ISIS, Syria and Iraq

4 of the Telegraph’s staff reporters have done some digging and discovered that “British student identified as recruiting Isis jihadists” (also in The Guardian and The Mail)

An aspiring Cardiff medical student was last night identified as the Briton at the centre of a campaign by an Islamic terror group to recruit would-be jihadists to Iraq and Syria. Nasser Muthana, 20, appeared in a propaganda video by the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham [Isis] urging others to join him.

His father, Ahmed Muthana, told The Daily Telegraph last night that Nasser’s 17-year-old brother, Aseel, was fighting alongside him. He claimed his sons were “brainwashed” in Britain. Mr Muthana said watching footage of his son had made him cry.

Meanwhile, with the boots on the ground, the Islamic Army of Iraq founder says “Isis and Sunni Islamists will march on Baghdad

A top commander of the Sunni insurgency in Iraq has told The Telegraph how his men are fighting alongside the Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham to take back Baghdad, even if it means pushing the country to civil war.

Sheikh Ahmed al-Dabash, 47, a founder of the Islamic Army of Iraq, who fought the allied invasion in 2003, has told how thousands of his men are participating in the Isis-led insurgency that swept across northern Iraq, and which now threatens the gates of the capital.

The Guardian also reports on the mood of other Sunnis in Iraq.


The Telegraph says that “Ofgem to announce largest ever energy market probe

Ofgem is set to announce the largest ever investigation into the energy market, which could result in the break-up of the Big Six. An 18-month probe into claims British Gas, SSE, Npower, EDF, Scottish Power and E.ON may be making excess profits and ripping off loyal customers is expected be launched by the Competition and Markets Authority.

Ofgem, the sector’s regulator, could formally reveal the move as soon as the end of next week, The Guardian reported. One outcome could see Britain’s six largest suppliers, which control 95pc of the market, forced to separate the businesses that generate power from those that sell it to customers.


The Telegraph reports Keith Vaz (Labour MP) as saying “Passport Office ‘profiting from public’s hardship’”. Also in The Guardian.

The Passport Office has been accused of “profiting from the public’s hardship” by charging a £13 surplus on applications as tens of thousands of people face delays. Keith Vaz, the chairman of the Commons home affairs committee, said officials should use the surplus to tackle the crisis disrupting holiday plans by employing more staff.

The latest figures showed that the backlog of applications is 53,000 – 75 per cent higher than previously thought. Mr Vaz said this showed a “poorly managed” decision to close overseas posts had caused a “significant increase” in applications.

Taking a different tack, the Mail has this report: “Half a million EU passports given away to eastern Europeans by Hungary which allow them to live in Britain


Willard Foxton on the Telegraph comments asks  “Labour wants to run the country? It can’t even run a Twitter account

Yesterday the Labour Party announced via Twitter it was gifting a free owl to everyone. Obviously, there were a slew of jokes… It seemed an obvious minor social media gaffe, where a social media manager had accidentally tweeted on the wrong account. It’s fine, it happens, it’s a common and easy mistake to make.

At first the party joked along, engaging in typical “brandter” about the accident. A minor filip in an otherwise slow news day. But then, suddenly the Labour press team claimed that the Labour official account had been hacked, and the owl tweet was posted by a malicious third party. As Hugo Rifkind said, who would bother to do that?

More seriously. The Guardian has this headline: “Ed Miliband must go if we lose election – Labour frontbencher

Ed Miliband is to be told by Labour frontbenchers that he will have to resign as leader if he loses the general election next year, as they move to prevent him following the example of Neil Kinnock by leading the party to two consecutive defeats.

Amid increasing concern that the Labour leader is failing to connect with voters, MPs across the party are saying Labour would need a fresh start if Miliband were defeated. “Ed really cannot stay on if he loses – that really would not work,” one frontbencher said. “He has to go if we lose,” said another.

Miliband’s supporters say he has a genuine passion for changing the country for the better and that he is seen by the electorate as more honest and genuine than his opponents. With Labour ahead in the polls, they caution against morale-sapping defeatism.

And The Mirror reports on David Blunkett standing down at the next election.


The Guardian reports that “David Cameron pushes for EU leaders to vote on Jean-Claude Juncker

David Cameron plans to force an unprecedented vote among EU leaders over the appointment of Jean-Claude Juncker as the next European commission president if it is decided that he commands sufficient support at a summit next week.

Amid increasing momentum building up behind Juncker, Downing Street will make it clear that EU leaders should be forced to explain their support for the former Luxembourg prime minister at the summit.

The prime minister will hold talks in Downing Street on Monday with Herman Van Rompuy, the president of the European Council, who has indicated in private that he is likely to be able to muster a “qualified majority” of votes supporting Juncker.

Western-Islamic Conflict

Max Hastings has an insightful comment column in The Daily Mail on “Yes, the West has fought the Muslim world for centuries. But Islam must accept much of the blame for today’s bloody chaos

For the Western world — and the sane and peace-loving elements of the Muslim one — it is a terrifying spectacle to behold some of the most populous nations in the Middle East dissolving into bloody mayhem…

And, after a thorough historical review of atrocities on both sides, and a well-reasoned argument, Hastings ends with this:

The lessons of history are that we Westerners can do little to change the course of events in the Middle East, and are ill-advised to try. Meanwhile, here at home we must fight with every weapon in our hands — legal, cultural and educational — to prevent the curse of Islamist militancy  from spreading its wholly pernicious influence within our own societies.

What they do within their own regions of the world, it must be their affair to resolve, with such modest support as we can give. But there can be no compromise with such warped doctrines here, in the sorry name of multiculturalism.


Well, at least the wrong-doings of LibLabCon MPs make the MSM. The Daily Mail reports that “Tory MP’s night in cells after attacking his girlfriend in row at his flat

A prominent Tory MP was arrested and cautioned by police for assaulting his partner during a row, it has emerged. Former shadow police minister David Ruffley, 52, (Bury St Edmunds) admitted domestic violence after a night in the cells. A source told the Daily Mail he flew into a rage and ordered his then-girlfriend Wendy Drew to move out of his luxury flat in London after the argument in March.

In The Independent, columnist Yasmin Alibhai Brown (see our earlier article on her here) asks “Why did Michael Fabricant say he wanted to punch me in the throat? In order to silence me

Before his eventual complete apology, he put out more tweets, which actually made me angrier than the first, because they showed that he really did not think he had done anything wrong. Not content with tweeting about wanting to smash my throat, he retweeted somebody else’s suggestion that I should be deported. Where to, I wonder?


The Independent reports from Sweden, where parts of the country have very high levels of Muslim immigration. “FGM in Sweden: School where every single girl in one class underwent procedure exposed

The shocking scale of female genital mutilation (FGM) in a Swedish school, where every single girl in one class had been subjected to the procedure, has been revealed.

School health services in Norrköping, eastern Sweden, discovered 60 cases of FGM since March, according to the Norrköpings Tidningar newspaper. In the class where all of the girls had FGM performed on them, 28 were subjected to infibulation


On one of their favourite headline topics, the Express has two stories.

Fear of a £1,300-a-year rise in mortgage costs if interest rates rise

An increase in the base rate from its record low of 0.5 per cent to 1.5 per cent would add £1,312 to the annual burden for a household on an average 25-year interest-only mortgage of £131,215. This equates to nearly £110 a month, according to analysis by property agents Savills.

And “Stamp duty windfall nets Treasury £1.2billion

THE UK’s soaring house market saw a £1.2billion surge in stamp duty payments in May, official figures showed yesterday. Income from the tax on house buyers rose by 28 per cent compared with the same month last year. But critics of the levy – dubbed “archaic” by the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors – said the windfall proved the tax was too high.

Low-Paid Female Workers

The Mirror reports on an angle of the recession, austerity AND mass immigration (which they don’t mention) with this story: “Female workers hit hardest by Coalition cuts as wages DROP

Shadow Women’s Minister Gloria De Piero said: “It would be bad enough if wages for working women were standing still – but they are actually going backwards” Women’s wages fell by more than £50 a year in the first few months of 2014 as they bear the brunt of the cost-of-living crisis, shock figures show.

Labour has previously warned workers’ average earnings have dropped by £1,600 in real terms since 2010, when inflation is taken into account. But women are actually earning less now in cash terms – regardless of rising prices – than in 2013.

Surely, with support for UKIP from women lagging, this is an area where the party could campaign to show that exiting the EU and controlling immigration properly could benefit women?

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