Further outrageous demands are coming out of Brussels, reports the Express.

THE European Union (EU) is demanding that Brexit talks take place in rigid four-week cycles, mostly likely in Brussels – and that Britain picks up the tab for the cost.
The latest outrageous demands coming out of the bloc include that the UK pays for the Brexit talks, including all costs such as travel, in an attempt to save its own budget.
The two sides are still miles apart on a number of issues and there has not even been a date agreed for talks to actually start, let alone the form those talks will take.

The Times concentrates on the rights of EU citizens in the UK.

EU citizens living in Britain should automatically be given permanent residency after Brexit even if they have no proof they have been living there, the lead negotiator for Brussels demanded yesterday.
Michel Barnier called for “red tape” to be cut, handing an effective amnesty to the 3.2 million Europeans in Britain.
It follows concern over a number of cases where people found it difficult to satisfy Home Office requirements of proof of residency. The same would apply for the 1.2 million Britons living in EU countries.
“Individuals legally residing in the UK today must remain residents after withdrawal, including in those cases when people have no documents to prove residency,” Mr Barnier told a State of the Union conference in Florence.

The Sun claims the government is drawing up plans to walk away from the negotiations.

THERESA May is considering the dramatic step of publishing ‘Hard Brexit’ plans – to show Britain is serious about going it alone.
Under the radical move, No.10 would go public with the contingency measures being put together by Cabinet Secretary Jeremy Heywood – in the event EU divorce talks break down.
It follows a volley of hostile briefings from Brussels as eurocrats ratchet up the pressure on No.10 – blamed on Commission President Jean Claude Juncker’s chief of staff Martin Selmayr.
After days of attacks, a furious Mrs May on Wednesday accused Brussels bureaucrats of “deliberately” trying to influence the General Election.
Senior Tories are unapologetic with one insisting: “They asked for that.”

And the Express reports that ministers have accused the EU of bullying tactics.

SENIOR Cabinet ministers have hit back at “bullying” Brussels eurocrats, accusing them of trying to undermine Brexit talks with damaging and “misleading” briefings.
David Davis and Sir Michael Fallon weighed in after a week of negative reports from 
European Union sources about negotiations so far and the likely outcome for the UK.
On Wednesday Prime Minister 
Theresa May was stung by the claims from anonymous Brussels “sources” into publicly accusing some “European politicians and officials” of meddling in the UK election and plotting to steamroller Britain into a bad Brexit deal.
Mr Davis, the Secretary of State for Exiting the EU, has now attacked “deliberately misleading briefing” to the press after EU Commission President 
Jean-Claude Juncker dined with Mrs May at Downing Street recently.

The Guardian reports a comment by Juncker about English.

The English language is losing importance in Europe, the president of the European commission has said amid simmering tensions over the Brexit negotiations.
Speaking to an audience of European diplomats and experts in Florence, Jean-Claude Juncker also described the UK’s decision to leave the EU as a tragedy.
“Slowly but surely English is losing importance in Europe,” Juncker said, to applause from his audience. “The French will have elections on Sunday and I would like them to understand what I am saying.” After these opening remarks in English, he switched to French for the rest of the speech.

And the Sun claims the comments sparked ‘uproar’.

BRUSSELS chief Jean Claude Juncker sparked uproar today by speaking French because English was “losing its importance in Europe”.
A day after EU bosses called for calm over Brexit, the European Commission President also accused Britain of “abandoning” the EU project.
He made the rude remarks during his State of the Union speech today in Florence.
Mr Juncker said earlier: “I agitated between English and French … But I have made my choice, I will express myself in French.
“Because slowly but surely English is losing importance in Europe.

The Independent has a similar report.

Jean Claude Juncker has taken a swipe at London by stating that “English is losing importance” amid an ongoing Brexit row with Theresa May.
The European Commission President made the comments as he prepared to give a speech, which he said would be better given in French instead.
He said: “Slowly but surely, English is losing importance.”
It is the latest blow in an intensifying war of words between the EU and the UK, with Defence Secretary Sir Michael Fallon saying on Friday morning that Brexit talks would be easier if Commission officials kept their views to themselves.

Local elections

Back at home, the repercussions of the local elections continue to reverberate. The Telegraph reports the Labour leader’s refusal to take responsibility for his party’s results.

Jeremy Corbyn has been branded “cowardly and selfish” after he failed to take responsibility for Labour’s local election wipeout, leaving local activists to take the blame.
Labour candidates described the results as “an unmitigated disaster” for the party after it lost 320 council seats as well as the West Midlands, Tees Valley and West of England mayoral races it had been predicted to win.
Party sources said Mr Corbyn has demanded data on the number of doors that were knocked and leaflets delivered in the areas where the party did badly, suggesting he is preparing to lay the blame at the door of local campaigners.

And the party’s shadow home secretary has been found wanting in another television interview, says the Mail.

Diane Abbott suffered more cringeworthy confusion over figures today as she claimed Labour had only lost 50 council seats.
The shadow home secretary gave another car crash interview just days after claiming putting 10,000 more police on the streets would cost just £300,000.
In her latest shambolic performance, Mrs Abbott floundered desperately after being asked what the party’s net losses were so far in local elections.
‘At the time of us doing this interview, I think the net losses are about 50,’ she said.
The miffed ITV journalist replied: ‘They are actually 125 net losses so far.’
But Ms Abbott said: ‘Well the last time I looked we had net losses of 100 but obviously this is a moving picture.’ The figure for losses has now risen over 350.

ThIndependent also has the story.

Diane Abbott is facing fresh criticism after underestimating the number of net losses Labour has suffered in local elections in a television interview with ITN on Friday.
It comes just days after the shadow Home Secretary’s “car crash” interview with LBC, which saw Ms Abbott struggle to give clear numbers on Labour’s plan to add 10,000 new police officer roles.
After being asked in an interview with ITV if she knew the number of net losses so far for Labour, the shadow Home Secretary said: “At the time of us doing this interview, I think the net losses are about 50.”
The interviewer corrected her, saying: “They’re actually 125 net losses so far.”
The shadow Home Secretary then tried to clarify, responding with: “Well, the last time I looked, we had net losses of 100, but obviously this is a moving picture.”

Ms Abbott’s interview is also covered in the Mirror.

Shadow Home Secretary Diane Abbott has got her numbers wrong again in another cringe-worthy TV interview.
The senior MP was being quizzed by ITN about Labour’s poor showing in today’s local election results .
Asked if she knew how many seats the party had lost so far, she replied: “At the time of us doing this interview I think the net losses are about 50.”
The interviewer corrected her and pointed out the party had actually lost 125 seats at the time of filming.
The count has since risen a lot higher.

The Mail turns its attention to Tory gains in Scotland.

The Conservatives have surged to historic gains in Scotland as Nicola Sturgeon’s gamble on a second independence referendum backfired.
Theresa May saw her candidates gain more than 160 seats north of the border – including areas such as Glasgow and North Lanarkshire where the Tories have not been competitive for decades.
This brought their total up to a staggering 276 seats – over a dozen more than Labour.
But despite inflicting devastating damage on Ukip and Labour across the country, the Prime Minister delivered a stern warning to her troops against complacency tonight, saying they should not take victory on June 8 ‘for granted’.

General election

On next month’s GE, the Times predicts a Tory landslide.

Theresa May is set for a general election landslide after a stunning set of victories yesterday in Labour heartlands across the north, Midlands and Scotland.
The Conservatives were on course for the biggest gains by a governing party in local elections for more than 40 years, picking up more than 562 councillors and seizing control of 11 more councils.
The political map was redrawn as the Tories secured unexpected wins in traditionally Labour areas, including mayoral triumphs in the West Midlands and Tees Valley. Ukip suffered a near wipeout.
Polling experts suggested that Labour could do even worse in next month’s general election than under Michael Foot in 1983, when the Conservatives secured a 144-seat majority.

The Independent claims a poll shows that Labour supporters are on the verge of calling for Corbyn’s resignation.

A majority of Labour supporters want Jeremy Corbyn to quit immediately if he loses the general election, an exclusive poll for The Independent has revealed.
The survey from ORB sealed a devastating 24 hours for Mr Corbyn after his party was battered in local elections, losing hundreds of seats and the control of stronghold councils defended by Labour for decades.
The leader’s allies desperately tried to explain the mauling, but it marks a horrendous opening to a general election campaign which will see voters go to the polls in just over a month.
Casualties included the loss of Glasgow, held for 40 years, Derbyshire, where the Tories overturned a 22-seat majority, and a mayoral defeat in its Tees Valley North East heartlands.

UKIP has announced that our party’s deputy leader will seek election in Kent.

UKIP Deputy Leader Peter Whittle today announced that he will stand for Member of Parliament for South Basildon and East Thurrock.
He said “In 2015 UKIP put in a very strong showing in the election and came a strong second in South Basildon and East Thurrock, and I hope to do one better this time.
“Basildon and East Thurrock voted overwhelmingly to leave the European Union last year and deserves an MP who will truly stand up for their views.
“UKIP are the only­ party that want to s­ee the type of Brexit­ that people voted fo­r last June, so that ­we can get back contr­ol of our borders and­ our laws.
“Electing UKIP MPs t­o Parliament is the b­est way to ensure tha­t the Conservatives d­o not backslide on Br­exit. We will be thei­r backbone on this is­sue and many others t­oo.

French elections

Across the channel, tomorrow’s elections could be affected by hacking, says the Telegraph.

The campaign team of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron said on Friday night it had been the victim of a “massive hacking attack” after a trove of documents was released online.
The apparent hack came on the final day of campaigning in the French presidential election, with Mr Macron, the centrist, facing Marine Le Pen, the far-Right candidate in tomorrow’s run-off.
Immediate suspicion fell on Russia, which has been accused of meddling in the US election to help get Donald Trump elected in November.
Campaign officials stated authentic documents had been mixed on social media with fake ones to sow “doubt and misinformation” and that it was a clear attempt to undermine Mr Macron.

The Mail also covers the leaks.

Hacked documents from Emmanuel Macron’s presidential campaign were posted online last night in a ‘massive and co-ordinated attack’ after the front-runner complained of Russian attempts to destabilise him.
Nine gigabytes of data were posted by a user called EMLEAKS to Pastebin, a document-sharing site that allows anonymous posting.
They included emails, accounting documents and contracts – all legal – from his political movement En Marche! (Onwards!).
En Marche! said that several of its leaders had their emails hacked last week but the attackers bundled them with fake emails and delayed posting them for maximum effect.
Macron’s team said: ‘The En Marche! Movement has been the victim of a massive and co-ordinated hack this evening which has given rise to the diffusion on social media of various internal information.

ITV News also carries the story.

French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron’s campaign team says it has been the target of a “massive and coordinated” hacking attack.
It comes as France prepares to vote for its next president on Sunday.
Macron’s party En Marche!, which he founded in 2016, said in a statement it was hacked a few weeks ago and that the leaked documents had been mixed with false ones online.
It said whoever is behind the leaked documents is trying to “seed doubt and disinformation” and destabilise Sunday’s presidential runoff.

As does Fox News.

The campaign of French presidential candidate Emmanuel Macron said it suffered a “massive and coordinated” hacking attack and document leak that it called a bid to destabilize Sunday’s presidential runoff.
Fears of hacking, fake news manipulation and Russian meddling clouded the French campaign but had largely gone unrealized — until late Friday’s admission by Macron’s campaign that it had suffered a coordinated online pirate attack had led to the leak of campaign emails and financial documents. It was unclear who was behind the hack and the leak.
U.S. intelligence agencies said they have definitive evidence that Russia was behind the hacking of Democratic email accounts, with the aim of benefiting Donald Trump’s campaign and harming his Democratic opponent, Hillary Clinton.

And if Macron wins the election, the EU could be ‘invigorated’, says Westmonster.

German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, has said Germany and France will seek to reinvigorate the European Union if Emmanuel Macron wins the Presidential election on Sunday.
Speaking in Hamburg today, Merkel said: “If we’re concentrating on Sunday and hoping that the election goes as we wish, we can see that the cooperation between Germany and France will gain decisive significance in this context.”
The EU have formally backed Macron over Le Pen, with commentators long warning that if she were to win, it would be the end of the EU.
Win or lose on Sunday, euroscepticism will continue to grow across the continent. The likes of Angela Merkel have proven time and again to be completely incapable of solving the Eurozone and migration crises, nor able to turn the tide against radical Islamic terrorism that has taken full advantage of the EU’s weak border policy.


Outside politics, the Mail has a story about antibiotics.

The country is on the brink of a ‘post-antibiotic’ era in which infections will only be cured by fresh air and sunshine, the chief medical officer has warned.
Dame Sally Davies is particularly worried about the spread of untreatable strains of gonorrhoea which are already on the rise in some areas of the country.
She is also concerned about the emergence of resistant forms of TB which are not responding to antibiotics.
These deadly infections ‘know no borders’, she warned, and can easily be flown in from Asia or North America.
She said that if the spread of drug-resistant bacteria continues, they will claim more than 10million lives globally by 2050. The resistant bugs have emerged after decades of over-use of antibiotics and have mutated to become resistant to them.


And the Star has a worrying story about ‘sleeper’ jihadis on our streets.

A SHOCK report has claimed there are 350 veteran jihadis on the loose on Britain’s streets “waiting for orders” to carry out attacks.
A horde of deadly jihadis returned from the Syrian war are ready and waiting to carry out large-scale terror attacks – according to The Times.
The flood of new jihadists is stretching the UK’s security security services to breaking point, with up to 30 officers required to provide 24-hour monitoring of just one suspect.
MI5 has previously said around 3,000 violent Islamist extremists are operating in the UK and could strike at any time.
While Olivier Guitta, managing director at risk consultants GlobalStrat, told the Daily Telegraph this week: “Many who joined ISIS have returned to the UK and they could be awaiting instructions.”

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