Scottish accents can be heard on many streets in towns across England and indeed Wales. I often wonder whether these good Scots have taken the PMs advice and contacted their kin in Scotland to give an opinion on how they should vote in the Scottish referendum. I also wonder if they and the rest of us have really understood the link to the possible break-up of the UK and our membership of the EU.

The concept of devolution, federalisation and regionalisation is an EU influenced policy designed to divide nation states to make these nation states more amenable to rule from Brussels.  The EU has only recently made Cornwall a separate area.  It is no surprise that the Lib Dems, the fiercest proponents of the EU are also the biggest advocates of devolution and the federalisation of Britain. Labour and Conservative both believe that the forces of devolution can be managed without detriment to the unity of the UK. They are mistaken.

The truth is that the political establishment has step-by-step aided and abetted the EU process. The best way to send an unequivocal message to all of those determined to undermine the union (SNP, Lib/Lab/Con) is to vote UKIP at the Euro elections. Not only will that bring pressure on the EU loving establishment but also give us all a voice on the Scottish referendum. We want our country back!

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