Dear Diane,

Not having had any reply from you to the messages I sent you on 26th September 2016, and then again on 29th September 2016 (see below), I am now sending it a third time […], also because there is now a great opportunity to raise the issue:

Mrs May has said at the Tory Conference that she is going to put forward a Great Repeal Bill, which will repeal the ECA 1972 and make all the EU-originated laws subject to UK law alone, so that they can then be kept or revoked as and when the UK authorities see fit.

Chris Grayling, who was Justice Secretary, and who is supposed to be a leading Brexiteer, was asked which EU laws he would want to revoke at once. He could not answer the question!! Here is the account of his embarrassment in the  Daily Express of 3rd October 2016:

The Express summarises thus:

‘This is the awkward moment Government minister Chris Grayling fails to name one EU Law he would get rid of following the announcement of the “Great Repeal Bill”.

“Magpie May” (as you have aptly named her) is now boldly stealing UKIP’s main policy, to really get Britain out of the EU, or so it seems.

Has UKIP now become “surplus to requirements”? No, for indeed here is a great opportunity for UKIP to hold her, and Grayling’s, feet to the fire, by raising the demand, “First – scrap the EAW!”

Adding of course that it must be scrapped now, and unilaterally by the UK, not wait for the Great Repeal Bill to come into force as planned in March 2019, after all the negotiations are concluded.

Regards, T. D.-E.

Message sent on 29/09/2016, 09:45:

Dear Diane,

Having had no reply to the message (see below) I sent you on Monday 26th September 2016, I am sending it to you again, to ask you when can we expect you to fulfil the assurance you gave (see below)? I am cc-ing it to Nigel Farage, Gerard Batten and William Dartmouth, who have all done a lot of work on the European Arrest Warrant and its iniquities over the years, to see if they have any comment and indeed advice to give on how the Party may best proceed on this matter. […]

Regards, T. D.-E.

Message sent on 26/09/2016, 08:33:

Dear Diane,

Firstly, may I congratulate you on becoming the leader of UKIP!  […]

The UK must shake itself free from the EU’s project to build a single State. That is the real meaning of the Brexit vote.

Now the heart of any State power is the ability to use legal violence on the bodies of the citizens. […]

The handle of this power is criminal law, and you were UKIP’s person in charge of Justice and Home Affairs for a number of years. […]

The first step in establishing physical control by the EU over the bodies of British citizens in Britain is the European Arrest Warrant […]

At present, this is still legal, and our courts are compelled to comply with these measures.

The EAW therefore strikes at the very heart of British freedoms. It directly flouts the safeguard for individual freedom of the innocent provided by section 38 of Magna Carta […]

Under the EAW British courts are forbidden from asking to see any evidence. There is nothing to stop EAWs being issued on purely spurious grounds, or even for political purposes!

The EAW is a grappling iron with which Brussels has ensnared us. It must surely be cut away. At once.

This is why in August I launched an appeal, from the pages of UKIP Daily, to the new leader of UKIP, whoever s/he may be, to demand, at once, that Mrs May should immediately, and unilaterally, suspend the execution of European Arrest Warrants unless they be accompanied by evidence that there is a prima facie case to answer, evidence that can be examined and assessed by a British court, which shall have the power to refuse the extradition if the evidence be considered totally insufficient or if the extradition be considered unjust or oppressive.

Whether Mrs May accepts this demand will be a litmus test of her real intentions regarding Brexit. […]

By launching this demand, UKIP will put the present government fairly and squarely on the spot.

 I also ask the new leader to demand that Mrs May withdraw the reckless statement she made in June 2012 that “of course” she would welcome the entry of Eurogendarmerie forces “onto British soil, if needed”. There, we need an absolute assurance from the government that it will never, ever, under any circumstances whatsoever, invite armed units under orders from Brussels or other EU governments, onto British soil.

 I am delighted to say that you responded positively to this appeal (see below).

Regards, T. D.-E.

Message sent on 29 Aug 2016, at 07:49:

Dear Diane,

I am asking for the new UKIP leader – whoever s/he may be – to call on the government to announce that it will, from now on, only execute European Arrest Warrants if they are delivered with evidence that there is a prima facie case to answer, evidence which a UK court can examine and assess. […]

I look forward to seeing your response!

With best regards,

Torquil Dick-Erikson

On 02/09/2016 14:35, Diane James answered:

You have that assurance

I also stated as such at a recent MeetDiane4leader event.




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