Is a Brexit deal imminent? The EU seems to think so, but the Mail reports a warning.

Downing Street last night cautioned that Theresa May would not be bounced into a Brexit deal as the European Union said an agreement was imminent.
EU negotiators in Brussels upped the pressure yesterday, suggesting a deal could be struck within the next ten days thanks to an expected breakthrough on the issue of the Irish border.
The Prime Minister is preparing to table new proposals on how to avoid a hard border before a key Brexit summit on 17 October.
The plans are expected to suggest that the whole of the UK remains in a customs arrangement with the EU, with Northern Ireland closely aligned to the single market.

However, the Telegraph reports that a good deal is on the cards.

The EU is preparing to offer Theresa May a “supercharged” free trade deal but will reject Mrs May’s demands for frictionless trade, it has emerged.
The offer from Brussels, which will be put to British negotiators on Wednesday, is said to contain “30 to 40 per cent” of the demands made in Mrs May’s Chequers proposal.
Ireland’s Europe Minister suggested on Friday  that a deal could be done “in the next 10 days”.

But the Times claims the offer of a deal will be spurned.

Brussels will formally reject Theresa May’s plea for frictionless trade between Britain and Europe next week in a move that will pile further pressure on the prime minister.
European negotiators will publish their official response to Chequers on Wednesday and are expected to offer a trade deal much less ambitious in scope than the prime minister had hoped for.

Behind the scenes, new concessions may have been made, says the Sun.

MICHEL Barnier told EU countries behind closed doors that a Brexit breakthrough is now “very close” after fresh compromise from Britain.
The usually stubborn Frenchman’s team sent the Pound soaring yesterday after an upbeat assessment of the state of the talks at a closed meeting with diplomats from national capitals – despite public doom and gloom.
Hopes of progress have been fuelled by expectations that Theresa May has come forward with a compromise solution to the Irish border.
The PM will propose keeping the whole of the UK in a customs union as a final fallback but allowing Northern Ireland to stick to EU regulations.

The Guardian reports that the Prime Minister is planning to use Labour MPs to get her plans through Parliament.

Theresa May has drawn up plans for a secret charm offensive aimed at persuading dozens of Labour MPs to back her Brexit deal even if it costs Jeremy Corbyn the chance to be prime minister, the Guardian has learned.
Senior Conservatives say they have already been in private contact with a number of Labour MPs over a period of several months, making the case that the national interest in avoiding a no-deal outcome is more important than forcing a general election by defeating the government on May’s Brexit deal.

But the Express claims the PM’s plans include a continuation of the EU’s customs union.

THERESA May’s top secret Brexit plan B has been revealed, with the Prime Minister seeking an agreement that will keep the UK permanently shackled to the EU customs union – and Irish officials are said to have backed the proposal.
Mrs May is said to be pouring over the plan, which “is for the whole UK to participate in a customs union with the EU”, and is a scenario that could take effect if no other solution to the Irish border question is found.
The plan would act as a temporary deal with the EU until a final solution to the Northern Ireland border enigma that has so far stifled Brexit negotiations is finally solved.

It seems a load of ‘luvvies’ are conspiring to fund anti-Brexiteers, says the Independent.

More than 20 household names from the worlds of film, music, comedy, literature and sport have agreed to help pay for people to travel to a major demonstration in support of fresh referendum on Brexit.
Stars including Delia SmithSir Patrick Stewart and Ian McEwan are among public figures who have pledged support to help people from their home towns and regions travel to the  People’s Vote March for the Future on 20 October, which is being organised in conjunction with 
The Independent.


The Express reports that the ECJ will decide whether the UK can unilaterally decide to reverse the result of the referendum.

THE EUROPEAN Court of Justice (ECJ) has agreed to expedite a case which would determine whether the UK can reverse Brexit without the approval of other EU members.
A decision on whether Britain could unilaterally stop the Article 50 process will now be made in late November.
The case has been brought by Jo Maugham QC and a cross-party group of Scottish politicians from fiercely pro-Remain constituencies in a bid to prove the UK could reverse Brexit by itself if need be.

The Independent also reports on the ECJ.

The European Court of Justice (ECJ) will next month consider whether Brexit can be halted if MPs want it to be.
On Friday the ECJ confirmed the case, brought by a group of Remain-supporting campaigners had, had been “granted the fast-track procedure” after a Scottish court said the issue was “urgent”.

t comes after the Court of Session in Edinburgh said it was referring the question of whether the UK is able to unilaterally withdraw its Article 50 letter – sent in March 2017 – to Luxembourg.

Conservative Party

The question of the Prime Minister’s position is examined in the Mirror.

Any Tory Brexiteer bid to topple Theresa May as leader would trigger “collapse and disarray”, a prominent minister has said.
Foreign Office Minister Sir Alan Duncan insisted Conservative MPs seeking to oust the Prime Minister represented a fringe element.
The comments came as Ireland’s deputy prime minister Simon Coveney accused leading arch-Brexiteers of peddling “crazy” ideas about the impact of a no deal withdrawal from the EU.

It seems some Tory MPs are getting cross with the PM. The Independent says:

Conservative Brexiteers are giving Theresa May  an ultimatum, that if her negotiating strategy fails she must accept plans for a Canada-style trade deal or face a leadership challenge.
Senior figures say it would be impossible for her to try to further negotiate on her Chequers  proposals if they are rejected by parliament or the EU.
Instead, she would be told only full acceptance of the kind of arrangement put forward by Boris JohnsonDavid DavisJacob Rees-Mogg and others would allow her to avoid a Tory vote of no confidence.


The question of the Ireland/Northern Ireland border is still up in the air, reports the Mail.

Patrick Kielty will today offer Westminster politicians an ‘idiots’ guide’ to explain why  Northern Ireland should have no hard border with the Republic.
Insisting that the people of Northern Ireland don’t want a hard Brexit, the comic, married to Cat Deeley, will accuse leading Brexiteers – Boris Johnson, David Davis and Jacob Rees-Mogg – of not caring about his country.

The EU claims the UK has to find a solution, says the Independent.

The EU has told the UK to stop “wasting time” and find a solution to the Irish border row, with just two weeks until the next showdown summit over Brexit.
Donald Tusk, the European Council president, turned his fire on Jeremy Hunt for likening the EU to the Soviet Union – accusing ministers of rousing the Tory faithful, instead of striving to reach an agreement.
“Unacceptable remarks that raise the temperature will achieve nothing except wasting more time,” Mr Tusk said.

And it seems Ireland’s deputy prime minister is blaming top Brexiteers, says the Express.

IRELAND’s deputy prime minister Simon Coveney has lashed out at Boris Johnson, Jacob Rees-Mogg and other Brexiteers whom he accused of having “crazy” ideas about the implications of a no-deal scenario.
Mr Coveney’s barb came as Dublin urged Prime Minister Theresa May to bring forward her proposals to break the deadlock in the Brexit talks over the Northern Ireland border.

BBC News reports on who exactly should made a decision on what happens on the border.

Sinn Féin and the SDLP have rejected the possibility of Stormont having a say over what kind of backstop may emerge if there is a ‘no deal’ Brexit.
Proposals being worked on by the British government are said to include some kind of role for MLAs.
Sinn Féin and the SDLP said they oppose this.
Earlier the parties, along with Alliance and the Greens, were briefed on the Brexit talks by the EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier.


There are further troubles on the Continent, reports the Telegraph.

Italy’s insurgent coalition has warned of a financial cataclysm of global proportions if the eurozone authorities reject the country’s budget plans and ratchet up economic stress as a tool of pressure.
“If anybody in Brussels is stupid enough to think they can use the ‘Greek textbook’ against us, they will find that the crisis is not Greece squared, but Greece cubed,” said Claudio Borghi, economics chief for the Lega party and chairman of the budget committee in the lower house of parliament.

But the boozy boss of the EU claims a deal is in the offing, says the Express.

JEAN-Claude Juncker has claimed that the signals coming out of London are confused over Brexit but he believes a deal can be done by November. The European Commission President launched a fresh attack on Theresa May complaining about a “polyphonic chorus” of different messages from Britain.
His words came after Reuters claimed diplomatic sources have said that a Brexit deal is “very close”.
The unhelpful intervention by Mr Juncker follows widespread criticism over the EU’s approach to the talks after the Salzburg get together of EU leaders where European Council President Donald Tusk went out of his way to insult Mrs May on social media.

Labour Party

Oh well, I suppose we could have Corbyn as Prime Minister. The Mirror rejects that idea.

JEREMY Corbyn would be TEN TIMES worse than Brexit for the British economy, experts have warned.
It comes as financial bigwigs revealed they are preparing to shift their investments out of Britain because they’re so scared of a Corbyn regime.
Britain’s super-rich are setting up offshore investment and trusts outside the UK in places like Jersey, Monaco, Portugal, the US and Switzerland.
Michael Maslinski of wealth management consultancy Maslinski & Co, told the FT: “Most people are much more worried about Corbyn than Brexit by a factor of 10.”


With the scandal surrounding the management of clinical waste, the Telegraph reports on instructions to nurses.

District nurses are being told to dispose of bandages and other clinical waste in patients’ own dustbins in the wake of the NHS body parts scandal.
A memo sent to carers tells them to use “sandwich bags and bin liners” to wrap up dressings, gloves, aprons and other clinical waste.
The nurses are specifically told not to use yellow or orange clinical waste bags, which cannot be taken away with household waste.

And the Mail claims nurses may be able to write sick notes soon.

Nurses may soon be able to write sick notes to reduce the workload of over-stretched GPs, a health official has said.
Professor Gina Radford, deputy chief medical officer of NHS England, claims the health service is ‘taking forward work to legislate an extension of fit note certification to other healthcare professionals’.
Around 10 million sick notes are written by GPs across England every year, adding to already soaring workloads.

Would you see your GP alongside loads of other patients? That suggestion is being mooted, reports the Telegraph.

Patients will be expected to see their GPs in groups of up to 15 under plans being considered by the NHS.
Doctors said group consultations should become “the default” option 
 offered by surgeries for many conditions, in an attempt to cope with growing shortages of Gps.

The scheme is expected to be included in the  NHS 10-year plan which is due to be published later this year.

The Times also has the story.

Group consultations of up to 15 patients are likely to be made “the default” for the NHS in its ten-year plan to tackle waiting times, it was claimed last night.
The scheme has been promoted as a strategy to ease the strain on family doctors and cope with growing shortages of GPs, and been piloted in areas including London, Birmingham, Manchester and Sheffield.
Doctors involved in the pilots said that they had reduced the time spent repeating advice and that patients were given as much as 90 minutes to discuss their condition with fellow sufferers.

The Mail reports on cyber security.

The NHS could cheap out of getting robust cyber security after being told it would cost up to £1 billion to protect against hackers.
Health officials have said paying for the recommended level of online protection ‘would not be value for money’, despite a huge
cyber attack last year.
The WannaCry attack last May led to thousands of cancelled operations, postponed GP appointments and diverted ambulances.
But NHS Digital is reluctant to fork out for full protection, despite recommendations from a Government review and ongoing smaller cyber attacks.


Breitbart openly makes the connection between immigration and lack of housing.

The Government is releasing thousands of acres of green belt land for developers to concrete over, as a population boom driven by mass immigration exacerbates a surging demand for housing.
A record 12,350 acres were carved off the green belt — designed to protect Britain’s countryside from urban sprawl — in the year to March 31st, with around 25,000 acres lost since 2012, according to the Daily Mail.
“The government must stop heaping pressure on councils to deliver unrealistic targets that result in the green belt being chipped away,” complained Rebecca Pullinger, planning campaigner for the Campaign to Protect Rural England (CPRE).

Rail travel

The rail regulator is looking carefully at this summer’s timetable fiasco, says the Times.

Train companies could be fined several million pounds if they are found to have kept passengers in the dark over disastrous timetable failures this summer.
The rail regulator has started an inquiry into Northern Rail and Govia Thameslink Railway (GTR), which runs Thameslink, Southern and Great Northern trains, to determine whether they breached their operating licences.
Companies are required to provide passengers with “appropriate, accurate and timely information” so that they can plan journeys with a “reasonable degree of assurance”.


The Kremlin is targeting our youngsters, says the Times.

The Kremlin is targeting British teenagers as part of a covert campaign to sow discord among young westerners, The Times can reveal.
Russian-run accounts have posed as Harry Potter fans and used images of celebrities such as the actress Emma Watson to amass young followers on social networks.
Thousands of young Britons have also been exposed to a Kremlin-financed YouTube channel that has been described as “the Blue Peter of Russian propaganda” and which has sought to create confusion about the Salisbury poisoning.

And the country is also implicated within the world of sport, says the Mail.

Russian hackers waged a four-year disinformation campaign against the west in which they obtained sensitive information from weapons watchdogs and anti-doping sports bodies, it emerged today.
Seven Kremlin agents working for the GRU are accused of hacking the records of 250 athletes from 30 countries as they travelled across the globe using the intelligence obtained to spread fake news designed to bolster President Vladimir Putin’s position on the world stage.
The targets included FIFA, the World Anti-Doping Agency and the 2016 US presidential race that resulted in the election of Donald Trump. 

But the Mirror reports that sanctions could have cost the Russian boss a lot of money.

Crippling international sanctions have personally cost Vladimir Putin more than £100million.
The Russian President is thought to be worth £153billion, much of it hidden offshore and in accomplices’ accounts.
But now the British Government is set to impose even more devastating sanctions on Putin, targeting his henchmen and business interests.
The President has long been suspected of grabbing a huge percentage of any business deal coming into Russia and hiding the money in friends’ accounts.


The education system seems to think that our party is racist, says the Mail.

A 15-year-old boy was given detention after voicing his support for Ukip during a classroom debate, his father has claimed.
During a phone-in on radio station LBC yesterday, a caller named Paul told host Nick Ferrari his son had been punished after declaring he would vote for the Right-wing party – but shouldn’t be called racist.
The caller said: ‘One boy said he’d vote for Ukip and the teacher said “all Ukip voters are racist”, so my boy came in and said, “I’d vote for Ukip and I’m not racist.”
‘He was given a detention, [with] the three boys that said it, and when he came home and told me I didn’t believe him.’

Westmonster also has the story.

A father has said his 15-year-old son was given a detention simply for saying he would vote for UKIP.
Paul, who called LBC to tell about the shocking treatment of his son said: “One boy said he’d vote for UKIP and the teacher said that ‘all UKIP voters are racist’ so my boy came in and said ‘I’d vote for UKIP and I’m not racist’”.
He continued: “He was given a detention, the three boys that said it, and when he come home and told me I didn’t believe him.”

And our leader has hit back on the party’s own website, UKIP.

Today on Nick Ferrari’s LBC radio show, a parent informed Ferrari that his son was given detention by a teacher because he voiced support for UKIP. The teacher was later reprimanded and the parent and child received an apology from both the teacher and the school.
There is an increasing number of reports across the country of this behaviour by teachers against pupils who say they support UKIP in class.
UKIP Leader Gerard Batten commented:
“Sadly this is not a unique occurrence. UKIP people have told me that teachers have told their children that their parents ‘belong to a Nazi party’.
“One parent told me his son, the only white boy in his class, was singled out and the class was told, ‘this boy’s father belongs to a party that wants to send you all back where you came from’.

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