A week to go until our United Kingdom participates in the most unpredictable yet potentially most significant election for decades. The pollsters’ figures continue to foretell a hung parliament and, because of the subsequent potential for stalemate or unworkable alliances, the odds have shortened regarding a second ballot later in the year. We are in this situation because of PEST – the Political Establishment’s Substandard Track-record. The main parties have pretty much pleased themselves, abused their positions, taken their traditional bases for granted and generally treated the electorate with contempt. They no longer deserve our trust or good opinion. Just listen to all the promises and commitments currently being made by the LibLabCon then ask yourself this;once in power (for a fixed term of fivelong years) how many of those will be abandoned with impunity – excuses already prepared – and how quickly? No, they need shaking up and made to realise, every day, it is they who serve us. Time for PEST control, time for UKIP.

The dilemma facing some folk is this; you want to vote UKIP but you are concerned that by doing so it might let in a party you dislike. Reluctantly, you decide to vote tactically thereby immediately squandering the rare opportunity you have to make your true preference known. I think that is the real meaning of a wasted vote. Last year Conservatives in Heywood and Middleton made that very mistake; they played safe and consequently kept Labour in and thwarted UKIP by a few hundred votes. IT’S TIME TO BE BRAVE. Whether UKIP gets 1, 5 or 50 seats, the percentage of the popular vote in this election will reveal the strength of the party’ssupport. It should encourage many and strike fear in others. Thus no vote for UKIP is a waste.

More generally it has to be understood that voting is not a waste of time. It is your choice, infrequently given but officially registered and anonymously made. In the grander scheme of things it may be one of many but it does count. In our rather ineffective democracy it is one of the few chances you are afforded to have your say and influence who governs this country. We don’t always get what we want but at least we can be content that we had our say.

It must be obvious that the days are numbered for the current first-past-the-post system we use. With new kids on the block, foremost of which is UKIP, some form of proportional representation is now needed. On 7th May people have a great chance to throw out, or at least deliver a stinging rebuke to the old, stale, self-serving politics and usher in a new, dynamic and fresh era for this country.

Ignore the blinkered doom-mongers, defy the desperate scaremongers and seize the day. Vote UKIP if you are…


  • tired of the Establishment ignoring you
  • weary of assembly line politicians and distrustful of their plastic promises
  • irritated that your values are belittled
  • piqued that your beliefs are demeaned as anachronisms
  • angry that your country is being betrayed by those who should protect it
  • anxious about the integrity of the Union
  • baffled that doing the right thing has been demoted
  • disturbed at the fragmentation of society caused by multi-culturism
  • incensed that our country’s history and culture are denigrated
  • offended by thosefrom less happy lands who abuse us
  • furious at the derelict public servants, whose failings go unpunished
  • sickened by our timorous reactions to certain types of serious, often sexual, criminality
  • annoyed at patriotism being treated as shameful and xenophobic
  • riled by a self-service culture devoid of responsibilities
  • vexed we have so little say over our own affairs
  • troubled that we have such pitiful control of our borders
  • humiliated by having to kow-tow to the unelected, narcissistic, wasteful, corrupt EU
  • stooped under the weight of regulation
  • bewildered as we are forced tokneel at the altar of contorted human rights


…and vote UKIP if you feel that;


  • our traditions have been distorted
  • common sense has beendestroyed
  • democracy and free speech are under threat
  • Christianity is marginalised while others religions are endorsed
  • we betrayed our friends and kin in the Commonwealth
  • minority interests dictate to the many
  • our brave and professional armed service personnel have had a raw deal
  • our ability to defend ourselves has been impaired
  • our fishing industry has been decimated
  • our standing in the world has been degraded
  • the law protects the wrongdoer and marginalises the victim
  • public service is often the route to lucrative and conceited self-service
  • innocuous remarks are distorted for malicious purposes and ascribed unintended meanings
  • our charity flourishes abroad whilst food banks and child poverty flourish at home
  • politicians, given half a chance, would try to persuade us that two plus two equals five


If any number of these apply to you then do not lose hope.Want something fresh, dynamic and hope-filled but don’t think anything can change? Think again!

If you think UKIP and then vote UKIP, the chances will increase that you’ll get UKIP.

 Believe in Britain. Believe in yourselves. Believe in change for the better. Be brave and make your wishes known.

 Vote UKIP on 7th May 2015!

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