If there were any doubt that the men in white coats should be knocking on the door of Number 10 it evaporated with Theresa May’s announcement that the UK economy should reverse the industrial revolution and become “carbon neutral” by 2050.

We were already worried about Theresa. Here are some of the clinical signs that identify a psychopath; a lack of empathy for or interest in the opinions of others, a pathological liar, manipulative, lacking in any remorse or sense of guilt for their own actions, instinctively blames others for their own failures.

Remind you of anyone?

Theresa May was always going to require very close observation as she serves out her last few weeks as a lame duck Prime Minister. This is the woman who quietly signed us up to the UN Global Migration Pact, and she is desperate to find something, anything, to leave as her legacy other than “the PM who betrayed Brexit”.

Like so many others before her, Theresa May has identified “climate change” as the perfect Trojan horse for her agenda. Gordon Brown must be livid. Not only has Theresa May outlasted him as PM and stolen his well-earned mantle of “worst Prime Minister ever”, she’s now challenging his claim to be the one who “saved the world”.

Even if you believe the hysterical nonsense that the Earth’s climate is rapidly, catastrophically changing (it isn’t) and even if you believe the head-in-the-sand theory that a changing climate can only be caused by man’s tiny contributions to a trace gas that is essential for all life on Earth, reducing the UK’s carbon dioxide emissions to net zero will make absolutely no recordable difference to the planet whatsoever.

The UK could be submerged beneath the sea and the change to the Earth’s climate would be so insignificant as to be immeasurable. We account for about 2%, and falling, of the world’s carbon dioxide emissions. Before our last factory closes its gates the growth of China or Brazil or India will have more than made up for the loss of our tiny emissions.

In fact, reducing the UK’s carbon emissions to zero will result in more damage to the environment. It will accelerate the export of our industry to places like China and India, where the goods we need are made to lower environmental standards and are then shipped halfway around the world on huge, diesel-guzzling boats. Poorer countries can’t afford to care about the environment, and the UK will undoubtedly become a poorer country.

It will require that the UK give up the internal combustion engine, an invention that has perhaps done more to liberate the human race than any other, and switch to electric cars. This will require more cobalt than is currently being mined in the entire world. It will require 75% of the planet’s current supply of lithium and 50% of the planet’s current supply of copper. Just for the UK car market. Any environmentalist who thinks such materials can be mined and refined without a devastating environmental cost is deluding themselves.

Cars will once again become the preserve of the rich, and of course once those of us who can afford one are in our battery powered cars, they still need electricity from somewhere to work. And for the foreseeable future that means coal and gas.

In any case, the UN, climate scientists, Prince Charles and assorted other experts told us in 2017 that we only had until 2020 to take action to reverse “climate change”. So if the “experts” are telling us that becoming carbon neutral by 2050 is far too late, why not get on with enjoying life, being a prosperous economy, and see if we can’t do what humans do best: adapting to whatever minor changes in the climate come along?

Humans have adapted to survive and thrive in temperatures of -40c in places like Canada and +40c in places like Australia. So dodgy, politically motivated  predictions from always wrong “experts” of an increase in the average global temperature of 1-2c, taking place over many decades, hardly constitutes a “climate emergency”.

But then, “climate change” and Theresa May’s announcement have nothing whatsoever to do with the environment, saving the planet or science for that matter. A clue to the real purpose here is that the proposed solutions to “tackle climate change” always involve more state control, more power for quangos and bureaucrats, more regulations, global wealth redistribution, higher taxation and less freedom for individuals. It is no coincidence that after every “climate change” march the environment is littered with Socialist Worker placards and leaflets.

Emissions are evidence of capitalism and prosperity. You only need to look at a satellite photo of North and South Korea taken at night to prove that; the socialist North plunged into darkness while the capitalist South is lit up like a Christmas tree. It is utter fantasy that by governmental fiat our energy needs and economy can become carbon neutral. The technology simply isn’t there and people like being consumers. If this mandate were to be complied with it would require state force and the kind of rationing of energy, products and food that we saw in the Second World War and that North Korea sees today. It is estimated that 2% will be wiped off GDP. This is a phenomenally positive estimate, but 2% is the difference between an economy just keeping its head above water as ours is and a country plunged into the dark days of the 1930s recession.

You expect all this nonsense from the socialists who have hijacked the environmental movement with their religious “climate change” zealotry. When a hot, dry summer like last year is evidence of “climate change” and a cold, wet summer like this year so far is also evidence of “climate change” what you have there is not a falsifiable scientific theory but blind faith in a religious dogma. Could there be a clearer proof that “climate change” is a religion than that those who disagree are denounced as “deniers”? These people are one nut cutlet away from seeing an image of Al Gore in their toast. You would, however, expect a nominally conservative Prime Minister to actually want to conserve that which she is responsible for, not least our economy and wellbeing, rather than virtue signal to those who want to tear our economy and society to pieces.

It is fitting that Theresa May has latched onto “climate change” as she thrashes around for a life preserver to rescue her legacy. Her time in office has been characterised by lies and immeasurable economic, social and democratic damage to our country. If May gets her way and the UK becomes carbon neutral by 2050 she will have destroyed our economy for decades after leaving office. Quite some achievement.


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