Secom is short for UKIP South East Committee.   Secom met on 7 April 2018.


Toby Micklethwait (Surrey) (chairman); Nicole Bushill (Kent); Philip Wray (East Sussex); Patricia Mountain (East Sussex); Mike Glennon (W. Sussex); Roger Arthur (West Sussex); Helena Windsor (Surrey); Tony Blewett (Hants); Beverley Roberts (Berks); Vince Peddle (Bucks); David Tavener (Bucks); Jim Stanley (Oxon);  Kevin Wise (outgoing treasurer); Ian Garbutt (incoming treasurer); Gerald Gravett (SE Regional Officer); John Wallace (office of Ray Finch MEP); Sarah (invited to speak on Data Protection).

Past:  Thanks

We expressed our thanks to the outgoing committee and its chairman (Tim Scott) and treasurer (Kevin Wise).  We welcomed our new treasurer, Ian Garbutt.

Future:  Fun

We discussed how we would approach our task. We all accepted that the aim would be “Making UKIP Fun Again”.    

Our meeting was fun.   It lasted two hours (11am-1pm) and was full of laughter.   This was followed by a lunch and social, with the last person leaving at 7pm.  

We shall make future Secom meetings more fun by dealing with routine matters in advance.  Minutes will be typed same day and issued to Secom members next day.

UKIP is not always fun, partly because (since about 2011) too much has been centralised.   In collaboration with UKIP Central, we plan to make life easier for branches and members.

An example is the DNO (Delegated Nominating Officer) system.   Working closely with UKIP Central, we are hoping to see a decentralisation of the DNO system.   We hope to have one DNO per branch, as we did until 2011.

Our “regional official”, Gerald Gravett, is working with us on DNO reform.   Gerald forms a useful contact between us and the party chairman and leader. And he is helping damaged counties.  

We have suffered, especially in Kent, from “job done syndrome” and “death by leadership election”.   Unfortunately some members swallowed the idea that the NEC is evil.

Our county chairmen are working hard to revive their counties.

Mergers of branches are proposed in Kent, West Sussex and Oxfordshire.   These mergers will follow EGMs of all the branches concerned. Once the branches are restored to strength, they will be split again.

In 2018 we are fielding 101 local candidates, of which 81 are in Surrey, Hampshire and West Sussex.

Data protection:

New laws start 25 May 2018.

A few extra fields will be added to the Subscriber database to record members’ preferences.

Patricia Bryant is the specialist on the NEC.   Secom’s specialist is Patricia Mountain.

The team, including Newton Abbot,  have the project well in hand. They will try to keep things as simple as possible.

Better Contact with members:

We shall publish a Progress Report after each meeting.

We shall have a Secom stall at all future conferences, where we shall meet members, sell beermats, answer questions, and listen.


We plan a regional newspaper.   It makes sense to do the newspaper regionally because all our counties (plus Essex and Hertfordshire) suffer from the same problem: London’s overflow.   Immigration is the cause of the problem.

Our green fields and our roads are filling up.   

Other regions are welcome to take our newspaper electronically and edit it to suit themselves.

We are encouraging our branches to buy unprecedented quantities of newspapers and distribute them to the voters.   


Before we can produce our Autumn newspaper we need a stable leader, stable polices and a stable logo.

We totally support Gerard Batten, his approach, his success in raising money and membership, his policy choices, his policy on Islam and his decision to ditch Lennie the Lion, permanently.

We strongly agree that it would be crazy to spend 20 million pounds and 20 million man-hours making our name and logo famous and then ditch any part of that investment.


We want to set up a YouTube team and are seeking to recruit.

Toby Micklethwait, Chairman, Secom, 13 April 2018


Ed: we thank Secom for this report, and hope other regions will send us theirs as well. The chairman and author of this report has informed us that the members of Secom have agreed to the content and to publication.



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