A real mixed bag of news today, although housing keeps cropping up.

Daily Telegraph

House price rises ‘must stop’ says Vince Cable, and this reviewer has to agree with him, for the first time ever! (As do most of the commentors)

Cast caution aside in the fight for the United Kingdom says Charles Moore, in the fight against Salmond to keep the UK whole

Graeme Archer bemoans the ‘elf and safety brigade with Fears about safety are killing Brighton

‘The lion roars but does not inspire fear’, Argentina tells Britain

The Independent

David Cameron’s dream of an ‘A-list’ of women candidates fades Will he ever learn?

Energy firm First Utility suggests clients give up tea and shower with other people to cut costs “Let them eat cake,” basically is what FirstEnergy are saying, with a CEO who is on $1.34m a year

Keith Vaz: The ‘Teflon MP’ who enjoys the limelight Amazing that “spin” still works for some

Latvia: The country that fell for the euro  They try to assess why the political leadership ignored popular opinion

The Guardian

Buy-to-let property supremo shuts door on housing benefit tenants

NHS could be ‘overwhelmed’ by people with long-term medical conditions

Housing bubble fears renewed after price surge of 8.4% last year The Guardian remains neutral on this, and reader’s comments are not enabled, so clearly the Guardianistas are doing fine out of the property bubble.

Bankruptcy of Nick Griffin deals further blow to British National party The BNP had nearly a million votes in EU2009 and over half a million in GE2010. How many of those can UKIP pick up?

Daily Mirror

UK Weather: Storms and floods bring more death and destruction to coastal areas

Nadine Dorries made almost £4,000 from appearance on charity TV quiz – but nothing for good causes

Riot victims waiting for compensation promised by David Cameron still waiting for their cash

Former Lib Dem leader Sir Menzies Campbell believes Parliament needs more older MPs When enough people vote UKIP, that’s what they’ll get, although the party does have some younger candidates as well.

Daily Express

House prices surge in 2013 – with Manchester capital of boom

‘We shall not be moved,’ say travellers defying court order demanding them to leave site

British councils to blitz squalid beds-in-sheds that house illegal immigrants About time too, as with satellite imagery it’s easy to spot them.

Immigration issue ‘needs to be put to the British public’ says Keith Vaz, without mentioning the need to leave the EU to achieve it!

Daily Mail

GPs’ £1,500 for a shift in A&E: Family doctors hit jackpot moonlighting at weekends and nights And how many of the patients in A&E could have used an out-of-hours GP service?

NHS spending on consultants rises three-fold in just one year: £40m paid out by various health services in past six months They’re talking about management consultants here

Why does the UK give £2m in aid to Argentina? Revelation comes as South Americans launch yet another diatribe on the Falklands

Homes at risk because of government cuts to flood defence jobs: Hundreds of front-line Environment Agency staff face the sack

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