UKIP MEP’s were busy yesterday and today in the EU Parliament in Strasbourg, championing the UK’s historic and ongoing desire to:

  • empower the working class
  • take child welfare seriously
  • protect gay rights
  • affirm racial and ethnic equality
  • bolster animal cruelty protections
  • support religious freedom
  • assert national tax sovereignty
  • defend public health
  • institute a sane energy policy

all of which goals the EU doesn’t care about achieving, making it impossible for the UK to achieve for as long as it remains an EU member.

In no particular order, here is about 10 minutes’ worth of UKIP MEPs’ common sense that exposes the big business, anti-working class consensus and pervading intolerance that is driving the EU inexorably to a corporatist super state that is anathema to the British sense of fairness, equality and inclusivity.

Steven Woolfe protects small businesses from EU’s big business benefactors

James Carver challenges the EU’s racist policies imposed on the UK

Margot Parker challenges the EU’s support for religious intolerance and its promotion of homophobia

Jonathan Arnott calls out EU Commission’s cynical demeaning of the issue of child poverty

Stuart Agnew highlights the EU’s blasé attitude to animal rights and public health

Roger Helmer notes the EU Commission’s insane energy policy that will undoubtedly cause hardship and  worse for the UK’s elderly and poor

James Carver balks at the EU’s insistence on becoming a 19th Century colonial power

And so it goes; the more the EU reveals itself for what it is — a wannabe corporatist super state — the more people realize that the UK can only bring shame, destruction and, ultimately, oblivion, to itself by remaining part of that plan.

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