The headlines, articles and comments in today’s papers are very interesting to an observer who remembers the General Election campaign last year. Then, after the buckets of slime and smear in regard to UKIP, we had a lull – as far as the MSM were concerned, UKIP didn’t exist. There were only a very few short articles. The same is happening now, and today’s papers are the evidence. One’s got to look far, wide and deeply to find anything on Brexit, news on the lies of the Remainians and Brussels are coyly hidden. But we found them anyway!  So here’s the first bunch:

Daily Mail

Why staying IN Europe could harm your pension: Experts contradict Osborne’s claim that retirees would lose out from Brexit

Pensioners were last night told they face losing ‘dramatic’ sums of money if Britain votes to stay in the European Union. The warning flies in the face of George Osborne’s claim that Brexit would cost every pensioner up to £32,000 – and asserts that the real threat to retirement incomes is a vote to Remain. Experts highlighted a Brussels directive which requires insurers to increase their cash reserves to guard against the risk of insolvency. Even though it has only been partially implemented in Britain, it has already driven down the rates on annuities, which millions of workers have to buy to turn their private or company pension pots into an income for life.

The extraordinary news about the planned EU Army, and how far it is already being set up – right unto units training with our soldiers on Salisbury Plain, EU flags pasted on our vehicles, is of no interest to the MSM generally, and one paper only gives that the top news slot:

The Express

Britain will be forced to join an EU ARMY unless we leave, says Armed Forces Minister

THE Minister in charge of Britain’s military has become the first member of the Government to confirm that if the UK remains under Brussels control it will be forced to join an EU army. Armed Forces Minister Penny Mordaunt made the warning following revelations in the Daily Express that the Lisbon Treaty obliges Britain to join the EU Army. It also follows further shocking revelations that a plan to create it will be tabled the day after the Britain’s EU referendum in a bid to keep the nightmare scenario hidden from British. A policy paper drawn up by the European Union’s foreign policy chief suggests the organisation could “step up” its contribution to security defence.

Meanwhile, another interesting bit of news has made it into this paper’s top news slot:

The Independent

EU leaders are planning a post-Brexit future without the UK

Concerns over ‘contagion’ of anti-EU sentiment is thought to be a key reason why Britain is unlikely to be offered a favourable trade deal in the event of Brexit.  The leaders of Germany, France, Italy, Belgium and other core members are likely to “double down” on closer union, the Financial Times reported, amid concern that Brexit could encourage separatist sentiments in other EU states.Officials expect a punitive approach to Britain, with an official meeting of 27 leaders – excluding David Cameron – expected shortly after a potential Brexit vote. […] Plans to enhance the military role of the European Union, potentially paving the way for a future EU army, are being held back until after the UK referendum, according to reports.The plans, which have only been shown to EU diplomats, are understood to include proposals for new European military structures, including a headquarters. According to The Times, which has seen extracts of the plans from diplomatic notes, the proposals will not be sent to national governments until after Britain’s EU referendum on 23 June to avoid giving succour to the Leave campaign. Similar plans were vetoed by the UK in 2011, and the Government has repeatedly insisted that Britain will never be part of any EU army.

Do read the whole thing – it shows nicely how the EUrocrats in Brussels have reverted back to the secret diplomacy of the kingdoms before the French Revolution, where potentates (that’ll be our ‘Leaders’) negotiate behind closed doors without their people knowing or being told how they are being sold out.

There’s one other argument Brexiteers keep making, and that is control of our borders and immigration. We know that this argument is terribly ‘racist’, so the MSM avoid reporting on that, but some news simply cannot be suppressed:

Daily Mail

Calais refugee camp is reduced to ashes as hundreds of migrants burn tents amid brawl over human trafficking routes to Britain

The squalid Jungle camp in Calais descended into anarchy this week as hundreds of migrants joined a brawl between rival gangs. Police believe the migrants, mainly Afghans and Sudanese, were fighting over disputed trafficking routes into Britain. More than 40 people were injured as guns and knives were drawn, and 15 were taken to hospital for treatment.

Yes – they want to come here, and France and the EU wish we’d take them now. If we stay in, Brussels will make us do just that. But there’s more:

The tragic but brutal truth: They are not REAL refugees! Despite drowning tragedy thousands of economic migrants are still trying to reach Europe

Syrians, Libyans and Moroccans came ashore from the Italian naval ship. They waved at the waiting crowd of TV crews as if they were celebrities . Total of 12,000 migrants rescued from boats off coast of Libya in past week

Read it all … Here’s what one Brexit-supporting politician has to say in regard to immigration:


Immigration ‘CHAOS’ can only be stopped by Britain leaving EU – Brexit’s Priti Patel

IMMIGRATION is “uncontrollable” and the only way to stop border “chaos” is by leaving the European Union, says pro-Brexit minister Priti Patel. The avid Out campaigner launched a scathing attack on Britain’s immigration controls, which currently allow a million migrants to enter every three years. The employment minister’s strong words came in response to a new study warning that staying in the EU could damage London’s position as a major global financial hub.

There are some interesting opinion pieces which give insight into the next wave of attack on Brexit, orchestrated from 10 Downing Street, and it’s all to do with numbers:


The Guardian view on the Leave campaign: show some respect for truth

It is now more than a fortnight since Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage began chugging around Britain in search of photo opportunities in their Vote Leave campaign battle bus. From day one in Truro, the bright red double-decker, which was built in Poland by a German company, has been festooned with a slogan which, to put it politely, may deceive those who see it. “We send the EU £350m a week,” the slogan reads. “Let’s fund our NHS instead.” Back in April, the head of the UK Statistics Authority, Sir Andrew Dilnot, had already censured the £350m a week claim as “potentially misleading”, after a complaint from the Liberal Democrat MP Norman Lamb. A few weeks later, the bus entered the campaign with the claim unchanged. It is still there today. It is still misleading. And it ought to be removed.

There you have it: the numbers given by the Remain campaign are of course true and sacrosanct, only the LEAVE campaigners lie … The readers’ comments on this piece are a sad eye-opener for OUT campaigners.

Here’s another aspect which the eminent Charles Moore looks at, in sadness:

The Telegraph

The Leave campaign has failed to allay the anxieties of Mr and Mrs Prudence


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