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Putin mocks the West and threatens to turn off gas supplies

‘Dodging TV licence will not be a crime’ (About time too)

Young Martha Gill says Taxing sugar probably will work, and it’s not an attack on our ‘freedom‘, but the DT commenters wholeheartedly disagree with her.

Vince Cable: Ukip supporters could push Scotland out of the UK .

Cable says: “Ukip voters and Conservative Eurosceptics are making it more likely that the people of Scotland will vote to leave the UK, Vince Cable will say.

Top rated commenter says:

Is there no end to the Bolleaux that this idiot will spout in order to rally the dwindling number of like-minded idiots who still vote LibDumb? UKIP would take the entire UK out of the Gross, Bloated and Unaccountable EUssr with a referendum on on who actually runs the UK. The Scots by voting yes would do the same thing for Scotland. Seems that UKIP and the Scots have a similar agenda then.

The Independent

Ukraine latest: Russian troops thwarted in attempt to storm missile base in Sevastopol

Birmingham Council investigate ‘Muslim fundamentalist plot to take over local schools with sophisticated dirty tricks campaign

Malaysia Airlines ‘loses contact with plane carrying 239 people

No 10 forced to check how David Cameron’s nanny gained British citizenship

The Guardian

Nick Clegg hints at Crimea deal if Vladimir Putin ‘drops KGB mentality’

Ofsted to introduce new ‘light touch’ inspection regime

Lawrence revelations: admit institutional racism, Met chief told

Public must be told about ‘trade-offs inherent in ringfencing’, MPs warn

Daily Express

Outrage over plan to create easy entry visas for new migrants

A £20bn black hole means Britons face SIX years more of austerity

Ukip pick ‘real EastEnder’ and cousin of Kate Moss designer to become a London Mayor

Savers protest against the Bank of England in fight for bigger pension payouts

Daily Mail

Europe attacks UK over council cuts: Anger as obscure committee – which includes an ally of Putin – lectures us over austerity measures

Young married men become a thing of the past as fewer than 58,000 husbands are under the age of 25

Now women can be told of their partner’s violent past thanks to new law named after tragic murder victim

Let migrants’ grandparents in UK too, say Lib Dems in bid to water down immigration reforms

Daily Mirror

Russia’s secret police have got nothing on the dodgy agencies our government employs

Fatcat bankers raking in lottery-style bonuses amid cut jobs, huge losses and mis-selling scandals

‘All shook up’: Nick Clegg humiliated after Lib Dems are beaten by the Elvis Party in by-election

See our article for some background on this result. Also, in:

  • Ashford BC, Wye ward, LD got 1.7% and UKIP 12.9%.
  • Bury MBC, Ramsbottom ward, LD got 1.3% and UKIP 11.8%
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