Today, people in Lewisham East go to the polls. There was one last hustings on Tuesday evening (see the invitation here). We heard that the Labour candidate and the Tory candidate refused to attend, the Labour candidate allegedly having said that she didn’t want to give the ‘oxygen of publicity’ to Anne Mary Waters. But that was not sufficient. The hustings were interrupted and then abandoned – because of Labour thugs.

Watch this video:

Here’s proof that Labour NEC is behind this despicable silencing of political opponents by those gentle protesters we’ve seen oh-so-gently shouting in the video above – check the text of the tweet accompanying this photo:

Here’s another rather illuminating video, showing that this ‘protest’ was supported by ‘UNITE’, and making it quite obvious that the ‘marshals’ of that ‘protest’ have been trained in how to prevent citizen reporters from filming:


One wonders why they are so afraid of getting free publicity …

Mr Bav wrote:

A quick update.

The hustings attended by David Kurten were closed down by the Metropolitan Police last night after a baying mob of far-left racists , recruited by Momentum / Corbyn threatened AMW and DK with violence.

The stage was mobbed by a far-left racist who tried to silence David Kurten. The police removed her. NO ARRESTS WERE MADE.

The Labour candidate did not attend the hustings, on instructions from Corbyn/Momentum. She stated she would not share a platform with David Kurten, as he ‘is a racist’.

AMW herself, and her security team were prevented from attending altogether.

At this time (12.45 BST / Wednesday) it would appear that AMW is with the police. It is unclear whether she is with them voluntarily or is under arrest.

This outrageous event must not go unnoticed. Please go onto your social media accounts and shout it loud.

Whether you support AMW or DK  does not matter.

Right now AMW is one of us.”

And Jeff Wyatt has posted this comment which deserves a wider audience:

“Truly shocking scenes in Lewisham. One of my first public assignments as Deputy Leader with Anne Marie ! The Police made no real attempt to allow our safe arrival, they were simply looking for an excuse to instruct us not to attend, which is exactly what they did when they knew we were on the way.
Sorry to your man David K that we did not have the chance to debate 🙂 , but fair play with the way he handled that ignorant old woman shouting racist at him. Sums up much doesn’t it.”

It cannot be said loudly enough: our democracy  is in peril.

Not only is our right of Free Speech being curtailed whenever TPTB don’t like what we say – so is our right of Free Association.

Just play the ‘substitution game’: had a group of, for example, Vets or Football Lads staged such demo at a Labour hustings, would the police have closed the hustings – or would they have waded in and dispersed the Vets and Football Lads, with force?

You know the answer!

(Also see this report on Kipper Central and this longer article by David Kurten published here.)



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