Don’t belittle the pain caused by the job-destroying machine of the European Union.” Mr Gove also launched his strongest attack on David Cameron, accusing his Remain campaign of treating British voters like they are “too small, too poor and too stupid” to go it alone outside of the EU. In comments that will infuriate Downing Street, Mr Gove criticised the Prime Minister’s “depressing” campaign designed to “scare” the British people. He suggested that Britain’s current immigration system is “racist” because it discriminates against people from countries outside of the EU.
There was another debate, this one at  The Express, and one argument from Nigel Farage made it into the headlines:

Daily Mail

Ukip leader Nigel Farage last night claimed bodies will be ‘washing up’ on British beaches this summer if asylum is given to 18 Albanians caught trying to sneak into the country by boat this week.The Albanians were saved from a stricken vessel in the English Channel, off Dymchurch in Kent.He said: ‘There were 18 people from Albania, they are currently in Dover as I understand it.’Five of the 18 are now claiming asylum and I fear if we grant asylum status to people from a prospective member of the EU, we send a signal to traffickers and gangs – take that risk come here and you have every chance of staying.’I can promise you the straits of Dover is a risky place.’If we don’t make sure all 18 are deported we will have drownings and bodies washing up on Kent beaches all summer.’We must, must, must deal with this,’ he told a referendum debate on the website.

The Express

The Ukip leader revealed five of those caught earlier this week are being given permission to apply for asylum to remain in the country.The shocking prediction was made during the live referendum debate being held Friday afternoon.Brexit campaigner Mr Farage said the people of Dymchurch are worried the choppy waters will kill more people if more asylum seekers try to attempt the trip this summer.And he believes if they are given asylum, it will spark a wave of migrant to attempt the trip.

The Express

Norfolk could become the latest point of entry for migrants after Dutch police seized a map of the coastline from a ring of people smugglers.Police found a map of Sea Palling, a small beach in Norfolk, when they seized the traffickers and 24 Albanian and Vietnamese migrants aboard a yacht in the Netherlands port of Ijmuiden.The nine defendants could face up to 12 years in jail after being charged with people-smuggling and “taking part in criminal enterprise”.But their plot was foiled when Dutch police intercepted the eight-berth yacht with 26 people on board off the country’s coast.Along with the migrants, military police found the map showing the north-east Norfolk village as the drop-off point – plus a lifeboat, life jackets and “large amounts of peanut butter”.

Finally, there are two comments which caught my eye. One addresses our history and culture and is a great read:

Daily Mail

David Cameron keeps saying the referendum will be a ‘once in a lifetime opportunity’ for us to decide whether or not to be part of the Brussels bureaucracy.But might the Prime Minister, for once, be understating his case? Might this vote not be a ‘once in a millennium’ moment? If we yield to Continental rule, as he proposes, the consequences for the way we think of ourselves as individuals and as a nation may be as long-lasting as those that followed defeat in 1066.

The other comment deals with economists and their doom-mongering should we leave, and is equally a great read:

The Telegraph

If you took a look at a chart of the FTSE 100 index this year, I doubt you could identify the day on which the EU referendum was announced.It made no impact then or afterwards. Instead, British shares have moved up and down in perfect tandem with other stock markets around the world. But, of course, this could change. […] My opinion is that, in the short term, there would be a little disruption but nothing of real significance. In the long term, I believe the British economy would do better out of the EU.How do I dare go against the forecasts of these bodies, stuffed as they are with people who got Firsts in economics at Cambridge or who are among the clever elite in Paris who studied at the École Polytechnique? Surely they know best, don’t they?As those of you who have followed the history of economic forecasts will know, actually they don’t know best. Our elite, brilliant economists have a solid record of getting it wrong.

Read on – it’s worth it!

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