The theme of Amjem Choudary’s Today interview runs through most of the papers and European mattrers with Cameron acting tough on immigration and the Express checking up on Roma intents to come to Britain.

Daily Telegraph

NHS on brink of crisis because it became ‘too powerful’ to criticise

Why does the Coalition find it so difficult to listen to the country?

I’ll veto new EU states unless we deal with mass migration, pledges David Cameron

More empty promises – he and Boris want to see Turkey in, but it’s one of the few useful vetoes we have left in the armoury to stop the EU juggernaut.

The NHS can be an elite force, as I know. When it goes wrong, blame the generals, not the troops

Lord Tebbit’s wise words are always worth listening to. He would have been a UKIPper if he had been 30 years younger.

The Guardian

GCHQ and NSA targeted charities, Germans, Israeli PM and EU chief

BBC’s Today programme criticised for giving airtime to radical cleric

See our transcription of the interview

Syrian chemical weapon arsenal destruction timetable gets UK boost

That still probably leaves a large stockpile probably in the hands of Al Queda?

Five jailed for abusing underage Rochdale girl

“…Freddie Kendakumana, 27, a Congolese refugee, who received the biggest sentence …” And Guardian readers see nothing wrong with mass immigration?

The Independent

David Cameron takes his biggest gamble yet as he gets tough on Europe

German government buildings were targets of GCHQ and NSA, says Edward Snowden

Police investigating child abuse search peer Greville Janner’s home

Yet another trougher with unhealthy tendencies?

French pub fined €9,000 after customers returned empties to bar – because it’s ‘undeclared labour’

Yet more European insanity!

Daily Mail

Cut migration or I’ll block Serbia and Albania from joining EU, warns Cameron

UK set for growth of 1.9% in 2013 after revised figures show economy storming ahead in first half of the year

Tale of two British Muslims: The doctor who went to Syria to save wounded children and was tortured to death, and the Hampshire boy from a loving family who turned into a terrorist

Did UAE axe £6billion Eurofighter deal because Britain didn’t bomb Syria? PM snubbed after a year of talks

Perhaps they wanted to a demo of the effectiveness of the Typhoons?

Daily Express

Fury as BBC gives airtime to extremist cleric who refuses to condemn Lee Rigby killing

See our transcription of the interview

Roma countdown for a mass exodus to UK

Fairly convincing evidence of the immigration wave due to hit us in January

UK trains ‘best in EU’ according to new poll

Sex gang jailed in scandal of abuse of poor white girls in Rochdale

Daily Mirror

Lee Rigby murderer Michael Adebowale’s prison letters – ‘I have no remorse for killing British soldier’

Return of the Taliban – gunmen take part in joint patrols with Afghanistan forces ahead of 2015 withdrawal

Leeching Lord Hanningfield blasted by Ed Miliband who is ”deeply concerned” of damage to public trust from expose

Milliband desperate with the bad press his bad peer is getting

Former Labour minister Denis MacShane to be sentenced on Monday over expenses fraud

Oh dear, another Labour trougher bites the dust

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