Our health and the NHS have now also become topics in the debate about BREXIT, adding to the ‘Climate of Fear’ – or ‘Climate of Anger’. The question the Remainiacs have to answer is: is staying in the EU worth sacrificing our NHS?

Daily Mail

Safety alert as EU blocks vital checks on doctors’ qualifications

The European Union is a threat to patient safety because it will soon prevent hospitals from making vital checks on doctors, a former health minister warns today.Unless Britain votes to leave the EU, the NHS will have to employ European doctors without being able to check their qualifications in as little as two years, MP Gisela Stuart said.This is because of the planned introduction of European Professional Cards, due to come into force for doctors in 2018. These will allow medics to work in the NHS without having their qualifications checked.


Where is YOUR money going? EU migrant mothers ‘cost the NHS a staggering £1.3 BILLION’

THE soaring number of babies born in Britain to mothers from other European Union countries has cost the NHS well over £1billion in the last 10 years in maternity care alone, it was estimated yesterday. Nearly 476,000 babies were delivered in England and Wales between 2005 and 2014 to mothers born in other EU states, according to latest figures revealed last year by the Office for National Statistics.The annual total more than doubled from 24,942 or 3.9 per cent of all babies born in England and Wales in 2005, to 64,067, or 9.2 per cent of all live births in 2014.Figures suggest maternity care for those families cost the NHS more than £1.3billion over the 10 years.The increasing number of youngsters also adds to pressure on local authority services, schools and the NHS as they grow up, noted campaigners for Britain to leave the EU.

But there’s a much greater threat! Sorry, this is irresistible and on a par with arguing that we must stay in the EU because of cheaper ‘roaming charges’:


Brexit will mean big medical bills for Britons travelling abroad, pro-Europe campaigners warn

British people who fall ill in continental Europe or are injured in accidents could be hit with medical bills running into thousands of pounds, campaigners against Brexit have claimed. In an effort to turn focus of the referendum campaign’s on to health, Britain Stronger in Europe argued that the European Health Insurance Card system would be in jeopardy if the UK votes to leave the EU. Its claim was dismissed by the Leave campaign, which said the result of the vote would not affect the long-standing reciprocal arrangement. British nationals are entitled to state-provided treatment in European hospitals free or at a reduced rate under a deal to transfer costs between different EU health services. That includes emergency maternity treatment.

There is however another threat to our security and indeed health, which was discussed at the Nuclear Summit in Washington:

Daily Mail

‘Nuclear drones’ threat to British cities:

Security officials fear Islamic State is plotting to use drones to spray deadly nuclear waste over British cities. The threat is considered so real that David Cameron and Barack Obama last night held a ‘war game’ session on how to respond to such an attack – which could kill thousands and leave a target town or city uninhabitable for years. Aides said the drones could be purchased easily on websites such as Amazon and there was already evidence of IS trying to use them. The Prime Minister said: ‘We know the terrorists we face today would like to kill as many people as they possibly could, using whatever materials they can get their hands on.’


NUCLEAR WARNING: Islamic State ‘planning to use drones to drop DIRTY BOMB on Britain’

ISIS could use remote control drones to attack Western cities with a deadly dirty bomb, David Cameron has warned. The Prime Minister said the drones – which can be easily purchased online – can carry radioactive material into the heart of densely-populated cities. The threat comes after revelations that the terrorists who blew themselves up in Brussels last month had possibly been trying to acquire nuclear material.


A terrorist dirty bomb? US summit asks world leaders to plot response

Radioactive material stolen from a medical facility has fallen into the hands of a global terrorist network, which is poised to launch a deadly “dirty bomb” attack on civilians using overhead drones. It sounds like a Hollywood plotline, but Barack Obama has urged world leaders at a summit in Washington to think about how they would respond if it played out in reality. David Cameron was among more than 50 delegates to the nuclear security summit who were shown film footage setting out the chilling storyline, including mock-up news reports, and asked to think through the consequences in a “scenario-planning” session. Speaking beforehand, the prime minister said the threat of nuclear material falling into the hands of a terrorist group such as Isis was “only too real”.


Terrorists want to get their hands on nuclear materials ‘to kill as many people as they can’, warns David Cameron

Terrorists will use “whatever materials they can get their hands on”, David Cameron warned as world leaders gathered to discuss the security of nuclear facilities. […] The UK and United States will take part in a joint exercise next year to prepare for any online attack against nuclear power plants and waste storage facilities. The Prime Minister will also offer British expertise to other countries to safeguard their own civil nuclear installations. Speaking in Washington, where Barack Obama is hosting the Nuclear Security Summit (NSS), Mr Cameron said: “We know that the terrorists we face today would like to kill as many people as they possibly could, using whatever materials they can get their hands on. So obviously the security of nuclear materials, for those countries that have nuclear programmes, is incredibly important and that’s why this conference like previous conferences will make sure that we have proper security for those materials, not just in Britain – we are quite a global leader in this – but also all over the world.”


Isil plotting to use drones for nuclear attack on West

World leaders are concerned that  jihadists want to buy basic drones that are widely available online to transport radioactive material into the heart of major cities in a strike that could kill thousands. The Prime Minister warned that the dangers of Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (Isil) getting hold of nuclear material was “only too real”. Mr Cameron on Friday met world leaders, including the presidents of America, France and China, to plan how they would react to such an attackFootage has reportedly emerged showing Isil using drones and the threat was deemed so serious that – in a highly unusual move – world leaders were asked to take part in war games to plan how they would respond. One scenario, mapped out by US  officials and presented at the special Nuclear Security Summit session in Washington DC, spelt out the danger in remarkable detail. It imagined radioactive material had been taken from a medical facility by “insiders” and sold to extremists through the internet’s secretive “dark web”. Mr Cameron outlined how ministers would urgently hold a Cobra meeting and deploy counter-terrorism police and the UK Border Force. A British official said: “We have already seen Daesh [another name for Isil] trying to look at whether they can they get their hands on low-level crop-using-type drones.” Isil is believed to have seized around 90 pounds of low grade uranium from Mosul University in Iraq after taking over the city in 2014, though its limited toxicity means its use would likely cause panic than serious harm.

Are you baffled now? Should we be afraid? Is it time to panic? Or is it about “eliminating panic and the causes of panic’? Certainly not: where would our politicians be if they couldn’t cause panic – just a little bit of panic, you understand …!

And finally, here’s a most excellent comment on the ‘EU war’ inside the Tory Party. It’s a most excellent look back in anger:

Daily Mail

PETER OBORNE: Assassinations. Vendettas. The Tories’ 30-year civil war is about to reach a bloody climax

Almost 25 years have passed since I was hired for my first job as a Westminster correspondent. I duly arrived at the Commons expecting an education in the glories of Parliament. I certainly received an education — in just how low politicians can sink. The Tory war over the European Union had already been raging for about two years. It had been launched (like many wars) by an assassination — in this case the political assassination of Maggie Thatcher, destroyed by a group of pro-Europeans, whose chosen figurehead was Michael Heseltine. […] When Tony Blair consigned the Tories to opposition, nobody much cared what they thought about Europe or anything else, and as a result William Hague, who took over as party leader from Major, was able to negotiate a settlement between the two warring factions. In a memorable phrase, Mr Hague warned that Europe was a bomb that could never be defused, yet might go off at any moment, so it was better to leave well alone. All of his successors as Tory leader, including IDS, heeded this message. So did Mr Cameron — at first. Then he made his famous speech in January 2013, in which he committed the Tory Party to an EU referendum. It is easy to understand why Mr Cameron made this commitment. Back then, Ukip was on the march, and the dogs on the sceptic Tory Right were barking. The Conservative leader devised the referendum pledge as a clever wheeze to nullify Nigel Farage and keep the show on the road until the 2015 election, which he didn’t expect to win. As a short-term fix, it worked reasonably well. But now Mr Cameron has to deal with the consequences of ignoring Mr Hague’s advice. The Conservative Party has gone back to war — and it’s even more venomous.

Enjoy reading it in full!






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