UKIP South East Region Committee, Meeting, 10 November 2018


Toby Micklethwait  (chairman); Gerald Gravett (SE Regional Officer); Ian Garbutt  (Treasurer); county chairmen; an NEC member, Peter Staveley (national nominating officer), specialists.


Jim Stanley has handed the Oxfordshire chairmanship to David Carpin.

Revival meetings have been held in Bucks and Berks.


The next Outpost Newspaper will be prepared by Catherine Blaiklock.  Artwork by Imax.   The Outpost will be printed around end January 2019.

All activists will be asked (preferably during November 2018) how many they can deliver.    Numbers will be added up by branches, counties and regions, and orders placed.     (ALL activists who read this should please inform their branch chairman of the quantity they can deliver).


There was discussion about what Secom could offer to do to help and regional, county and branch websites.

A team consisting initially of John Perry ( and Gary Johnson will see what (if anything) we can offer.   John (chairman) may recruit other team members with technical, managerial or consultancy skills (who may be in other regions).


The ‘crowd-funding’ (NOT on internet) used to fund the poster truck seemed an ideal way of fundraising for all Secom projects except MailChimp.

Patriots Business Club:

Julia Searle and Helena Windsor reported on the successful Eastbourne dinner (25.10.2018) with Ernie Warrender as speaker.   Kevin Arrowsmith has reported (at the dinner) how land is being grabbed from small businesses for use by Lidl.  A dinner for those affected will be organised in the Fareham (Hants) area in January 2019.

General Election date

Gerard Batten has asked us to prepare for a snap General Election.  Accordingly, we need a full slate of DNOs (Delegated Nominating Officers) and PPCs (Prospective Parliamentary Candidates).


Peter Staveley (“PS”) stated that there are 3 levels of DNO: local, regional and national (PS himself).

For the SE, due to distances, the 3 levels have been agreed as local, county and national.

A local DNO has the benefit of being able to build a relationship with the electoral services officers at his Local Authority and can keep up to date with electoral registers and by-election alerts. The other levels ensure coverage when the local DNO is away.

PS has supplied to UKIP SE a full list of local authorities for which a DNO will be needed.

UKIP SE has provided the full list of DNOs required, conforming as much as possible to the principles laid down by PS.

Thus, in relation do DNOs we are fully ready for a snap General Election.

PPC Adoption:

UKIP SE has produced a list of PPCs, noting their assessment status, constituency, and adoption status.

Secom is well on the way to a full slate of PPCs.

We may need another assessment day, in which case we shall suggest one in our region.   Assessors can be recruited either by the Party Chairman or Secom.

Our mottos

  • Let’s make UKIP fun again
  • Do not tell UKIP Central what to do; instead, let’s do what we can to help.
  • Lay foundations
  • Fail Quickly
  • Bad news travels fast.
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