This worryingly crowded isle: England is officially Europe’s most densely packed country

  • England has overtaken the Netherlands and is second only to tiny Malta
  • Over the next 30 years the gap is expected to widen even more
  • Figures show the huge impact of Labour’s open-door immigration policy

Greggs forced to rename their Cornish pasties by the EU because they contain peas and carrots

  • Baker to change the product’s name to ‘beef and vegetable pasty’
  • Cornish pasties were awarded PGI status in 2011 under new EU rules
  • Laws stop anything made outside of Cornwall from using the name
  • Product must follow recipe of beef, swede, onion and seasoning

Grayling fury at EU bid to bring in even more ‘human rights’: Justice Secretary says plan is ‘absurd’ power grab

  • If introduced, it is feared they could lead to a deluge of claims against businesses and the Government
  • Contained in the EU’s controversial Charter of Fundamental Rights
  • Mr Grayling said the suggestion showed Eurocrats were aiming to create a European justice system that overrides domestic courts

Miliband’s hypocrisy as he cashes in on gambling: After the Labour leader’s attack, how he and his party have accepted a fortune from Britain’s biggest betting tycoon


EU: Britain will have 12 million more migrants by 2060

UP to 30 million people living in the UK will have an ­immigrant background by the middle of this century, according to a European Union population forecast.


‘David Cameron must do more to make case for EU’

DAVID Cameron must go out and make the case for Britain’s continued membership of the European Union, one of the grandees of the Conservative Party has warned.


It is not racist to voice concerns on EU immigration to the UK

IN FOUR days’ time the UK’s borders will open to as many Romanians and Bulgarians as decide they’d rather be here than in their home countries. When we last opened our borders in similar fashion in 2004 the then Labour government insisted that there would be no more than 15,000 Poles and other eastern Europeans who would take advantage of the new freedom to move here.


No HS2 without cross-party support – Sir David Higgins

Incoming chairman Sir David Higgins believes HS2 can transform the UK economy


David Cameron ambushed on flood visit

David Cameron told by angry residents of flooded village that authorities have done nothing to help them


Pay gap between rich and poor is growing – despite family income reaching highest level in three years


Crooked Labour treasurer who stole £10,000 ordered to repay just £1 – and has 28 days to do it

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