It looks like the EU will not let the UK out of the block easily, reports the Mail.

Britain will be made to ‘pay’ for leaving the EU, Francois Hollande has warned.
The French president said Britain should be punished for Brexit as a warning to other nations.
Launching a furious attack on Britain decision to leave the EU, the leader echoed the sentiments of German Chancellor Angela Merkel .
Yesterday she said Britain may not be given access to the European Union’s internal market if it limits immigration, as it would lead to a free-for-all in Europe.
Mr Hollande also made it clear that it would be up to his own country and Germany, the founding fathers of the European project, to defend it.

Sky News also reports the French president’s comments.

French President Francois Hollande has insisted the EU must take a firm line with the UK after Theresa May signalled she backed a so-called “hard Brexit”.
Mr Hollande said Britain wanted to leave the bloc “but doesn’t want to pay”, which he argued was “not possible”.
His comments come after the Prime Minister told party activists she wanted British firms to have “the maximum freedom to trade with and operate within the single market”, but not at the expense of allowing free movement or accepting the jurisdiction of the European Court of Justice.

And Sky News says another Eurocrat has demanded the City of London does not get away with Brexit.

The City of London must be stripped of one of its most lucrative businesses when Britain leaves the European Union, the French finance minister has told Sky News.
In comments which will be seen as a further escalation of Brexit tension between Britain and its European partners, Michel Sapin said that London’s clearing operations, which involve the processing of euro transactions from around the world, could no longer remain in the UK.
“There will be consequences [to Brexit],” said Mr Sapin. “But one thing is sure, no one in the Eurozone will accept that the main clearing place will be outside the European Union.

And even the Sun felt the need to report the threat.

FRENCH President Francois Hollande yesterday demanded Britain pays a heavy economic “price” for leaving the EU.
It came as European Commission chief Jean-Claude Juncker weighed in insisting the EU must be “unyielding” over divorce terms.
But their comments were seized on by senior Brexiteers who said there was no reason EU leaders could not strike a free trade deal with Britain.
A grandstanding Mr Hollande declared: “There must be a threat, there must be a risk, there must be a price” during Brexit negotiations.
He said: “We need to remain strong. If not, we will threaten the very principles of the European Union.

And the Independent also reports on the matter.

Francois Hollande has become the latest EU leader to demand that Britain must pay a heavy economic price for leaving the EU.
The French President – who called the likely hard Brexit the biggest crisis in the EU’s history – said its future depended on a determination to be tough in the talks to follow.
He said: “We need to remain strong. If not, we will threaten the very principles of the European Union. That could lead to other countries or regions wanting to leave the EU to gain so-called benefits but without any inconvenience or rules.”
President Hollande added: “There must be a threat, there must be a risk, there must be a price. Otherwise we will be in a negotiation that cannot end well.”

But the Spectator analyses what was originally promised if the UK voted to leave the EU.

Remember how Brexit was going to cost jobs and investment? At times, even Leave campaigners struggled to find the confidence to persuade themselves that European companies would continue to invest in the UK, falling back instead on the argument that Brexit would provide an opportunity to attract investment from elsewhere in the world.
How long ago all that seems now. Today, French train manufacturer Alston has confirmed that it is to build a new £20 million manufacturing plant at Widnes in Cheshire, creating 600 jobs. The plant will refurbish West Coast main line trains and be used as a manufacturing base for future trains for the UK market. Explaining why the vote for Brexit has not changed the company’s view on investing in the UK, UK managing director Nick Crossfield said: ‘Other than some of the very limited foreign exchange volatility, we have not seen any major impact to our business. For us, it is business as usual. We are in a business that is based on long-term fundamentals like population growth and industrial development and that continues as before.’

Labour Party

More turmoil in the Labour Party is reported in several of the media. Breitbart says:

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is facing a fresh round of bitter in-fighting after reshuffling his shadow cabinet .
Chairman of the parliamentary party, John Cryer, strongly criticised the timing of the top level shake-up.
In an angry letter to MPs, Mr Cryer said he and sacked chief whip Rosie Winterton had been kept in the dark about the major transformation of Labour’s front bench, despite being engaged in talks with the leadership on having some of the places put up for election.

And BBC News also covers the story.

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is facing a row over his new shadow cabinet, after the chairman of the Parliamentary Labour Party said he was not informed about the reshuffle.
John Cryer said in a letter to MPs that the party leadership had not told him or sacked chief whip Rosie Winterton about the changes.
The PLP had held talks with party leaders over shadow cabinet elections.
A spokesman for Mr Corbyn said he was willing to continue the discussions.
His reshuffle has seen deputy leader Tom Watson appointed shadow culture secretary, as well as the return of several MPs who quit the shadow cabinet in the summer in protest at Mr Corbyn’s leadership.
In other appointments, Jon Ashworth became shadow health secretary, John Healey returned to housing and Diane Abbott became shadow home secretary.

Sky News reports that the party’s leader has been criticised.

Jeremy Corbyn has come under attack after reshuffling his shadow cabinet for not allowing elections for at least some of the positions in his top team.
The Labour leader completed his revamp early on Friday evening by appointing deputy leader Tom Watson as shadow culture secretary.
But as soon as his new team had been announced, the chair of the Parliamentary Labour Party (PLP), John Cryer, wrote to MPs criticising the process.
In his letter, Mr Cryer says that at the beginning of September, the PLP had voted “overwhelmingly for the return of elections to the Shadow Cabinet”.

And the Guardian reports similarly.

Jeremy Corbyn has used his post-victory reshuffle to assert his authority by wresting back control of Labour’s national executive committee and ensuring his closest allies retained the most senior shadow cabinet roles.
The Labour leader reached out to his deputy, Tom Watson, with whom he has had a tense relationship throughout the summer, appointing him shadow culture, media and sports secretary in addition to his existing position.
He also promoted Jonathan Ashworth to the role of shadow health secretary but stripped the MP, who is not seen as an ally, of his role on Labour’s NEC, appointing the supportive Kate Osamor instead.
But as the final team was announced, Corbyn – who began the shake-up by sacking his chief whip, Rosie Winterton, and appointing Nick Brown – faced an immediate backlash.

The Mirror reports on the make up of the party’s National Executive Committee.

Jeremy Corbyn has revealed a plan to tighten his grip on Labour by handing a loyal MP a place on the party’s ruling body.
He put Kate Osamor forward for the powerful NEC to replace Jonathan Ashworth – despite former Gordon Brown aide Mr Ashworth being promoted in his shadow cabinet reshuffle.
Control of the 35-member National Executive Committee is on a knife-edge between supporters and critics of Mr Corbyn.
If one side ends up with a thumping majority it could pass sweeping rule changes shifting the balance of power between Labour members and MPs.

And the Morning Star reports abuse against the party’s black MP.

VILE racist slurs were directed at new shadow home secretary Diane Abbott yesterday following her promotion in the Labour reshuffle.
The Hackney North and Stoke Newington MP was bombarded with discriminatory comments and pictures on social media that the Star has decided not to print.
Defenders of the long-time ally of Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn came out to condemn the discrimination as “misogynoir” — attacks specifically aimed at black women.
Some commentators attempted to disguise their derogatory reactions to her promotion from shadow health secretary as concern for politics by claiming that she was too “inexperienced” for the role — despite Ms Abbott having started her post-university career at the Home Office, having been a staunch anti-racism campaigner and the first black female MP.


There are further problems in the Mediterranean reports Breitbart.

The dramatic situation of Italy’s overpacked migrant welcome centers has obliged authorities to delay debarkation of hundreds of new arrivals, leaving them for the moment on board the rescue vessels that brought them.
On Thursday, a Spanish Civil Guard ship carrying 1258 migrants rescued off the coast of Libya landed at Cagliari, on the Italian island of Sardinia. After a two-day sea journey, the vessel Rio Segura was told that all the migrant shelters are full and therefore the migrants would have to remain aboard the ship until provisions could be made for their housing.
A new procedure of migrant identification and registration has been instituted according to which photo identification would take place before migrants will be permitted to descend from rescue vessels. The situation in Sardinia is so serious that the Cagliari Civil Defense has been using the terminal intended for cruise ships as the identification center for the first reception of migrants.

Global warming

Is global warming real? The Telegraph has a look at past predictions.

Dire predictions that the Arctic would be free of sea ice by September of this year have proven to be unfounded after latest satellite images showed there is far more ice now than in 2012.
Scientists such as Professor Peter Wadhams, of Cambridge University and Prof Wieslaw Maslowski, of the Naval Postgraduate School in Moderey, California, have regularly forecast the loss of ice by 2016, which has been widely reported by the BBC and other media outlets.
Prof Wadhams, who is considered a leading expert on Arctic sea ice loss, has recently published a book entitled A Farewell To Ice in which he repeats the assertion that the Arctic would free of ice in the middle of this decade.
As late as this summer he was still predicting an ice-free September.


With the UKIP MEP Steven Woolfe apparently recovering, the Express reports on a council by-election which was won by the party.

UKIP’S troubles in Strasbourg, where Steven Woolfe was involved in an altercation, appeared to have little impact at the ballot box as the party won a council by-election with almost 50 per cent of the vote yesterday.
Tim Fleming won the Headland and Harbour ward on Hartlepool Borough Council with 496 votes following the resignation of a Labour councillor.
The support for the party, which has been strong in Hartlepool in recent years, came despite the leadership crisis and was on the day of the bust up in the European Parliament involving leadership contender Steven Woolfe.
Hartlepool was represented by Lord Mandelson from 1992 until 2004.
Mr Fleming polled 49 per cent of the vote.
Labour in second won 25 per cent of the vote. Turnout was 17.8 per cent.
Labour maintains its majority on the council with 19 seats, and Ukip are second with six.

But the ‘altercation’ is to be investigated by an MEP who has criticised Woolfe, reports Breitbart

Conservative MEP Sajjad Karim has been appointed to lead the European Parliament’s investigation into yesterday’s “altercation” involving Steven Woolfe, just hours after he publicly mocked Mr Woolfe on Twitter.
The Conservative MEP, who defected from the Liberal Democrats in 2007 and is a staunch Europhile, took to Twitter after Mr Woolfe collapsed yesterday to make light of the fact he was receiving treatment with in the European Union.
While Mr Woolfe was in hospital being treated for what was feared at the time to be bleeding on the brain, Sajjad Karim tweeted:


Is the EU finally facing up to what it has become? The Express reports the possibility.

THE penny appeared to finally drop with the Brussels elite today after a top eurocrat went on an extraordinary rant against his gravy train loving colleagues.
EU parliament chief Martin Schulz blasted the opulent lifestyle of Europe’s army of pen pushers, railing against the champagne and caviar culture at the heart of the euro project.
The top eurocrat said too many EU staff and MEPs are coasting on the gravy train, enjoying extravagant pay and perks but getting very little done in return.
According to an official within the EU parliament, the Brussels big cheese raged that the bloated institution had “turned into a fairground” where people’s heads are filled with glitz and glamour rather than public service.
The source revealed to Politico: “Schulz launched into a long tirade against his colleagues in general as to how the European Parliament had turned into a sort of fairground with all sorts of attractions, food and drinks on offer, which are all a distraction from the important business of tackling Europe’s crises.”

And the Mirror claims the bloc is going to act on the steel situation.

The EU is slapping import taxes of up to 73% on cheap Chinese steel.
It came as Brussels found Chinese-made products were being sold in Europe at “heavily dumped prices”.
The tariffs are designed to “restore the profitability” and provide “breathing space” for European steel makers.
The heavy taxes will be whacked on Chinese hot-rolled steel, the type produced at Tata’s Port Talbot plant in South Wales, where thousands of jobs are under threat.
However, the tariffs are small compared with the US, which is imposing duties of up to 522% on “dumped” Chinese steel .
Meanwhile, it is also unknown what impact the UK’s exit from the EU will have


Once again, the Star has found a story that could lead to Armageddon.

VLADIMIR Putin has sneaked nuclear-capable missiles into central Europe amid fears of another World War.
Moscow sent the deadly Iskander-M missile system on a civilian ship so it would remain undetected to the Russian enclave of Kaliningrad, according to Estonian media.
Capable of striking targets 310 miles away and the ability to carry nuclear weapons, the missile launching system is far more advanced than anything the West has.
Estonia’s minister of defence, Hannes Hanso, said: “It’s certainly true that we have reason to keep our eyes open in the air, on the water, and everywhere else.”
But he would not give any further comment on the carrier.
However US intelligence has confirmed Russia is manoeuvring the weapons.

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