The Telegraph quotes EU boss Juncker who now says Brexit WILL happen.

Jean-Claude Juncker, the president of the European Commission, has rebuffed claims that Britain will not leave the EU and said he expects Brexit to happen.
Mr Juncker’s comments come after Malta’s prime minister and Ireland’s Taoiseach cast doubts over whether the UK will ultimately leave the bloc.
In an interview with the Politico Europe website, Mr Juncker said: “I don’t go as far as the Maltese prime minister,  who has not ruled out that it will not come to Brexit.”
He added: “My working hypothesis is that it will come to Brexit.”

Single market

But there are still ‘discussions’ over the single market, especially from Ireland, says the Times.

Ireland’s new taoiseach called on Theresa May today to rip up her Brexit blueprint and keep Britain inside the European customs union and the single market.
In a marked shift of tone from Dublin Leo Varadkar used his first visit to Northern Ireland as taoiseach to demand that London drop its plans for a so-called technological solution to the Irish border.
He hinted that unless the UK changed its approach towards the border the EU 27 could block Brexit negotiations from moving onto trade talks this autumn.
Under current EU demands Britain has to convince member states that “sufficient progress” has been made resolving issues of citizens’ rights, the financial settlement and the Irish border before talks on a future relationship can begin.

The Guardian also has the story.

Ireland’s prime minister has told unionists in Northern Ireland that it will be easier to protect the union they support with Britain if the UK stays in the European single market.
The taoiseach, Leo Varadkar, said that rather than pressing the EU for special status for Northern Ireland post-Brexit, it would be better if the entire UK remained inside a customs union with Europe.
Speaking on his first official visit to Belfast on Friday, Varadkar also pointed out that after Brexit everyone in Northern Ireland entitled to an Irish passport would remain an EU citizen.
Unionists have opposed proposals from Sinn Féin and other nationalist parties for special status to be given to Northern Ireland in its relationship with the EU.

As has BBC News.

Irish Prime Minister Leo Varadkar has called for “unique solutions” to preserve the relationship between the UK and the European Union after Brexit.
On his first official visit to Northern Ireland, he raised the possibility of a bilateral UK-EU customs union.
The taoiseach described Brexit as “the challenge of this generation”.
In response, the UK Government said it wanted a special partnership with the EU, including an “ambitious free trade agreement and a customs agreement”.

The Independent suggests a new kind of customs union could emerge.

Ireland’s prime minister has suggested that Britain could strike a Norway-style deal with the EU – forging a bespoke customs union with Europe and joining the European Free Trade Association (Efta).
In his first visit as Taoiseach to Belfast, Leo Varadkar hit out at the advocates of a hard Brexit and said their plans for border controls would throw up a trade border “across Ireland”.
He also said promoters of such a way forward had failed to come up with detailed proposals in the 14 months since the EU referendum last year – and that he believed they would never be able to do so.
The Efta includes Norway, Switzerland, Iceland and Liechtenstein – and previously included Britain, before it joined the EU’s predecessor, the EEC, in 1973.

Foreign aid

The Sun has suggested the foreign aid going to Rwanda ends up in the president’s pocket.

AN African leader’s former adviser has accused him of lining his pockets with millions in aid from UK taxpayers.
Rwanda’s president Paul Kagame, 59, was slammed by his ex-economic guru on  BBC2’s Newsnight.
Furious David Himbara said: “The British aid is the worst aid.
“Because basically what happens is that it just pumps taxpayers’ money into Kagame’s budget.”
Rwanda has received £64million from Britain this year alone.  Tory MP Alec Shelbrooke said: “If it is being misused then it should be shut down immediately.”
The Department for International Development insisted all aid to Rwanda was accounted for.


In an exclusive, the Telegraph suggests young EU migrants could be given extended visas.

EU migrants who are under the age of 30 could be handed two-year visas that give them the right to live and work in the UK after Brexit under plans being considered by a Government-commissioned review.
The Migration Advisory Committee, an independent body, has been commissioned by ministers to review the economic costs and benefits of EU migration and examine potential border controls.
In a call for evidence published yesterday the committee suggested that Britain could follow a similar approach to New Zealand, Australia and Canada and give preferential status to migrants aged between 18 and 30.

The Mail has picked up the story.

EU citizens aged under 30 could be offered automatic two-year visas to come and work in the UK after Brexit.
The idea was floated yesterday by the Migration Advisory Committee, which has been commissioned by Home Secretary Amber Rudd to review the economic costs and benefits of EU  migration and examine potential border controls.
The independent body used a call for evidence yesterday to suggest that a similar scheme for young people from New Zealand, Australia and Canada could be extended to the EU once free movement ends in 2019.

And the Express.

THERESA May should consider offering nationals from the EU the same deal currently available to Australians, New Zealanders and Canadians, a Government committee has urged.
The Migration Advisory Committee in a new report suggested that the UK could benefit from allowing young EU nationals in after Brexit as they “have a higher chance of making a net positive contribution”.
They believe EU migrants could be enticed to live and work in the UK after Brexit by granting them extra “points” in a new migration system or a “lower salary threshold” requirement for settling in the UK, according to the Telegraph.
The report said: “There are a number of reasons for this – younger migrants have a longer working life ahead of them so have a higher chance of making a net positive contribution to the public finances, and they are perhaps considered to assimilate more successfully”.

Westmonster reports that some senior members of the Labour Party are still pushing to ignore the referendum.

Labour heavyweights David Lammy and Clive Lewis are still backing free movement of people – despite mass migration undermining their working class support base by saturating the jobs market with cheap migrant labour.
The Labour Campaign for Free Movement seemingly wants to ignore the outcome of the referendum result which was largely a rejection of EU open borders, and want Jeremy Corbyn to back continued unrestricted, mass migration.
This new campaign is also supported by several Trade Unions, such as the Transport Salaried Staffs Association, National Executive Committee, and Bakers, Food and Allied Workers Union – Westmonster wonders what their paid-up members think of this.


Breitbart claims immigrants are still pouring into the EU.

The Chief Security Adviser to Prime Minister Viktor Orbán of Hungary has warned that the three-pronged assault on the European Union’s external borders at Greece, Italy, and Spain is intensifying.
At a press conference in Budapest, György Bakondi cited figures which suggest that “[O]n average, 70 to 73 immigrants are arriving in Greece from Turkey every day” — despite an expensive deal with the Islamist government in Ankara to reduce the inflow.
Of approximately 3.1 million migrants in the west Asian country, Bakondi indicated that “42 per cent would set out for Europe immediately” if the opportunity presented itself.
In Italy, the crisis is more acute, with the security chief indicating that at least 95,086 migrants —  mainly from sub-Saharan Africa rather than Syria or Libya — had arrived in the Mediterranean country by July 2017. Bakondi has previously highlighted the role of NGOs in assisting people-smugglers to bring migrants to Italy.

It seems the UN is urging us to take more refugees, says the Independent.

The UK should double the amount of refugees it takes in under resettlement programmes, the United Nations has urged.
A senior official at the UN’s refugee agency said accepting around 10,000 refugees a year would be a “step change” for the UK.
Volker Turk, assistant commissioner at the UN High Commission for Refugees, said there was a need for countries around the world to “step up” to address the crisis.
The Government has committed to take in 20,000 refugees by 2020 under a scheme set up to cover people fleeing the Syrian conflict, with 5,453 granted humanitarian protection under the programme in the year ending March 2017, and 3,000 vulnerable children and family members.
But Mr Turk, who was in London for talks with ministers, said he hoped the Government’s response would be “significantly” expanded after 2020: “It would be a doubling.”

Breitbart also has the story.

The UK should double the number of refugees it takes in, a senior United Nations (UN) official has urged, claiming asylum seekers “revive” parts of the country.
Volker Turk, the assistant commissioner at the UN High Commissioner for Refugees, called for 10,000 asylum seekers a year to be brought to Britain, representing a “step change” in policy.
“We had good discussions about possible ideas about what can be done post-2020 and the government is open to discussing this and to learn the lessons from what is ongoing at the moment,” he said after meeting ministers in London Thursday.

And the Express quotes a former prime minister of Italy.

EASTERN European nations who refuse to take in migrants under the EU’s quota scheme should be starved of Brussels funding, the former Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi has said.
In a hard-hitting address the socialist chief, who hopes to become the country’s leader once more within the next year, said it was time for Rome to start “protecting its national interests” in Brussels.
He conceded that Italian voters’ anger about having to shoulder the burden of the migration crisis in understandable and admitted he should have done more to represent them within the EU.
Mr Renzi said the new French president Emmanuel Macron, who has taken an aggressive line in Brussels when it comes to advancing his country’s cause, was a good example of how to deal with Europe. 

British Council

The Times is one of the few media to report the possible demise of an 80-year-old organisation.

A colonial-era institution that has promoted British culture and values around the world for 80 years faces winding up its work in key countries before Brexit, The Times has learnt.
The British Council is seen as the leading player in the use of “soft power”, complementing the country’s military and diplomatic strength by sending writers, artists, musicians and actors around the globe.
The works of Shakespeare, Milton and Elgar have been used by the council to cultivate relationships throughout the break-up of the empire, the Cold War, the conflicts in the Middle East and the collapse of the Soviet Union.


Going on holiday abroad? The Mail considers retaliation against the EU’s customs chaos.

Britain should introduce UK-only passport lanes at its own airports in retaliation for the customs chaos suffered in Europe, a minister said today.
The unnamed Tory has suggested that it is ‘subterfuge’ by EU neighbours including France and Germany to warn what they’ll do to British travellers post-Brexit.
EU rules that mean travellers from outside the Schengen free movement zone are subject to stricter vetting at passport control because of the terror threat in Europe.
It has caused airport carnage with people queuing for up to four hours at passport control – sometimes twice the duration of their flight.
But the senior MP backing UK-only passport lanes at home said that European nations like Belgium, Holland and Germany have all seen significant numbers of their citizens join ISIS.

And Westmonster also has the story.

Whilst the EU has suddenly managed to strengthen border controls (for British holidaymakers instead of jihadis), an unnamed Minister in the government has pushed back with a great idea: British lanes at our airports.
Hitting back, the Minister told The Telegraph: “Holland, Belgium and Germany have among the highest numbers of Isil fighters. Should we be putting extra controls on them?
“We should consider British-only lanes in the UK if they want to behave like that. Border controls should be based on reciprocal relationships. If it abuses this reciprocity we should have British only lanes.”
This is an idea the UK should implement post-Brexit anyway. After all, anyone who has visited an American airport will know that there are two queues: ‘US citizens/permanent residents’ and ‘visitors’.

The Mail claims it’s all down to an industrial dispute.

British tourists faced fresh misery last night after staff at one of Europe’s busiest airports tried to exploit the EU passport chaos to win an industrial dispute.
There were delays of up to three hours in Barcelona as protesting border staff deliberately took up to ten minutes to process each passenger.
It led to huge queues for UK holidaymakers at passport control – following a week of disruption across Europe as the EU introduced new border checks.
The cynical plot by staff at Barcelona airport was exposed after one of those involved in the row over pay and conditions was caught boasting on tape by Spanish media.

But the Times has a warning about the possibility of terror attacks.

British holidaymakers travelling to popular European destinations have been warned to be vigilant after a militant organisation protesting against mass tourism promised fresh attacks.
The leader of a group of Spanish anarchists accused the travel industry yesterday of “destroying” Barcelona and the Balearic islands and vowed direct action. Travel operators said that the protests could escalate and pose a risk to holidaymakers.
This week British tourists on a sightseeing trip in Barcelona thought that they had been ambushed by terrorists when masked men attacked their open-top bus. The vehicle’s tyres were slashed and slogans daubed on its windows.

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